Patch Parables From Spirit Science

Patch Parables

Patch Parables is the second “Spirit Science” Series by Jordan. While Spirit Science was the left-brain understanding of “intro to spirituality”, Patch Parables seeks to develop the right brain, the “knowing” and “doing” and “being” aspects of understanding. I feel that this side of ourselves must be developed before we can move forward.

We can question and look at ancient history and the emerald tablets and ponder about the sphinx, but unless we look within our hearts and learn to co-exist in a state of now-ness all of the time to live and love with everyone in abundance, we will ultimately keep pushing forward on this downward spiral of destruction and no true peace shall come of this chaos.

Patch Parables focuses on philosophies on life, new understandings about self, and ways of living that are different than our own present understanding about life. Enjoy!

Parable 1 – The Parable of the Sandcastles
The first Parable is all about life as a whole. What does it mean to live on earth, have material goods, and live a life of abundance.

Parable 2 – The Parable of the Lute
This Parable is about tuning your bodily frequencies, and keeping yourself energetically balanced. Your body is your most important instrument, so keep it tuned!

Parable 3 – The Parable of the Raft
This Parable is about moving into healthy states of mind, free to let go of what no longer serves you and moving into more harmonious states of being, with nature and yourself.

Parable 4 – The Parable of Good or Bad
This Parable is about seeing everything not as good or bad, but just seeing it as it is, something that exists. When you let go of unhealthy states of understanding the reality you’re experiencing, you can go with the flow, and move into a state that’s better for everyone!
You can also download the Flower of Life background as a wallpaper right here!

Parable 5 – The Parable of the 84th Problem
This Parable is about looking at your life as a whole. Not seeing a large mountain of problems that you’re facing, but rather being in the present, and moving forward in your life one step at a time. Don’t let life weight you down!



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