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David Hulse, CMSTT, Developer of SomaEnergetics, explores the principles behind SomaEnergetics Sound Therapy. SomaEnergetics techniques use custom tuning forks calibrated to the ancient solfeggio freqencies including the MI 528 Hz. We offer training in live workshops and via DVD Home Study Courses. We offer continuing education courses in Sound Therapy for massage therapists and national certification.

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We invite you to discover your inner strength by finding light and energy through growth in a non-judgmental, respectful, safe atmosphere that results in new independent thought.

Here at R.I.S.E. our goal is to help facilitate your journey of spiritual growth in a comforting environment that is offered with friendship and open-mindedness through:
  • Empowering Messages 
  • Inspirational Speaking
  • Discussion Circles
  • Life Classes
We'll help you access the energy from within to grow spiritually through discussion, prayer and meditation. We always welcome new ideas and points of view. You are welcome to bring your ideas to discussion circles where no one will judge you! 

Indulge your Body, Mind and Soul in a variety of Licensed and Certified Therapies, Wellness Presentations, and Life-Style Coaching.

  • Bodywork/ Massage
  • Cranial Sacral
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Ionized Foot Baths
  • Spiritual Readings
  • Sound Therapy
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Ayurvedic Life-Style Coaching 
  • Spiritual Counseling
Different modalities of spiritual healing with a variety of practitioners are available. We'll be adding and expanding our services as we grow!
Let us offer you avenues for your own Professional Development through:
  • Sound Therapy Training
  • Spiritual Healer Licensing
  • Continuing Education Courses
  • Sound Therapy Certification (through the Natural Therapies Certification Board - www.ntcb.org)

For more information, a current schedule of events and services, visit www.RISEhotsprings.com
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SomaEnergetics Developer, David Hulse

David HulseDavid Hulse, C.M.S.T.T. (Certified Master Sound Therapy Teacher) combines his 50 years of experience as a motivational speaker with years of research in metaphysics, science, sound and spirituality to bring you a unique and empowering experience.

Participants in David’s workshops invariably comment that they had no idea how powerful the experience was going to be. David’s ability to gather all the fragments of truth from many different disciplines helps bring all of your experiences up to now into focus. Participants tell us that things in their life that seemed separate and fragmented suddenly come together after spending the weekend with David. We invite you to come and experience an empowering and inspiring weekend with David Hulse and experience the power of SomaEnergetics!

At the turn of the century, David’s accelerating interest and research into the lost frequencies of the Ancient Solfeggio Scale, served as the Spirit-Guided catalyst for SomaEnergetics - a technique whereby the Solfeggio Tuning Forks help facilitate the releasing of energy to flow more easily.

These custom-made forks, as well as training classes in the SomaEnergetics Sound Therapies, including the Energy Vitality Technique are available exclusively through SomaEnergetics.
 "We are hearing from individuals around the country that these unique frequencies are making a difference in their lives. That is how I know something is real - by the fruit that is bears," observes David.

David believes that these Sacred Tones actually serve as a "vibrational bridge" to holistically re-integrate the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the individual, as well as all of Humanity— collectively.

For more on the developing story of SomaEnergetics and the Lost Ancient Frequencies of the Ancient Solfeggio, we invite you to visit one of the links below:


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