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A walking new-media hybrid, Christopher combines 15 years of personal astrology consultation and ten years of TV production experience to produce optimistic, provocative and often life-changing video horoscope segments that are described as “the most accurate horoscopes on the planet.”

Christopher Witecki was born to a psychic beautician and a self-proclaimed “jedi knight.” Needless to say, Christopher realized at a young age that he was NOT growing up in a conventional American household. Family Buddhist meditations, daily tarot card readings from his mother, and regular instruction on learning the force taught Christopher to ‘normalize’ his eclectic 70’s spiritual values in society at an early age.

At age 19, Christopher received an astrological reading from a friend in college. Blind-struck by the accuracy of the reading, Christopher immediately began studying western astrology where he discovered his vehicle for sharing wisdom: horoscopes

In January of 2006, Christopher combined his TV production experience with his astrological wisdom and founded www.soulgarden.tv . As video was just emerging as a viable media on the internet, Christopher introduced the concept of a “video horoscopes.” He provided a free daily video “soul horoscope” and launched the Soulgarden.tv brand to provide additional ‘metro spiritual’ experts and resources.

On the airwaves & cable, you can watch Christopher report the “Zodiac Mood Forecast” five days a week on morning news program, “You and Me This Morning, with Jeanne Sparrow” airing on local Chicago TV station, WCIU.

Broadcast and internet TV combined, Christopher is watched by over 100k people per day seeking soulful guidance. To date he has captured and posted over 15,000 video horoscopes totaling over 700 hours of internet television. Christopher believes he is the largest single video contributor to YouTube in history.

When you meet Christopher, you will know he truly embodies his mantra:
live LOVE bE*

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Christopher Witecki hosts a WEEKLY video horoscope for all 12 zodiac tribes once a week. Produced by Soulgarden.ME and Christopher Witecki. Sponsored in part by http://SoulMART.me
Live LOVE bE*


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