Sagittarius Full Moon and the Year of the Dragon!

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The Jaguar is one of the personas of the Mayan Pantheon!

The Jaguar is one of the personas of the Mayan Pantheon!The moon will be full in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius on June 4, 2012 at 3:11 AM PDT or 11:11 AM UTC/GMT. Sagittarius “The Archer,” is the mutable fire sign ruled by the expansive and jovial planet of Jupiter. Sagittarius is considered to be the oldest and wisest of the fire signs and is known to give “sage” advice. With the sun in Mercury ruled Gemini and the moon in the opposite sign of  Jupiter ruled Sagittarius, expect a colossal flow of energy and action that expands past the ordinary boundaries to which you are accustomed. Optimism fused with growth is the theme, and hope, vision and gratitude will be in abundance here on earth.

The Full-Moon in Sagittarius will be square with Neptune in Pisces, creating a need to escape boring projects and responsibilities. This is a time to make a choice: Run from your obligations and create disappointment among loved ones causing yourself the pain of guilt or think outside of the proverbial box and look for a joyous way meet your obligations. Pollenate your ideas, ambitions and goals with the strong healthy essence of the spring and the passionate, whimsical, and enlightened magnetic musings of Neptune. Tempering emotions with responsibility can create the kind of down to earth success that will enable you to experience a sense of personal bliss along with accomplishment.
A trine between Mercury in Gemini and Saturn in Libra creates an opportunity to approach all challenges with  a sense of wonder and unique distinction conveyed with vigor and practicality.

Mercury, our cosmic magician, will have a double impact while it is in Gemini. This can give you just the boost of creativity and quicksilver essence needed to speed up projects and finish them well ahead of schedule. Such occurrences are in sync with Saturn and its mission to set limits, draw boundaries, enforce order and ambitiously climb to the peak of perfection.

The “Red Magnetic Dragon” began another 260-day “spin-cycle” on the Mayan Calendar and it spans from May 29th until February 13, 2013. This is intriguing because this is three days after the year of the Snake is ushered in to celebrate the Chinese New Year on February 10, 2013. The synchronicity of the different astrological philosophies under the unifying theme of a rebirth cycle is fascinating indeed. The T’zolkin is considered the sacred round because it is in alignment with the nine-month conception and incubation period of a human baby. This spin-cycle begins with IX or Jaguar’s energy cycle manifesting time with the grace of a dancer and with the elegance of Sacred Geometry.

It begins the time period that pushes us to manifest our thoughts into reality with our choices and our voices, no matter how daunting or unattainable they may seem. Jaguar is connected to the unexplained magic(k) that animates life throughout the cosmos. Jaguar’s gift of Intellect, strength of character and integrity are highlighted in this cycle as this feminine yin energy twist through jungles, mountains and sacred temples. Those who have shown gratitude on a consistent basis may be rewarded in a material or spiritual way. This is a reminder to celebrate the idea of unity consciousness and continue to be thankful for all that you have and all that you strive for. A reminder to humbly request favor, but to remember all of the blessings that you have received from mother earth without having to ask.

The 260 Day TZolkin. one wheel is the 20 signs and one when is the 13 galactic tones.
We just began a smaller monthly time cycle  called the,  ”CRYSTAL RABBIT MOON OF COOPERATION.” This moon cycle lasts between May 30 – June 26. The rabbit totem brings gifts of spontaneity, agility, reproduction, abundance, and success. She guides us to go forward with positive anticipation, and teaches us to overcome our fears as we take a conscious leap into unknown territory.

Jaguars’ patience is born of strength and skill, and complement the Sagittarian moon’s abundance, grace, enthusiasm and expansion of goodwill on earth. This node of energy highlights humanity’s capacity to be bold and beautiful, and move in harmony with its brothers and sisters on all planes of consciousness. Jaguar also provides the stealth necessary for all of earth’s children of light to heal the world through intention and visualization. Such visual projections are known to reduce crime and violence. This visualization can potentially create the rainbow bridge of change necessary, to manifest a healthier more symbiotic existence for the human race.

In ancient myths the centaur we now call “Sagittarius,” originally went by the name of Chiron. Instead of being just “The Archer,” Chiron was also known as the “wounded healer” and the “teacher of heroes.” The Sagittarius full moon leads by creating places of growth that are safe emotionally, psychologically and physically. With virtue and pageantry, this adaptable ruler of the 9th house will conduct and harmonize with the agenda and frequencies of the Jaguar and the Dragon. Creating a BIG week of coherence for all.

The dragon from eastern astrology, adds a touch of royalty and distinction without the tone of aristocracy or autocracy (sorry Saturn). There are five varieties of dragon possible: Fire, Earth, Water, Metal, or Wood. This year’s dragon is of the water variety and is said to impact social systems so that they are more favorable for justice, harmony and balance for humanity as a whole.

The Dragon brings the Four Benedictions of the East — wealth, virtue, harmony, and long life. Like Jupiter ruled Sagittarius, the dragon favors optimum growth and expansion so the synergy of these two forces are beneficial for all. This is the type of dragon who has a symbiotic relationship with the kingdom and is accountable to the needs of the people,  balanced on the important principle of  reciprocity. The Egyptian mother goddess Ma’at, is closely associated with all forms of balance and atonement just like Astrea, JustitiaInnanaOshun, Venus, and IX Chel.

When earth’s cosmic order was said to have gone out of balance, The archetype for this goddess (also known as Virgo) was supposedly the last to ascend to heaven, leaving the human race to fend for itself. The Dragon and Quetzalcoatl (feathered snake) share many of the same similarities, including the myths surrounding their return in 2012. Dragons are considered to be angels in the east and are seen as auspicious.The water dragon influences people to be calm yet fearless.

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