Olympics 2012 Oddities: UFO Debunked, Empty Seats and Creepy Mascots (Video)

The 2012 Olympics UFO which appeared over the opening ceremonies in London has pretty much been revealed to be the Goodyear blimp, although die-hard believers are still disputing that explanation.
And a video on YouTube focuses on some other weirdness perhaps overlooked by a, so far, lackluster quadrennial event.

Soon after the Olympics officially began, TV screens, and the web, were lit up by an image of what looked like a flying saucer hovering over the action.

It probably should have been identified right away as a blimp, but the lack of running lights (to avoid competing with the light show) and logos (it was being privately hired) fueled speculation it was aliens in a UFO coming in for a better look.

SheilaAliens, an intrepid unsolved mysteries reporter with her own channel on YouTube, weighs in on the brouha in her usual charming style, debunking the sighting with some great reporting. Her video can be seen below.

She also takes the time for some personal observations about empty seats not used by Olympic family members, all in the front rows, which she seems to think indicates the overall lameness of the event. Either that or insiders know something the rest of the world doesn't. Stay tuned on that one.

SheilaAliens wraps up by pointing out the insipid mascot selections, one-eyed monsters who bear no relevance to anything Olympic, or British, at all. To anything. Thus, as Jerry would say, quite lame.
It's best to have a look without spoiling too much of the fun. And, also, to say, anyone reporting on the unidentified flying object at the beginning of the show may be excused for overreacting a bit. Present company included?
Let the (fun and) games continue!
Here's the video:

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