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August 28, 2012
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Hot Springs, Arkansas – On October 20, 2012, thousands of peple join hands, hearts and minds around the base of Manataka (Hot Springs Mountain) Mountain in Hot Springs National Park.   The event, planned by The Moment, LLC, which included members of several Hot Springs churches and spiritual centers, will bring together people of all religions and races with a common goal of peace and healing for our planet.

Every church in Hot Springs is being invited to participate in this global prayer event, as well as churches and religious communities from around the world.   A special effort is also being made to invite indigenous communities across America.  Many have already confirmed their attendance.  Some people are traveling from as far away as Norway and South Africa.

The event will take place on and around Hot Springs Mountain, long known as a Native American sacred site called Manataka or Place of Peace. This area was a gathering place for indigenous nations for thousands of years prior to the explorations conducted by the Spanish and the French.  Many tribes told stories of this strange place called ‘the Place of Peace’ in their own languages.  This was a place acknowledged as important to all people and all people were allowed to travel there for their physical and spiritual needs without fear of enemy interference.
All events associated with the Moment are free and open to the public.   Before and after the Moment of joined hearts, there will be many events in the downtown Hot Springs area.  Spiritual leaders from various faiths will be present prior to The Moment for meditation and prayer.  A sunrise service with a procession up the Mountain is planned for 5:30 am.  Afterward, an Eco Teepee Village with live music and interactive displays will provide a time of celebration and interest for the entire family.  All events are free and open to the public. 
If you plan to attend The Moment, you are encouraged to register for this free event at www.momenthotsprings.com.  Your registration will allow organizers to assign you and your group a color designating your place the Rainbow around the Mountain.  Color assignments are intended to provide the easiest access to the 7.5 mile circle of participants. 

The web site and Facebook pages “The Moment LLC” and “The Moment Sponsored by the World Drum Project” will be continually updated with the latest news concerning this “can’t miss” event.
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The Moment: October 20 in Hot Springs, Arkansas

THE MOMENT, LLC has announced plans for a spiritual event in Hot Springs, Arkansas October 20, 2012. This event will attract the attention of people from around the globe to join hands, hearts and minds, either in their own communities or on site at Hot Springs Mountain.
The event will bring together people of all religions and races with a common goal of creating a holy vibration and a light that will raise the consciousness of the planet.

According to the Reverend Tom Haley, every church in Hot Springs will be invited to participate in this global prayer event. Reverend Haley is minister of Rock Hill Christian Church, and co-founder of The Moment, LLC. Reverend Haley has authored several books, including Anchor in the Storm and Prayers with Wings.

“It will be a planetary Pentecost”, says Reverend David Hulse, DD, co-founder of The Moment, LLC. Reverend Hulse is also the founder of The RISE Wellness Center, a Hot Springs organization. Reverend Hulse has studied the human vibration for two decades and has an extensive speaking and teaching schedule.

“A critical mass is needed to create a change in the consciousness of the 7 billion people on the planet,” explained Rev. Hulse. “It does not matter if the people are present, only that they are focused on the intention and praying with us.

The site, Hot Springs Mountain, was selected as a known First Nations sacred site. “We know that a prophesy was revealed on the Sacred Mountain concerning the joining hands of a rainbow circle to create a new peace on the planet,” explains Lee “Standing Bear” Moore, Secretary for Manataka American Indian Council, one of the sponsors for the event.

“We felt that this sacred site would be perfect for our intentions,” says Rev. Haley.
To keep up with the progress of The Moment, LLC project, look for The Moment, LLC on Facebook. A web site will be available for registration for this free event before the end of July.

The Story of “The Moment”

An event called “the Moment” that is planned for October 20, 2012 had its beginning in the story that follows:

One year ago, in June 2011, the secretary of Manataka American Indian Council (Lee “Standing Bear” Moore) was visited by Father Bruno Ruel of St Mary’s Catholic Church and Father Stephane Gamache, who represents an order of the Catholic Church in Canada. They came to visit on behalf of the Holy Mother Paul-Marie in Canada who had a dream about a Place of Peace. Her dream caused her much concern because she did not know the location of this place. Fr Bruno may have been the one who thought the place was the sacred mountain that native people know as the Place of Peace in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Their meeting is described in the transcript of the letter below. About a month later, Fr Stephane sent a letter written in French (translated into English) by Mother Paul-Marie to “Bear.”

After reading the letter, Bear had other contacts with the two priests and others from the Catholic Church to talk about the letter and its meaning for Manataka.
Bear wrote this response recently to Mother Paul-Marie [quoted in part]:
The time has arrived to respond to your beautiful message about the “Place of Peace” sent to Fr. Stephane on July 8, 2011 and shared with us by Fr. Bruno.

It may have been obvious to you and others of the church that we were surprised by your message. It was not the first time we received a message stating that Manataka (Unbroken Circle – Place of Peace) is “predestined in divine” ways. Manataka is considered a sacred site by millions of people.
Manataka is a sacred site where the presence of God was witnessed many times over the course of thousands of years. Stories of miracles, great lessons of life, and workings of the Holy Spirit at Manataka all came to shape the course of indigenous lives across North, Central and South America. The light of the holy mountain still resides here.

We were surprised because it was the first time in our history a Christian church recognized Manataka as a sacred site. Your message was the first indication ever received that non-indigenous people accepted the Holy Mother of the Mountain, Lady of the Rainbow as the same “Lady of all Peoples.” The Rainbow Woman is our guide to wisdom and awakened consciousness. The great feminine energy of our Holy Mother gave us the Secrets of Life and created the laws of peace. Therefore, you honored the Mother by recognizing our faith in her.

You graciously and correctly called the crystal we gifted “…the symbol of a providential and divine link that connects the Lady of all Peoples – the Lady of the Rainbow…”
During the time of the visit by your ambassadors, we learned of your dream about the Place of Peace, also experienced by three other Sisters of your church. This is the dream we heard: “A Light will be born at the Place of Peace that will grow and spread to many lands.”

Fr Bruno and Fr Stephane later said they did not tell Bear of your dream during our meeting. This is impossible we thought. Of course they told Bear about your dream! How else would Bear have known it? Your dream was the reason we immediately stood up and picked up the Crystal from the window sill and handed it to Fr Stephane to give to you. The priests must have told Bear about your dream. There is no other way we could have heard it. Yet, they both said on the telephone neither of them told Bear about your dream. Because of the dream, we instantly had a knowing that you and others of your following would keep this crystal sacred artifact in a good way and use it when the Creator of All Things so moved. Your dream was the reason for the gift.

We have come to understand that both priests were telling the truth that neither priest told Bear about your dream during the meeting. It was only later that we understood it must have been your spirit who told Bear through their presence.

Some weeks after receiving a translated copy of your written message, Bear stood outside our home and prayed. We gazed into the heavens through the moonlit tree tops and we felt a presence come to our side and felt a powerful spirit whisper to us. No words were heard, but our troubled mind and heart were soothed by a gentle womanly presence. This was the second time we felt your spirit come to Bear.

Weeks later we were led to sit by a sacred fire for seven days and seven nights. Among several other guests, Fr Bruno and two sisters from St. Mary’s attended one evening and he returned another night to sit the fire for several hours. We were told by spirit not to conduct any formal ceremonies, but to be at rest and open to our heavenly Mother and Father. It was during that week when a new path was given – a new direction for all of Manataka.”

This ends the excerpts from Bear’s letter to the Holy Mother. Many other communications were received by Bear and other elders who sit on the council that talked about the sacredness of Manataka – some even talking about the need for a gathering of nations and religions at that sacred place. The visit of Fr Bruno and Fr Stephane to Bear was the genesis for what is a work in progress. It has become for Manataka American Indian Council a journey of faith.

To all the readers of this story, please consider a spiritual pilgrimage to Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA, on October 20, 2012. Go to our website for emerging details about this once-in-a-lifetime event that will bring over 8,000 people from every religion and ethnicity together encircling the sacred mountain.


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