Calling All Lightworkers - What Is Steering Hurricane Isaac?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  UP DATE 08-28-12  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Join me in Stopping this so called Storm.

I see this as it has no power, and is slowing down.
I see it making land with only 60  to 75mph winds.

We are the Ones with the Power.
Join me in Stopping this so called Hurricane Isaac.

See this as it is Done, see this as it has already happened.

Tropical cyclones ride along the underbelly edge of large scale upper level ridges of high pressure heading west, then they curve north when they find the western edge of the blocking high pressure ridge, or if a weakness develops within the upper ridge itself or a trough of low pressure or dip in the jet stream approaches a storm from the west to steer it back north or east.
There are some key ways in which a forecast for tropical storms and hurricanes is unlike any other forecast. First, the ability to predict when and where a tropical weather system will form before it actually does is close to nil. This is different from other low pressure systems like winter storms or spring frontal systems which are well predicted to form days or even over a week in advance. This is something we can't do with tropical systems very often.

The prediction of how soon an already existing tropical system will become a tropical storm or hurricane-- IF at all-- is I would estimate 50-50 at best and even less beyond 72 hours. A prediction for how strong a storm will be in 5 days is likely to be way off the mark, either forecast way too strong or much too weak. On occasion this will even be the case forecasting intensity just 12 hours in advance.
Almost all tropical cyclones eventually re-curve to the North and then Northeast, the hard part is determining when and where that re-curvature will take place. Very few head on a more or less strait West path for their entire existence. See the graphic.

From a statistical climate viewpoint 97% of Gulf hurricanes DO NOT hit New Orleans, and 95% of hurricanes in the Atlantic stay just off the East Coast.

Intensity forecasts over the 2-5 day period is, on average, off the mark by one WHOLE CATEGORY of storm classification. We do a much better more accurate job in forecasting track paths but there is uncertainty all along the forecast track. The hurricane center used to go out only 3 days, now they go out 5 days, and are behind the scenes experimenting with a 7 day track projection. However, keep in mind that the track error for the CENTER of the storm grows by about 45 miles per day in any direction!

When you look on the web or on TV to those hurricane track forecasts and see the center line of the forecast, it is surrounded by a shaded error zone. This is known as the "cone of uncertainty". The mid point is the forecast but could be off in distance and direction ANYWHERE in that shaded cone of error. At day 5 of the forecast the track error is on average OFF THE MARK by 225 miles! Please note: that "cone of uncertainty or average error zone" is not storm specific, to any storm being reported on or forecast but is based on the average of all track forecast errors from the previous year!
That is just one reason you (and the news media) should NOT focus so much on where the center or eye of a storm will strike land. The other good reason not to focus on just the center of the storm is that they are so large, the impact of tropical storm systems will be felt long before the center hits land and far away from that center. Typically the worst of a storm will be to the right of its path. So a storm CENTER passing well to your left could have a BIG IMPACT on your location, while a storm center passing very close to you BUT TO YOUR right may have MINIMAL EFFECTS on where you are located! But every storm is different.

As for Isaac at the time I type this some interesting notes: The current forecast track is CONTRARY to weather history. As 80% of the closest 10 matches to Isaac's location did not enter the Gulf of Mexico. However, top analogs to top similar overall weather patterns do support a track just West of the main Florida Peninsula. Much will depend on how Isaac interacts with the Caribbean Island Mountains which in the past have greatly disrupted storms and altered direction and intensity. The heat content of the region is very high however so there is great POTENTIAL for strengthening IF it does not get sheared apart by land first.

Numerical forecast guidance equations, including the GFS, European and UKMET models forecast a general west-northwest track right into Saturday.

After Saturday, the forecast guidance is in pretty good agreement in forecasting a gap in the ridge of high pressure to develop across Florida and the eastern Gulf of Mexico. This gap will cause Isaac to turn northwesterly by Sunday and Monday. The most recent run of the GFS model forecasts a landfall in the Florida Panhandle near Apalachicola on Tuesday night, which is a shift to the west of its previous forecasts. The latest European model forecast now forecasts a landfall near Pensacola on Wednesday, which is a shift to the east of its previous forecasts and is in good agreement with the GFS model. The UKMET model also seems to suggest a landfall somewhere between Mobile and Apalachicola on Wednesday. The latest track consensus guidance forecasts a track that takes Isaac across southwestern Haiti on Friday afternoon and evening and then along the northeastern coast of Cuba during Saturday. After that, the consensus guidance forecasts a track that takes Isaac right across the lower Florida Keys on Sunday night before tracking into the eastern Gulf of Mexico on Monday.

As of now looks like Isaac will make its final landfall on the Florida Panhandle between Fort Walton Beach and Panama City or around Apalachee by Wednesday morning. As I said since the ocean heat content in the eastern Gulf of Mexico is quite high significant intensification is quite possible. Should this occur, then a significant and formidable hurricane could be making landfall on the Florida Panhandle by Wednesday morning with the remnant low center heading toward Birmingham, AL Thursday morning with scattered heavy showers along and east of its path.

But we still can not rule out a path over or east of Florida yet. So all areas from southeastern Louisiana to the Florida Peninsula need to closely monitor the progress of Isaac as this is going to be a large storm in its overall size and its effects will be felt over a large geographical area; meaning, tropical storm conditions or at least Gale force winds may occur across much of the Florida Peninsula even though the storm is tracking just offshore. There is certainly the possibility of significant flooding in parts of FL, MS, AL, GA, NC, SC, TN DEPENDING on the future path and speed of Isaac or its remnant low after landfall.

BEWARE THE WEB... the internet lets anyone post anything including raw weather data or to make "mock up" weather data that's not real. One thing that happened a few days ago was because of the RNC being held in Tampa next week, a single computer model run showing a direct hurricane hit on Tampa Bay got a lot of play because somebody highlighted it. But that same day and the next day too, they could have just as easily posted the single computer model run that showed a CAT 5 Katrina-Camille strike on New Orleans almost to the day of the Anniversary of Katrina. But both of these models were extreme "outliers" and WERE NEVER close to the official forecast track by the hurricane center OR ANYBODY ELSE. But amateurs including people in the news business ran with it anyway.
Keep in mind there are over 50 numerical equation models we look at to forecast tropical weather systems, many of them not on the internet. Anybody would be a fool to pick out JUST ONE of those and post it to the web or believe it if they see it. Stick to meteorologists and you won't waste your time chasing a good headline but maybe not the best forecast.

Local officials had a mock hurricane drill for the RNC in Tampa back in May. In their exercise a category 3 storm with 111 mph winds was bearing down on the city on day 2 of the convention. Their recommendation was to cancel the rest of the convention.

It has been about 7 years since a major hurricane has hit Florida, that was Wilma in 2005. The Tampa/St. Pete metro area has been spared a major hit for 90 years. Back in 2004, Hurricane Charley was heading toward Tampa and then abruptly turned west and slammed into Port Charlotte.
I may not blog on this daily as I will be already giving you my thoughts on Isaac in the newscasts and local forecast on the radio, and things can change every 4-6 hours with each model run and new data from hurricane hunter aircraft and other types of probes sent into the storm like unmanned weather drones and robotic weather "boats"

PART VI: London Olympics (Non?) False Flag: new predictive programming "boy-who-cried-wolf" (3 episodes)

It seems that we are facing a new strain of predictive programming. The illuminatis have hired social engineers which role is to analyse how the truth seekers reverse their predictive programming ... the ultimate goal is to create an improved version of predictive programming which still pre-program the masses to what they want BUT AT THE SAME TIME which contains false clues in order to lose the truth seekers and to discredit them in the eyes of the public. This new generation of predictive programming can me summurized in the "Boy-Who-Cried-Wolf" principle, it consists in making many false alerts without follows-up and when everybody -including the truth seekers- have lost faith and turn to other matters, they can make their black ops false falgs in full impunity.

In this case, we've been driven to think that there would be a false flag during the Olympics but at the end, it's highly probable that nothing will happen... which will lead the masses and many truth seekers to throw away the baby (London False Flag) and the bathwater (the belief in conspiracies), which was actually the true objective of the illuminatis since the beginning of this operation. Once everybody disillusioned, they can do they can quietly do their false flag operation and in full impunity.

This article entitled "The Boy Who Cried Wolf: Is Predictive Programming Being Used To Weaken The Truth Movement?" perfectly illustrates this new strain of predictive programming, I highly recommand you to read it:


The very existence of this predictive programming is enough as a proof that there is a deliberate and coordinate action behind it...so anyway, one cannot deny the existence of a secret agenda.

The objective of the illuminatis remains the same: to establish a New World Order, so they need a world war in order to provoke the appropriate reaction which leads the people to embrace a one world government. For that they need a trigger. Whatever is the trigger (a nuclear bomb, a virus, an assassination etc), the illuminatis will use  their predictive programming in order to create the right reaction to this event.

So no matter if something happen during the olympics or after... the people are still pre programmed to live a new 9/11 much bigger than the precedent one and are prepared to enter in a nuclear world war between east and west.

- You have a perfect illustration of this new kind of predicitive programming in the movie "take shelter", this movie actually desensitize to this new kind of predictive programming in order that you don't detect it.

This is the scenario of the movie:
Plagued by a series of apocalyptic dreams, Shannon builds a shelter to protect his family from a coming storm and warn all his circles about it... but at the end nothing happened like he said it...and when everybody, including Shannon, lost faith in the coming of a storm .... the storm finally came.

- The opening olympic ceremony also contained this new predictive programming there is a scene which shows the BBC weather blooper by Michael Fish storm of 1987. This scene has not link with the olympic games, still it was in the ceremony. In 1987, Michael Fish said that there would be no storm just the night before the 1987 "Great Storm" which touched UK (the worse since 1703).

The official video of the opening ceremony ends with an extract of the Eastenders' trailer which says "There's a storm coming...."

- BBC clip on Usain Bolt saying "Bolt, Take Flight unexpected missile" ~ "Run, Run, unexpected missile"

- BBC show with the GB Team in which the speakers says that this The New World Order (the London Olympics seems to be a marker for the entering to the New World Order)

So we cannot say that the illuminatis are not playing with us, these examples are undeniable proofs of the existence of this new kind of predictive programming based on the boy-who-cried-wolf principle ...but we know how this ends: the wold finally come when the boy loses credibility in the eyes of the people.

Btw, The olympic opening ceremony definitely confirms the existence of the satanic illuminati...the whole ceremony was actually a huge satanic ritual which goals is to open a gateway to the underworld.

During the fireworks of the Olympic opening ceremony, an "UFO" (or a Projection) was visible on the images aired by the Telegraph and Sky News... Nick Pope, former MOD, warned about it.... This is what we can call a staged coordinated apparition. Nick Pope did not make this announcement on his own initiative, he made this announcement in order to capture the attention of the people and to make them searcg the sky during the Olympic Games  ... it's not also innoncent that Sky News and The Telegraph have aired these images... This contributes to enforce the false belief of an alien invasion, which is part of the plan to make us embrace their new world order (by creating a fake common enemy)

More predictive programming:

- Nuclear Dawn (trailer) is about a nuclear dawn which starts in London and which leads to a 2 sides nuclear world war

- Australian TV Commercial All-new Holden Colorado 2012 shows a blown up stadium...the whole background of the ads is in the blown up stadium... Interestingly, the blown up stadium is the one which has been presented to us a subliminal image during Big Brother ads... 2 options: either this subliminal image is a hoax or it has been truly inserted in the live stream tv.

- British Airways London Olympics 2012 Ad (UK): the focus come back twice on the hour 8:35.... interestingly this is the exact hour in which a nuclear bomb explodes in the UK BBC documentary "Threads" (1984), a documentary-style account of a nuclear war and its effects on the city of Sheffield in northern England.

- Batman Begins (2005):
"We sacked Rome.
Loaded trade ships with plague rats.
Burned London to the ground."

- Team America: World Police (movie): the plot is about a new 9/11 times 100, North Korea arms terrorists all over the world in order to put nuclear bombs in all the major capitals...in order that everyone is affected equally and that the world become one nation (New World Order).

- Zombie Apocalypse (SyFy movie): the movie shows Big Ben destroyed by a plane, in other words a new 9/11 in London

- Duke Nukem Forever (video game): a whole level named "Stadium" which background is in a stadium with a lot of posters showing a nuclear mushroom and other explicit inscriptions all over the level like "detonators", "reactor", "bomb" ... the boss of this level has just one reptilian eye.

- A National Geographic's doc about the London's Olympic Stadium... strangely, in the top of the screen appears 2 men wearing a gas mask with the inscription "doomsday peppers"...and just when the speaker of the doc says  "with demolition complete", the 2 men with the gas mask turn into an explosion/nuclear mushroom ///////


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