Approaching Our Loved Ones as the Ascension Clock Ticks Down

Approaching Our Loved Ones as the Ascension Clock Ticks Down | in5d.com | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical DatabaseSubmitted by Aaron

As we now find ourselves rapidly approaching the Age of Aquarius, we all know that what’s been coming our way is by the very nature of ‘linear time’ ‘running out of time’ to do so. We are literally ‘running out-of time’ and in-to the time-less!

And so it comes as no surprise that many of us feel deeply compelled to address our friends and loved ones at this time– if only in hopes that we may assist them in making their ride a little less bumpy.
As I’ve been pondering lately how I may best assist others in sharing these deeper truths and understandings of our reality and our existence with our friends and family– without succumbing to all the usual 3-D energies of judgment, ridicule and the like– I no doubt know that the time has come for us to take action. It is not necessary that we are heard, but it is necessary that we do our best to share what we are aware of in as non-confrontational and educational a way as possible. It’s what we’ve come here to do.

Just as I’ve been giving this more of my attention lately, I received an email from a close friend of mine. Over the past year or so, I’ve shared with him much of what I have been made aware of, and he’s been open to hearing what I’ve had to share– although he does not believe himself that these events are to transpire. Nonetheless, he forwarded me an email recently sent by his aunt to his entire family, in which she so tactfully and eloquently conveys her sentiments and awareness of what we all know is about to transpire.

I felt so compelled to share her words with the world, as a shining example of just one way we might ‘break the ice’ with our friends and family who may be as yet unaware. Jean clearly shows us that it is not about forcing this information on others, but rather sharing in as open and loving a way as possible, and just enough that they may begin to ask their own questions and initiate their own research, if they feel so compelled.

It is always and only our job to share; what others do with what we share is up to them from there.
Here now, after months– perhaps even years– of careful consideration, Jean shows us how it’s done.
Mahalo, Jean!

Jean’s website

Lightworker Letter to the Family; We’re all in this together.

Dear Family,

I have been writing this letter in my head for a few months. It will be obvious why it took so long, but it’s time to send it now…….

For the past 5 years I’ve been following a number of spiritual traditions that speak of a “Shift of the Ages.” What is this shift? Most important of all, it is NOTHING to be afraid of. It’s not “the end of the world” but many believe it is the end of life “as we know it” because so much will be changing. This shift will occur during the next 6-12 months and it will be unlike anything we’ve ever heard of. In simple terms we are moving into a ‘Golden Age’ where Love will be the predominant force on Earth.
I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had a “full plate” (and then-some) in recent years as personal crises, hardships, startling events and big changes have been occurring in every family. My understanding of this unsettling chaos is that everything and anything that conflicts with Divine Love had to be ‘brought to the surface’ so-to-speak to be forgiven, transformed and healed. This includes work situations, relationships, finances, parenting, health, etc. I’ve been experiencing my own “life turned upside down” this year, but I’m working through stuff! It’s about letting go, forgiving, not ‘having to understand’ everything, loving everyone, no matter what. I suspect you’ve been experiencing your own challenges and can imagine them fitting into this picture.

We’re gracefully being led to a higher ‘level of awareness’ and NOW is the time to surrender the things in our life that don’t work for us so that we can become open to more possibilities of Infinite Love. In each moment we are either responding to Love or Fear so the best advice is to think and act from a place of Love. The heart is the new brain, have you heard that? We are meant to f-e-e-l into our choices (from the heart) for what is aligned with (everyone’s) our highest selves. So these events/crises have been occurring at an accelerated rate in recent years because the time has been so close (until 2012). Now unless you’ve heard about these things (yourself) in your own circles, this may sound dramatic, but I believe it’s all on the up-and-up and very real. There are many aspects to what is going on, physically and spiritually…

Twice-a-month for the past 2 years, I’ve participated in global meditations. For 3 years prior to that I was getting educated: attending dozens of webinars, many local events and done a great deal of reading! I suspect you too have heard of the importance of 2012 so I wanted to share some information along with a few thoughts.

We are living in a momentous time of world history. The corruption of financial institutions (including the major banks in the UK and USA as well as the Federal Reserve) and governments (world-wide) is continuing to be exposed as I write this. Hundreds of arrests have been occurring this summer:

Very soon the momentum of mainstream media will pick up this news and things will be noticeably accelerated. Do you remember 9-11? How you wanted to miss work or school just to watch the news closely? That is what’s coming again… so much information coming it will make your head spin. I have dozens of videos that have been talking about all of this.

Our global debt is decades past repair; there wasn’t a single country or an American presidency responsible for it. My dad recently asked me if I thought the ‘Illuminati’ was responsible for a lot of the financial corruption. Like many others I do believe this unseen ‘dark cabal’ (AKA ‘Illuminati’) is responsible… and that is a very long story (spiritual aspects to follow). Movies like “Thrive” at http://www.thrivemovement.com/the_movie expose some of the extent of their activities. Their agendas have been complex and thorough (remember what we learned about Monsanto in “Food Inc?”) and it would take many paragraphs to explain. Their final ‘fits and spurts’ (Aurora, CO movie theatre shootings, the Wisconsin Sikh temple shootings) are still attempting to control the world by FEAR but their power is really GONE. And the VERY GOOD NEWS is that the evil and corruption is all coming to an end.

Many lies have been exposed. One of the biggest lies is about what really happened on 9/11. This Colorado Public TV video challenges what we were told: http://video.cpt12.org/video/2270078138 . Perhaps you already heard/saw stories that challenged what we were told about 9/11. I first saw videos 5-6 yrs ago about it, but I believe we will hear the full truth of why the towers were hit pretty soon. Whistle blowers everywhere from the FDA, International Banks, the Vatican, Pharmaceutical Companies and more are exposing long time corruption and wrongdoing. This is good news! What will be shocking is that our government and our financial institutions will collapse and entirely new ‘systems’ will replace them. They are already collapsing but because we can’t see them collapse from the inside – out, we have to wait for our media to cover this news!

Another very important piece of information that we’ll be learning about is the reality of our Galactic Family (we 1st heard them named ET’s but they are our Star Family/Galactic Family and they have been helping us in many ways that you’ll also hear about soon). There is such irrefutable evidence about this it is amazing that the U.S. has been so slow to inform Americans about it, but we will be learning about it before the end of 2012. Steven Greer M.D. is just one person (although his role in sharing the information has been great) who has brought the information to us. He is putting out a documentary this December (entitled “Sirius”) about all the evidence of their existence and how our government has not told us about it. As I said, there will be so much information coming out our heads might spin!

All of these events and changes are going to be occurring because we are moving into the Golden Age. Because our family has been focused in different directions I thought I would give another perspective on what is really happening. I haven’t even touched on the spiritual aspects of “preparing for” this amazing, never-before experienced time on our planet, but it would take an open mind to hear it and I don’t know if you are interested in hearing more. Of course you can believe what you like. There is so much I could share with you about it but there’s no way an email could cover it all. I know this is a lot to hear in an email or in an evening/day but as I said, it has taken a long time to get this to you. I’m very glad to be sending it finally and would be happy to talk with any of you further if you like.

With much love,


“We’re all in this together.”