Josie Fernandez Superintendent of Hot Springs National Park

Josie Fernandez Superintendent of Hot Springs National Park
Why is the NPS afraid of The Moment?
What part of, people gathering for peace don't they like?
Does the Military influence have anything to do with it?

“The Moment represents an international gathering of people of all faiths, cultures, races, and backgrounds who will take a step toward recovering the collective soul of all mankind. This collegial effort based in our mutual faith in God as the individual knows the Creator, together in prayer, worship, ceremony, and fellowship represents many of the ideals curative and pastoral we work to achieve." - Rev. Dr. Fred Wilcoxson, Manataka, College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy     quoted from    www.momenthotsprings.com 

The vision for The Moment on October 20, 2012 has always been to gather all beliefs in unity for a common intent of Peace for mankind.   We need this as foreign leaders clamor battle swords and politicians spin campaign slogans.   It is We The People who create the country we want to live in.  It is We The People who create our neighborhoods, parks and civil servants.   It is We the People who want to gather for Peace; sing, drum, and hold hands on National Park Services ground that was, at one time in history, All People’s land for a place of Peaceful gathering.   

The permitting process has been severely hampered in an internal NPS attempt to limit, bar, or prevent The Moment from creating cohesion for people coming from all over the globe to pray for peace.   In someone’s mind at the NPS, The Moment,LLC and the event by that name, is considered a “protest”.

Protest of what?!  Is there something hidden that We The People should be protesting?  I am not aware of anything or such alleged protest.   Many conversations have been had with the organizers of this event and never had the word “protest” crossed their lips, till the NPS did so themselves. 

“The Moment” IS going forward.   People who hold the Love of Divine within, feel the connection of humanity for a Shift and join in solidarity to peace and freedom; will sovereignly take their own path up the mountain, along streams, trails and parks to speak their Sacred Intentions for Peace.  

Peace Be With You National Park Service directors, rangers and employees.  Peace Be With You Light Workers coming to this event.  Peace Be With You Rainbow Warriors, intercessors and matrix changers. We love you, thank you, please forgive us, we are sorry.   Ho’oponopono to your light within.   JaiJai Maa. 

ings, Arkansas October 20, 2012
Facebook Event Page,,,, Feel free to pass this link to your friends that you feel would like an event like this. Thanks for all your help, post anything you feel will help tell the story of the THE MOMENT.




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This october, an event known as "The Moment" is taking place to help usher in new light, love, and transformation on this planet.

Check out http://www.momenthotsprings.com/ to learn more about the beautiful moment that is coming our way this october.



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  1. I suspect that the NPS concerns include such things as the potential damage to plants that thousands of people walking off trails to encircle the mountain would be likely to do. Plus litter, human waste, disturbing wildlife. I doubt there will be port a potties provided by the NPS, do you have plans to provide them? The health and safety issues of human waste products left behind, people getting lost, injured, damaging the land or starting a fire by not snuffing out a cigarette are legitimate concerns. What steps have you taken to prevent such damage or risk if the permits needed are issued?