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Gregor Arturo briefly describes the lower dimensions and how time encompasses them. The first dimension is made of helical vibrations which are also known as torsion fields, scalar waves, and orgone energy. The second dimension is made of toroidal vibrations more commonly known as electromagnetic waves. As our perception of light is from reflections and refractions of 2D surfaces. The third dimension is made of spherical vibrations more commonly known as acoustic waves as all matter is sound with an octahedral structure of three axis. They can also be considered mechanical vibrations. Time is our collective awareness of all of those vibrations within the present moment. As those vibrations continue to oscillate through their cycles, so does our perception of those spacial vibrations.
Thought Revolution

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Have you ever wondered if there is more to what you have been told about your world? What about the part of your perspective that is naturally intact and unaffected by outside stimuli? Some may call this your intuitive self, but it is a part of you that is unfiltered by the clutter of everyday thoughts, our so called societal programming. It is time to revolt, and free the mind. For when we revolutionize how the way think, it's our hearts that truly begin to open, and a whole new perception is born.
ThoughtRevolution is the internet home base for independent researcher Gregor Arturo. He has had an internet presence in the YouTube community for over two years showcasing his work in physics, mathetmatics, earth science, and philosophy. He has been involved in the Tesla Tree Project since August of 2012. He runs a workshop in Asheville, North Carolina where he conducts his research and experimentation along with the manufacturing of unique toroidal coils, and an assortment of energy tools and sacred art, mainly with the use of copper. He has taught workshops at several festivals and gatherings called theScience of Sentience that is about bridging spirituality and science through a new language for all to understand.

Gregor Arturo's Projects, Creations, and Endeavors

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FotkiArtistic Photography
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Geometry Based Energy Systems
Proposal for the Development of Advanced Technology
Last updated March 24th, 2012
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Vortex Based Mathematics

Vortex Based Mathematics is a field pioneered by Marko Rodin in the 1970's and has become an underground internet sensation in the past decade. The mathematics is rooted in a more qualatitive approach to number theory to explore the intrinsic patterns found throughout nature and how they fractalize to create more complex geometries found within higher dimensions of existence. The following links are all articles/videos for those new to vortex math:

Marko Rodin's 4 Hour Intro to VBM - Part 1 of 44 - The best thing to watch to get the full gist of the math
Vortex Mathematics & Zero Point Energy Physics - Part 1 - A video introduction by Gregor Arturo laying out general concepts brought forth my Marko Rodin and original concepts pioneered by himself
Randy Powell - Intro to Vortex Math - Part 1 - Randy Powell is a next generation Marko Rodin who has taken the math to a higher level of understanding
TEDxCharlotte 2010 - Randy Powell - Randy with a short introductory presentation for VBM

Gregor Arturo's Energy Research

Second Dimesion - Matrices & Coils Overview - Collectrion of Coils based off VBM 2D Matrices and their specific patterns, relates to ancient symbology
Third Dimension - Crystals & Coil Systems Overview - Multi-coil configurations forming platonic solids and other 3D sacred geometry
Vortex Mechanics - Magnetic Flow, Fluid Dynamics, & Wave Structures
Triadic Coils, Rodin Coils, and Base 6 x 6 Matrices (Originally letter to Marko Rodin, rewritten)


Gregor Arturo's YouTube Channel - Contains over 60 videos relating to vortex math, free energy, metaphysics, and traveling. Contains other YouTube channels of VBM researchers like Russ Gris and Mike Powers.
Tesla Tree Project - Showcases the current project being developed in Asheville, North Carolina
The Great Entanglement - A triadic knot; three interwoven hexagrams
The Golden Scale - The 13 tones of the fibonacci sequence
How Trees Dance with Gaia - The electromagnetic function of trees
The Eco(solar)system - From the birth of a comet, to the death of a star
Coriolis Effect & Gravity - Description of these interacting forces

Vortex Math Websites

VortexSpace.org - A wiki site for vortex based mathmaticians, numberologists, electronic enginneers, Tesla scientists, and alchemists
VBM Workgroup - Public Forum with photo and video sharing
RWGResearch.com - Russ Gris's Open Source Research Website
The Abha Kingdom - Randy Powell's Website

Energy Websites

RexResearch - Great site full of articles and information, one of the very best
Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices - Patrick Kelly's wonderful and well organized website which can also be downloaded as a PDF weekly (continuously updated)
OverUnity - The International Open Source Free Energy Research Forum
Pure Energy Systems Wiki - A database of various inventors, devices, & research

Gregor Clary
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