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The Year One Project - http://www.yearoneproject.org/
We propose an idea of the divine to the human collective. Instead of 2013, we begin the new year with 1. Think about it. It will be a new world, completely different from the one we are currently experiencing. It will be the end of numerous cycles. It will be the end of duality, bringing in the power of ONE. The Year One Project isn't just the creative manifestation of a few people, it has been birthed from you and for you! This is your project! Make it what you want!

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The Year One Project ™
Year One Project ™

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Christopher Ceelomon Closson talks about the Moment of Hot Springs, Arkansas October 20, 2012

Christopher tell his story of the Moment of Hot Springs, Arkansas October 20, 2012


About Christopher
I've learned quite a lot over the past 23 years. I work at an assisted living facility for the elderly as activity person. People have been commenting on how really good and special people have to work at a place like that. That does seem to have good affect on my mood so please, keep it up!

I have been called a hippie, a hipster, a weirdo (but in a good way they say). I don't know about those, but I do like peace. But this is a Facebook page sadly and these can be accessed by anyone these days. Aloha.

//////  Moment of Hot Springs, Arkansas October 20, 2012  //////

Wesley Schroeder talks about the Moment of Hot Springs, Arkansas October 20, 2012

Wesley tell his story of the Moment of Hot Springs, Arkansas October 20, 2012


About Wesley
This life began for me 19 years ago, on the 19th of February, 1993.

This year of 2012 has become my year of personal awakening. Suddenly I have become aware of realities which exist all around me, with favorites being crystals and their energies, dimensions and their qualities, chakras, meditation, but most importantly (and my all time favorite), music.

This year also marks the seventh year of my studying music. My upright piano was made in 1919, making it 93 years old today. I love nothing more than to compose, and hear other people play.

My goals are to plant seeds for the New Age, help people become more self aware and loving, and ultimately become a traveling composer of orchestral film music.

I love all of mankind, and I look forward to educating myself and learning every single day. It's a thirst for more and more knowledge that has really only developed in the past several months.

Namaste, and blessings on each person's journey!


Hearts Open To THE MOMENT - Interview with Peace Mother



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