3 Days of Light LIVESTREAM (happening now!)

This weekend, an event called “The 3 Days of Light” is taking place in Asheville, NC. Hundreds of people are showing up to participate in the weekends events and workshops, and a number of special guests and speakers are present to share some of their amazing information with everyone.
I’m happy to share that Spirit Science too is a part of this event, and we are co-creating some magic along with everyone here. I’m doing some workshops and meditations, as well as screening Spirit Science 21 before its launch on Monday.
Pheonyx is also doing a Merkaba lightbody activation workshop, and my friends Holly and Ray are also doing some amazing transmutation of energy through personal development workshops.
If you are unable to attend, We invite you to come and join us on the livestream. It’s not the same as being there in person, but you will still get a direct link to the experiences that are happening here, tune into the consciousness, and perhaps even get some downloads yourself. It will be a truly magical weekend!

Watch live streaming video from bigctv2 at livestream.com
The Livestream will be progressively on and off during the weekend (and mostly on), and when we have some downtime – we have a number of videos on rotation for you to enjoy too. (That is of course, if you have nothing else to do. If anything, go Meditate and just be for a while ^_^ )

Also, Brendon Culliton (Some may know him as “SkullBabylon” is helping with the livestream and coverage, and also putting together some videos about his journey to Rockmont. If you’re interested in the happenings of the event, you can check out his stuff here.
We did a google hangout as well, which is posted below. I bring up the subject of his username “skull-babylon”, and the meaning of names and vibrations, which leads to some interesting discussion :P

(I Am That I Am)-Clearing the Mind
Days of Light Festival

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A poem for all you guys(and myself of course) and some talk on clearing up what you are manifesting. Simple reminders :) Namaste!

Journey to Rockmont: Three Days of Light
An on going Journalism Adventure with Skull Babylon



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