Father of school shooter Adam Lanza Link To LIBOR SCANDAL?

OR MAYBE NOT?  Which is it?  Look it up.
Published on Dec 19, 2012 By: Ben Swann
Ben Swann takes a look at reports in alternative media that the fathers of Adam Lanza, the alleged Sandy Hook shooter and James Holmes, the alleged Colorado theater shooter were both supposed to testify in the Libor scandal

BREAKING NEWS: CT School Shooter Killer Link To LIBOR SCANDAL?
The father of Newtown Connecticut school shooter Adam Lanza is Peter Lanza who is a VP and Tax Director at GE Financial. The father of Aurora Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes is Robert Holmes, the lead scientist for the credit score company FICO. Both men were to testify before the US Sentate in the ongoing LIBOR scandal. TheLondon Interbank Offered Rate, known as Libor, is the average interest rate at which banks can borrow from each other. 16 international banks have been implicated in this ongoing scandal, accused of rigging contracts worth trillions of dollars. HSBC has already been fined $1.9 billion and three of their low level traders arrested.
Father of Alleged Connecticut Shooter is VP ofGE Capital According to Reports

Echos of the Batman Massacre – James Holmes father a high priest of computer economics at FICO – Allegedly investigating the LIBOR scandal which has indeed faded after the Aurora shootings… GE Capital is onwed by GE – yeah THAT GE that operates outside of the law! Founded by JP Morgan to corner the market in electricity (stolen Tesla patents) – GE is now a media – military industrial complex kingpin! Morgan Stanley has also been implicated in the LIBOR Scandal!


Shocking details have emerged over the weekend regarding the alleged Colorado Batman shooter James Holmes.

Holmes’ father, Robert Holmes, reportedly is a senior lead analyst with FICO, and was scheduled to testify as a whistle-blower in the coming weeks regarding the LIBOR scandal, was was reportedly ready to NAME BIG NAMES involved in the massive global fraud as well as provide evidence to the Senate Banking Committee linking the high level executives to their crimes!

Robert Holmes, the shooting suspect’s father, is a senior lead scientist with FICO, the American credit score company. He was scheduled to testify in the next few weeks before a US Senate panel that is investigating the largest bank fraud scandal in world history. This banking fraud threatens to destabilize and destroy the Western banking system.

Robert Holmes not only uncovered the true intent of the massive LIBOR banking fraud, but his “predictive algorithm model” also traced the trillions of “hidden”dollars to the exact bank accounts of the elite classes who stole it.

Robert Holmes, the shooting suspect's father, is a senior lead scientist with FICO, the American credit score company. He was scheduled to testify in the next few weeks before a US Senate panel that is investigating the largest bank fraud scandal in world history. This banking fraud threatens to destabilize and destroy the Western banking system.

Those names WOULD AWAKEN THE WORLD to the depth of government and corporate corruption which could include members of Congress, Wall Street, Federal Reserve and EU executives and could even include US Presidential candidates and the British Royal family.
The motives for the massacre are:

1) To silence whistelblower Robert Holmes whose son is now facing a possible death sentence
2) To influence the upcoming vote on the UN Global Small Arms Treaty which could result in gun confiscation and disarming world citizens. The UN treaty could override national sovereignty and give a license to federal governments to assert preemptive gun control powers over state regulatory powers.

Two months prior to the theater massacre, James Holmes' entire world was turned upside down. That's when two "Black Op" hitmen, entered his life and unravelled it using a drug called "SCOPOLOMINE" - also known as the "The Devil's Breath".

Scopolomine or "The Devil's Breath" is colorless, odorless and tasteless and can be easily dissolved in drinks or sprinkled on food. Victims become so docile, they have been known to help thieves rob their homes and empty their bank accounts. Women victims have been drugged repeatedly over days and gang-raped or rented out as prostitutes.
In a common scenario, a person is offered a drink laced with the substance and wakes up miles away, extremely groggy and with no memory of what happened. The victim soon discovers that they have handed over jewelry, money, car keys, and sometimes even made multiple bank withdrawals to their assailants.

Scopolamine completely blocks the formation of memories making it impossible for victims to ever identify their aggressors. Under hypnosis, people can normally recall what happened to them...but scopolamine induces amnesia because the memory was never recorded," said Dr. Camilo Uribe, the world's leading expert on the drug.The drug depresses the cerebrum and destroys the power of reasoning’. There is no power to think or reason. 

This is what happened to James Holmes. He claims he has no memory of the massacre or what happened. An employee at the Arapahoe County Detention Center, where Holmes is in an isolation cell, told sources: “He claims he doesn’t know why he’s in jail. He asked, ‘Why am I here?’


June, 2011 - James Holmes enrolls in the neuroscience Ph.D program at the University of Colorado Denver.

May 21, 2012 - Two months before the massacre, James Holmes is befriended by BLACK OP HITMAN #1 who drugs him with scopolomine for the first time. The hitman takes the drugged Holmes back to Holmes apartment at 1690 Paris Street in Aurora. The hitman moves in with Holmes and stays undercover for 8 weeks. The hitman maintains Holmes in a drugged state and accesses his email and bank accounts. 

May 22nd, 2012 Hitman #1 buys a Glock pistol using James Holmes identification. Less than a week later, he upgrades to a shotgun. The following week, he buys an AR-15 rifle. Hitman #1 also purchases explosive materials and equipment to rig Holmes entire apartment with a complex series of booby traps.

June 7th, 2012 - James Holmes shows up on campus for an oral exam in a drugged fog and fails.
June 7th to July 2nd, 2012 - Using James Holmes email, Hitman #1 orders guns, rounds of amunition, magazine holders, combat vest, knife, mask etc. with expedited shipping costs through FEDEX and USPS. Holmes signs for the deliveries in a drugged state.

July 5th, 2012 - While James Holmes is drugged, Hitman #1 dyes Holmes' hair red-orange and takes a photo of him. The hitman then creates a profile for James Holmes on the AdultFriendFinder adults-only website. When completing the profile for Holmes, the hitman doesn't know that Holmes is 6'3", so he mistakenly enters 6'0".

The hitman uploads James Holmes photo (above). Only days before the massacre, the hitman makes an entry on the AdultFriendFinder website site. Pretending to be Holmes, he describes his penis as "short/average". He uses the screen name "classicjimbo" with a message on top of the profile which reads, "Will you visit me in prison?"

July 18th, 2012 - Hitman #1 mails an incriminating notebook filled with gruesome sketches and details of the plans for the attack in the crowded theater. The notebook is in a package sent to a professor at the University of Colorado, where Holmes was a Ph.D. candidate until dropping out of school just prior to the killings. The package was delivered by the U.S. Postal Service on the Monday after the shootings which forced the evacuation of a campus building for 2 1/2 hours. 

July 19th, 2012 - Hitman #1 drives the GETAWAY CAR to the theater and parks it at the side of the multiplex. He buys a Batman 'The Dark Knight Rises' movie ticket and enters Theater 9. He sits in the far right front theater seat near the emergency exit door. He receives and picks up a cell phone call from BLACK OP HITMAN #2, then gets up and goes over to the emergency exit door. A movie theater witness named Corbin Dates sees him talking on the cell phone and holding the exit door open with his foot. Hitman #1 jams the exit door ajar for Hitman #2. 

 Hitman #2 parks James Holmes' white Hyundai Coupe outside the Theater 9 emergency exit door at the back of the multitplex. James Holmes is drugged and semi-conscious in the passenger seat next to him. Hitman #2 is wearing full protective combat gear. His guns, ammunition, gas can and mask are stashed in back of the car. He calls Hitman #1 on the cell phone and gets the "go ahead" signal.

Hitman #2 gets out of the white Hyundai, leaves the semi-conscious James Holmes (locked?) inside the car, then opens up the hatchback and arms himself with guns and amo. He straps on his gas mask, carries his weapons and gas cans into the theater through the exit door twenty minutes after the movie starts. Using the tactical manoevers of a trained commando, he throws a gas canister into the crowd and shoots one shot into the air. The shot scares people out of their seats making them easy targets.

Gunman #1 leaves the theater through the exit door and returns to the getaway car parked at the side of the multiplex.

For 90 seconds, Hitman #2 shoots hundreds of rounds of bullets into the crowd killing 12 people and wounding 58 others. He then turns and runs out the exit door, strips off his armour and leaves a trail of blood, guns and protective gear that lead to the white Hyundai where James Holmes is sitting in a drugged stupor.

The gunman continues wearing his gas mask to hide his identity from the eye of a rooftop security camera positioned at the corner of the multiplex. After passing under the security camera, Hitman #2 ditches the mask, turns the corner of the building, then ducks into the getaway car driven by Gunman #1. The Black Op hitmen speed away.
James Holmes is reportedly arrested at his car without resistance.
Why was the back rear window on James Holmes white Hyundai Coupe broken? Was he locked inside? Did the police have to break the window to gain access to him? The mainstream media didn't report whether or not James was in the car when he was arrested or whether he was coherent.

ABC News circulated a false report about an incriminating statement made by James Holmes' mother. Arlene Holmes. ABC reported that when they phoned Arlene Holmes and asked her about her son being a suspect in the shooting, she answered "You've got the right guy". His mother has denied making that statement.

Take a look at Holmes' mugshot photo next to the courtroom photo. What do you see?
Why does the mugshot show Holmes in the same emotional state as the courtroom photo? Because James Holmes mugshot wasn't taken after his arrest which is standard procedure. The mugshot was taken right before he appeared in court 3 days later. His facial hair growth is the same in both photos.
Why did they take the mugshot on the same day as his court appearance instead of the day of his arrest?

Because James Holmes was too "drugged" when they found him to even stand up for the mugshot!  James Holmes has no memory whatsoever of the massacre or of the past two months of his life. That's why he is asking, ‘Why am I here?’ He really doesn't remember.


12 people were killed and 58 wounded. The official number of reported victims of the Batman shooting is 70. That number is wrong. There were 71 victims!
What effect has two months in a "scopolamine" stupor had on James Holmes physical, emotional and mental health?
What kind of a deal will his father work out with the bankster MAFIA to save his son from the death penalty?


Like 9/11, The Batman movie massacre was an inside "Black Op". What is a a Black Op? It is a covert operation by a government, a government agency, or a military organization. The term is also used for activities by private companies or groups. A black operation typically involves a significant degree of deception and clandestine, illegal activities that are often outside of standard military protocol.

The ruling crime families of trillionaire royals and banksters are conscienceless. They don't care who they have to deceive, abuse, rob or sacrifice to achieve their one world government New World Order agenda.

Article: Batman Massacre: WHY and HOW and WHO
Written by By Grace Powers July 28, 2012

If You Think the LIBOR Scandal Is an Anomaly, Think Again

The LIBOR scandal is big, and getting bigger, as more and more entities line up to sue the bloomers off the big banks involved in the manipulation. What at first seemed almost non-newsworthy has blossomed into the crime of the century as small banks, pension funds, cities, and towns line up to try to recoup some of the money they lost during the ongoing swindle.
Small banks like the Community Bank & Trust of Sheboygan of Wisconsin are filing suit against banking behemoths Bank of America (NYSE: BAC  ) , JPMorgan Chase (NYSE:JPM  ) , Citigroup (NYSE: C  ) , and a host of others under the U.S. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. The bank claims that the collusion of these big banks suppressed interest rates and, thus, the bank's income. Investment group Charles Schwab and the City of Baltimore have sued all 16 banks involved in the scandal under the Sherman Antitrust Act, and the California Public Employees Retirement System is currently trying to determine damages. Many more lawsuits are in the making, and doubtless scads more will follow.
A history of corrupt financial dealsLloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS  ) recently expressed concern that the LIBOR mess is further eroding public trust in the financial system. He is certainly not wrong, and he probably felt bold enough to make such a statement only because his bank is not suspected of involvement. Goldman Sachs is no stranger to scandal, however, and has participated in some hijinks of this nature, too. It's interesting how new allegations of wrongdoing seem to make everyone forget about prior offenses, particularly if the most recent one is of a monumental scale. The fact is, though, that these and other big banks have a history of manipulating interest rates to feather their own nests -- to the detriment of other institutions, investors, and local governments.
Collusion among banks to set interest rates and win contracts has been going on for some time, as the recent culmination of the case U.S. v. Carrollo, Goldberg, and Grimm points up. As reported in Rolling Stone, these three employees of General Electric subsidiary GE Capital were recently found guilty of conspiring with major Wall Street banks from around 1999 to 2006 of fixing public auctions of municipal bonds. The nipping and tucking of interest rates paid on these bonds floated to fix roads and build schools bilked cities and towns of incalculable amounts of money necessary to fund the day-to-day business of municipalities across the nation.
In the Carrollo case, the shaving of hundredths of one percent off interest rates on rigged bids was not to mask a sickly balance sheet, but to make extra money for the brokers and financial institutions. Auctioneers were bribed to turn public bidding into a private party, as the GE employees and banks such as B of A, UBS, JPMorgan, and Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC  ) decided which company won which bid, and for how much. Auctioneers would tell the contrived winner how much its competitors bid for the job of investing the town's bond money, sealing the deal.
This scenario played out innumerable times, padding the pockets of the cheaters while siphoning away money that cities should have been earning on their invested funds. The four aforementioned banks agreed to cooperate with the government in the case and paid fines of $673 million. Other institutions, such as Goldman Sachs and AIG, were also involved, as were several European banks.
On a smaller scale, Wall Street was also instrumental in the ruination of Jackson County, Ala., which declared bankruptcy last year over its $3 billion sewer debt -- on a facility that was supposed to cost only $250 million. Wall Street banks such as JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs "helped" the corrupt officials of that county balloon the costs to unmanageable levels. JPMorgan, in particular, made millions continually refinancing the county's debt, though it had to maintain a constant stream of bribe money to keep the work flowing. The situation was so lucrative for the firm that it even paid Goldman Sachs a $3 million bribe to get out of town when Goldman started sniffing around the area, apparently attracted to the sweet smell of success.
And now, LIBORLIBOR has the potential to be mind-blowing in scope and magnitude. The dollar value of products and contracts that LIBOR influences is estimated at $800 trillion worldwide, affecting everything from bonds to credit cards to mortgages. There are serious questions to be answered, too. How much money did the rate rigging cost municipalities, investors, and pensions? Did interest-rate suppression allow subprime mortgage holders to postpone default, thereby allowing the market to be flooded with soon-to-be-toxic collateralized debt obligations?
The wave of lawsuits is not good news for investors, as banks could very well drown under the deluge -- or get stuck treading water for years. It will be slow and lingering, with legal and settlement costs eating up anything resembling dividends. In addition, the recent submission by the biggest banks of living wills designed to assist in their orderly disassembly during another crisis (in theory) pretty much precludes another bailout. I don't expect that Joe and Jane Main Street Investor will be at the head of the pack picking clean the bones of the dying banking industry, either. They will have to get in line behind all the other creditors and will probably get nothing.
The problem with escalating corruption is that, eventually, it comes to light and at least some of the miscreants involved are made to pay for the dirty deeds. It will take time, but in my view eventually one or more of these banks will be sued out of existence. Bank investors, beware.
While Wall Street sorts out its LIBOR scandal, savvy investors will do well to look elsewhere for income-producing stocks. Let our investment analysts introduce you to nine solid dividend stocks to help firm up your portfolio. This special report is free for a limited time only, so grab your copy.
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The James Holmes Conspiracy (2012 Full Documentary)

Published on Aug 15, 2012 By:Mark Howitt

For those who do not believe the story we are being told by the government and media. The James Holmes Conspiracy. Several witness testimonies, news reports, theories and ideas behind the motives of the crime. Topics discussed include the second suspect, weapons, police audio analysis, James Holmes education and bio, LIBOR scandal, MK Ultra, Project Gunrunner, and several other important elements. Several new pieces of evidence and testimonies all in one video.

Documentary made by Mark Howitt www.youtube.com/lorddefiler
Video published on August 14th 2012

This video has been blocked in these locations:
Guernsey, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, United Kingdom

This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy on violence.
Published on Dec 16, 2012

You will see if you press the button that this video has been removed by YouTube since it was posted today. The reason given is absolute nonsense because there was no violence in the video at all - only the revelation that during the Batman movie a glimpse of a map was seen and on it were the words 'Sandy Hook'.
Here is the screen shot - violent isn't it?
Note the map to the left ...
Here is a close up ...
Just a coincidence ... nothing to worry about ... Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Dark Knight Rises is classic Saturn symbolism (see Wembley event) and Satanists worship Saturn.
Remember this was the same movie playing on the night of its release in July at the theatre in Aurora, Colorado, when a gunman (gunmen in truth) killed12 people and injured 58 - an attack blamed on the clearly bewildered and mind-controlled James Holmes.
Paedophile and Satanic rings working ultimately as one unit are the foundation of global control and connect into the drug rings and secret society network.
Working together they form the global Establishment manipulating events in every country.
And Satanists worship and serve their masters through death and destruction.

/////// Lets see if they pull these down?  /////////

Published on Dec 16, 2012 By: SageofSinadrin
via WOW !! SANDY HOOK & AURORA In BATMAN Movie ! Make Viral ~ This is a SET UP !!!
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Published on Dec 16, 2012
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Published on Dec 17, 2012  By: Greg Stafford

Published on Dec 16, 2012 By: MrFijitime1

Video Source: DAHBOO7
WOW !! SANDY HOOK AURORA In BATMAN Movie ! Make Viral ~ This is a SET UP !!! 

///////// Go ahead YouTube , take them all down!  ///////

Published on Dec 17, 2012

 Reload it on you channel if I go missing. I and other bloggers, youtubers, and websites are being threatened. Help us protect the truth and of voices. My only goal with doing what I do is to provide all people with something closer to the truth of what is going on in the world no lay down and be a slave like "they want us to be. I love all my fellow humans and I can feel your love in my heart and my mind. We are making our offense in an attempt to save us from the ones that plan otherwise. 

Many will die, but I am not afraid to meet my maker. I am right with him. My efforts in this video has secured that and my position on truth, love and our beautiful world we are lucky to live in. Stand your place with NO FEAR and face what we have to face. The coming days and weeks are going to be done to make you fear and cower. Let me be your example and continue to wake into the light. It beautiful in the light of truth & World Conscience.

Footage Of Police Arresting Second Man In Woods Right After The Sandy Hook Shooting

On Friday police were "questioning a handcuffed suspect in connection with the Newtown school shooting" after they found a man wearing camouflage pants and a black jacket in the woods near the school.
CBS reported that "a potential second shooter is in custody and that SWAT is now investigating the home of the suspect."
Connecticut State Police Lt. J. Paul Vance later told reporters that there was only one shooter, and officials haven't given any more information on the man. 
This helicopter footage obtained by the AP shows the man running into the woods before being apprehended:

And here's an interview with a witness who said that the man was telling parents he "did not do it" as he was led away by police.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/sandy-hook-man-in-the-woods-video-2012-12#ixzz2FMtRu7pO

'Second man in camo pants and dark jacket arrested at scene of Connecticut school shooting'


Second shooter arrested near Sandy Hook elementary school


The multiple shooters at Columbine - yet another mass killing cover up

Columbine Cover up Laid Bare PART 01

Uploaded on Mar 23, 2011 By: columbinefamily

The first in a four part series on the Columbine Cover ups. The cover up of the bomb search warrant that was never served. The cover up of the Basement Tapes. The gag orders on the lawyers. The Evidence tampering by law enforcement officials is rampant and goes to the highest levels of the Government

This Is A Must See !!!
9/11 False Flag Conspiracy - Finally Solved
(Names, Connections, Motives)



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