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Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song introduces you to Mayan Shamanic Soul Retrieval Limpias, an ancient spiritual healing practice, which helps to alleviate suffering by clearing physical, mental, emotional, material and spiritual blocks that torment the soul. 

This ancient Shamanic Sacred Therapy has been used to disperse emotional, physical, mental and spiritual distress. Shamanic Mayan Soul retrieval Limpias have been utilized to assist in the treatment of dissolving both short-term and long-standing physical conditions, removal of negative emotions, assisting with Spiritual healing, evolution and expansion.

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Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song is an Enlightened “Shaktipat” Master and inter- national Peace Shaman. An ecstatic and miraculous Being, She is a Holy Mother, a recognized embodiment of the Divine Mother of the Universe, who travels the world...healing, awakening and uplifting consciousness.

Donated by Spirit to help relieve human- ity of suffering through Her Prayer Songs, Sacred Ceremonies and Teachings, She was chosen since childhood to carry on the Divine soul healing Work of the Peace Shaman Lineage.

Her Life Path led Her to the traditions of India, where She immersed Herself in healing mantras and mastered the power of healing sound to the highest degree. After this was accomplished, She was guided to apprentice with one of Mexico’s most powerful and beloved Mayan Peace Shamans, Don Jacinto Tzab.

She was trained in the Ancient Science of Mayan Soul Retrieval by Don Jacinto, who himself was initiated into the role of Peace Shaman at age 14, by His Teacher, Don Feliciano. Mayan Soul Retrieval Limpias, are a Sacred Thera- py for defending and fortifying the Light within each soul and place. This Pow- er, Honor and Responsibility has been passed down through a Lineage of Mayan Shamans for thousands of years. As the Chosen One of this Lineage, Peace Mother is the Peace Shaman of our times.
As a Divine Vessel for the Mayan Lineage, the Holy Mother bestows Her blessings around the world, healing individuals, sacred sites, and the Earth’s Land and Waters. She lovingly showers us with Her Grace-full, healing vibration through thunderous Prayer Songs, Mantras, and Peace Ceremonies. She is known for Her uplifting Peace Concerts, inspiring music, empowering Teachings and potent tools for Spiritual Protection; mystically strengthening our connection to Divine Source and our Spirit Guides, amplifying Harmony, Radiant Health, Wisdom, Peace and Enlightenment in our lives.

The Holy Mother is the Living Sound of Light and every moment with Her can advance you spiritually in a quickened way. We have experienced that every word She utters is actually the Universe speaking!

She bestows immense blessings upon us through books, videos, the chanting CDs She has created and Mayan Soul Retrieval “Shaktipat” Limpias.

The word ‘Limpia’ refers to a spiritual cleansing, and in “The Impeccable Warrior Of Light” book, Peace Mother has provided you many ways to perform a cleansing over yourself and others. Peace Mother’s message to the world is that Peace can only be upheld by beings that are committed to impeccable protection for their soul. Therefore, to protect Harmony, Health, Prosperity, Wisdom and Peace in our lives, She prescribes daily clearings of negative energies for every home and being. To assist humanity in maintaining the highest and purest vibration, She has created abundant tools that enhance the Light in our lives and help us live our Highest Destiny. These can all be found on our website www.sacredpeace.org.

"Meditate, sing, dance, drum, chant, rejoice!
Take refuge in your spiritual practices.
All paths lead to the Sacred Temple of the Heart."
~ Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song

Spiritual protection is essential for those who wish to enjoy a Radiant Life and whether you desire to experience a quick release from pain, negative pat- terns, illness, the painfull past, psychic attack...or experience a profound quantum leap in Higher Consciousness...you will benefit immensely from a Mayan Soul Retrieval Shaktipat Limpia with Peace Mother.

The Soul Retrieval Limpia Prayer which the Holy Mother offers the Universe during Soul Retrieval sessions, has ancient roots of Purity and Power, having been bequeathed by each generation of Impeccable Shamans to the next Chosen One.

Soul Retrieval is an ancient science used to identify, diminish and remove negative forces creating imbalance in the aura, mind, body and personality. These ibalances fragment the soul, and thereby show up in your life in the form of mental, emotional, physical, spiritual or material problems.

Shaktipat is the ancient Vedic science of the Master (Guru) activating the inner Light within a being by infusing them with brilliant Light. The Master is a channel for the blazing Light of the Universe and that magnificent Light lives within them. Shaktipat Limpias by Peace Mother are a shower of Grace, a direct flood of Light from the Divine Forces of Compassion. During the session with Peace Mother, this blazing Light is radiated into the soul of the seeker and this illuminates Wisdom and ancient memory within the person so they can experience their true nature, their Light Essence.
Peace Mother’s Soul Retrieval Work is a rare combination of the Mayan Peace Shaman’s prayers and a “Shaktipat” infusion of Light into the soul is the science of Soul Retrieval at the most miraculous level. 

During the Soul Retrieval Limpia, a petition in the Ancient Mayan Holy language is delivered on behalf of the recipient for a shower of Grace to flood the individual, to wash away whatever is obstructing the Purest, Brightest Light. With the Soul Healing Invocation, the Holy Mother calls on Divine Mother’s Grace, as well as the Mayan Lineage of Master Healers, the Legions of Light and Compassionate Earth Forces that as- sist this miraculous Work. The Compassionate Celestial and Earth Forces each have a sacred name and as the Holy Mother calls out the holy name, each one is summoned to be present and bless the seeker. These Forces respond in a supremely mighty and benevolent way, immediately lifting negativities from the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body of the being.

The Divine Grace petitioned by Peace Mother is quickly gifted to the recipient. Everyone who experiences Soul Retrieval Work with the Holy Mother feels the effects immediately and emerges looking radically different; they absolutely glow! Once free of the layers of limiting energies acquired over a Lifetime, they are able to feel an intense connection to Spirit. They look younger, feel lighter, stronger and clearer about their Life, as Trust and Peace are heightened in them. The Soul Retrieval Limpias open the door to unlimited blessings. Some of these blessings are easy to spot immediately while others will reveal themselves later on, as the movement of the Kundalini (Spiritual Energy-Life Force) is balanced, and Wisdom is activated within the individual. Messages regarding one’s Life condition often surface within the seeker, as well as Clarity as to which spiritual practices will benefit them the most. All knowledge that arises in the individual from each SoulRetrieval-Shaktipat Limpia is a direct communication from Spirit in order to help the seeker reach their Highest Destiny.

Although Holy Mother rarely performs individual Shaktipat Limpias in person, we are blessed She continues to shower this Soul Remedy via the online recording that She has created which is available at our site www.sacredpeace.org. She also sometimes offers Shaktipat Limpias through conference calls or via remote prayers at Her altar. Whether a Pure Being such as the Holy Mother performs Soul Retrieval prayers over someone via phone or remote means, individually or in a group setting, the power of those prayers is tangibly seen and felt, because Grace knows no limitations. As is the case with other Saints, the Grace residing within the Holy Mother transcends walls, time or distance!
There is no area of our lives that has not been improved due to the Holy Mother’s Grace. The infusion of Light delivered during Shaktipat Limpias expands consciousness in a mystical, miraculous way, resulting in rapid spiritual growth. We, the Peace Team members that support Peace Mother’s mission, have experienced that whenever there is a challenge blocking our path, by listening to the online recording of the Shaktipat Limpia, the problem is quickly removed.

Solutions miraculously appear! We have witnessed how amazingly the Shaktipat Limpias assist us with spiritual—emotional—mental—and physical challenges. For example, one Peace Team member constantly walked hunched over and one day Peace Mother asked him why he did not straighten his posture. He replied that he could not and that if he tried to, he experienced intense pain. The Soul Retrieval Shaktipat Limpias healed his back and since then, he is able to stand up straight without pain!

Q: What other results have been seen from Soul Retrieval Limpias?

All the Divine Forces work together to cleanse you psychically, physically, emotionally and spiritually. They help remove obstacles and karmic chains causing the problems, often with miraculous results. There have been cas- es of people who could not speak, eat or move due to dark forces pushing them towards death. They quickly regained Life-Force and began to lead a healthy Life once again.

In other instances, through the Holy Mother’s prayers, there have been those whoweresuddenlyabletowalk,eventhough minutes before they could not even stand up! She has done healing work over individuals with multiple large tumors, and has seen their tumors shrink or disappear. Addictions of years upon years have been dissolved, allowing the person to go forth and blossom. Personality disorders have been replaced with Balanced, self-honoring behavior. Cou- ples who were entangled in hostility were able to discover harmonious ways to proceed and interact with each other. Some divorces were avoided as the couples reconciled with new understanding and appreciation of each other; other’s whose souls had completed the time they were meant to be married, were able to move on to a different way of relating to each other, in Peace and Respect.

Mayan Soul Retrieval Limpias have changed family dynamics, helped children, men and women through their karmic challenges and empowered many to emerge triumphant! Each time the Holy Mother lifts negative influences from the soul, Divine Mother gifts the being a thicker protective shield against psychic attack.

Each Soul Retrieval Limpia dissolves layers of fear and bestows greater knowledge on how to disintegrate evil forces. Grace breaks down inner and outer barriers and the individual is able to experience a sense of spiritual protection and safety.

Most definitely the list of transformations and salvations is too long to cover here, so we just share with you a few examples. It is utterly amazing to watch the soul healing occur! Many cry during their sessions or afterwards at the miracle they saw and felt.
Many share that Soul Retrieval Limpias opened up their Third Eye enabling them to actually feel or see the indescribable presence of their Angels or Spirit Guides, infusing them with a lightness and closeness to God not known before. Soul Retrieval Limpias by the Holy Mother are known to bestow a new Life brimming with fresh enthusiasm for the Path and a bright outlook on Life! They help us be the Divine beings we truly are.

Q: How do Soul Retrieval Limpias dis- solve my Karma – past life and current? 

As the Holy Mother teaches, “Karma locks you into certain patterns of behavior, ex- periencing repetitive life lessons and a feeling of lack of choice. Yet, the truth is you all ways have choice! With the help of of Divine Grace, you can travel the directpath to happiness and fulfillment, instead of remaining stuck on the much longer route full of pain-laden adventures.”

During the Soul Retrieval Limpias, all of Peace Mother’s Spirit Guides, as well as your Angels and Spiritual Protectors, are called forth to scan your past and present karma as well as your Highest Destiny. The Divine Forces are petitioned to dissolve any negative, limiting karmic impressions – past Life, childhood or current. Through Divine assistance, the healing process of any condition or issue, past or present, is sped up. Karma can be burned up quickly, allowing you to experience FREEDOM and an exciting new future. The ultimate purpose of each Soul Retrieval Limpia is to help you reach your Highest Destiny in this Lifetime by dissolving karmic self- destructive patterns. By liberating you from these chains, an opening is created for you so that:
a) all the possible good can be BESTOWED by the Compassionate Divine Forcesb) all the possible good can be RECEIVED by you.

Q: Who can benefit from Soul Retrieval Limpias?Anyone that has a challenge, problem or unfulfilled desires in his or her Life- especially children and individuals who are sensitive. All beings that choose to remain aligned in their spirituality and strive for strength, success and total balance, will benefit from these Soul Retrieval Limpias. All those who wish to amplify the Prosperity, Love and strongfoundation in their Life can benefit from a shower of Grace. Our ability to attract Good, sustain Goodness and enjoy a Great, Wholesome, Vibrant Life is enhanced by Mayan Soul Retrieval sessions.

Soul Retrieval Limpias help dissolve all types of blockages and they accelerate our spiritual unfoldment. They help the aura strengthen and expand, which then opens the door to your highest Good. With the help of Soul Retrieval Limpias, it becomes possible for you to receive spiritual gifts such as increased Vitality, Clarity, Prosperity, Love, Co-operation, Support, Success, Enthusiasm, Rec- ognition, Balance, Strength, Courage, Patience, Wisdom, Enlightenment and Peace in your Life! May you have the great fortune to be able to experience this Divine shower of Holy Mother’s Grace and Radiant LOVE that will ignite the brilliant LIGHT within YOU!
~Sacred Peace Global Peace Team


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