Sandy Hook in Batman Dark Knight Movie

This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy on violence.
Published on Dec 16, 2012  By: DAHBOO7
You will see if you press the button that this video has been removed by YouTube since it was posted today. The reason given is absolute nonsense because there was no violence in the video at all - only the revelation that during the Batman movie a glimpse of a map was seen and on it were the words 'Sandy Hook'.
Here is the screen shot - violent isn't it?
Note the map to the left ...
Here is a close up ...
Just a coincidence ... nothing to worry about ... Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Dark Knight Rises is classic Saturn symbolism (see Wembley event) and Satanists worship Saturn.
Remember this was the same movie playing on the night of its release in July at the theatre in Aurora, Colorado, when a gunman (gunmen in truth) killed12 people and injured 58 - an attack blamed on the clearly bewildered and mind-controlled James Holmes.
Paedophile and Satanic rings working ultimately as one unit are the foundation of global control and connect into the drug rings and secret society network.
Working together they form the global Establishment manipulating events in every country.
And Satanists worship and serve their masters through death and destruction.

/////// Lets see if they pull these down?  /////////

Published on Dec 16, 2012 By: SageofSinadrin
via WOW !! SANDY HOOK & AURORA In BATMAN Movie ! Make Viral ~ This is a SET UP !!!
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Published on Dec 16, 2012
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Published on Dec 17, 2012  By: Greg Stafford

Published on Dec 16, 2012 By: MrFijitime1

Video Source: DAHBOO7
WOW !! SANDY HOOK AURORA In BATMAN Movie ! Make Viral ~ This is a SET UP !!! 

///////// Go ahead YouTube , take them all down!  ///////

Published on Dec 17, 2012

 Reload it on you channel if I go missing. I and other bloggers, youtubers, and websites are being threatened. Help us protect the truth and of voices. My only goal with doing what I do is to provide all people with something closer to the truth of what is going on in the world no lay down and be a slave like "they want us to be. I love all my fellow humans and I can feel your love in my heart and my mind. We are making our offense in an attempt to save us from the ones that plan otherwise. 

Many will die, but I am not afraid to meet my maker. I am right with him. My efforts in this video has secured that and my position on truth, love and our beautiful world we are lucky to live in. Stand your place with NO FEAR and face what we have to face. The coming days and weeks are going to be done to make you fear and cower. Let me be your example and continue to wake into the light. It beautiful in the light of truth & World Conscience.

Footage Of Police Arresting Second Man In Woods Right After The Sandy Hook Shooting

On Friday police were "questioning a handcuffed suspect in connection with the Newtown school shooting" after they found a man wearing camouflage pants and a black jacket in the woods near the school.
CBS reported that "a potential second shooter is in custody and that SWAT is now investigating the home of the suspect."
Connecticut State Police Lt. J. Paul Vance later told reporters that there was only one shooter, and officials haven't given any more information on the man. 
This helicopter footage obtained by the AP shows the man running into the woods before being apprehended:

And here's an interview with a witness who said that the man was telling parents he "did not do it" as he was led away by police.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/sandy-hook-man-in-the-woods-video-2012-12#ixzz2FMtRu7pO

'Second man in camo pants and dark jacket arrested at scene of Connecticut school shooting'


Second shooter arrested near Sandy Hook elementary school


The multiple shooters at Columbine - yet another mass killing cover up

Columbine Cover up Laid Bare PART 01

Uploaded on Mar 23, 2011 By: columbinefamily

The first in a four part series on the Columbine Cover ups. The cover up of the bomb search warrant that was never served. The cover up of the Basement Tapes. The gag orders on the lawyers. The Evidence tampering by law enforcement officials is rampant and goes to the highest levels of the Government


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