RIP John Noveske and Keith Ratliff - Aaron Swartz - Obama Death Squads Kill Top Gun Activists As New Massacre Fears Rise ???

Obama Death Squads Kill Top Gun Activists 

As New Massacre Fears Rise ???

A new Federal Security Forces (FSB) report updating their 4 January “urgent action” memorandum to President Putin circulating in the Kremlin, today, states that the “death squads” unleashed upon America by President Obama have claimed their first two victims and warns that “another massacre” in the United States is “much nearer than first believed.”
As we had previously detailed in our 5 January report “Obama Death Squads Fan Out Across America As Rebellion Looms” Obama, emboldened by recent US Federal Court rulings giving him absolute authority to kill anyone he chooses in secret, and for whatever reason he deems necessary, dispatched at least 800 VIPER Teams (Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response Teams) throughout America in a bid to assassinate and neutralize any and all opposition to his planned seizure of his citizens guns.


Two of the most influential and outspoken Pro-2nd Amendment
voices on the Internet have been 

found dead:
John Noveske, Founder of Noveske Rifleworks and,
Keith Ratliff, Manager of FPSRussia.

According to this chilling FSB report, the first two Obama “death squad” victims indentified by Russian intelligence sources were gun rights activists John Noveske [first photo right] and Keith Ratliff [2nd photo right], both of whom were hailed as supporters of the US Constitutions Second Amendment which grants Americans the right to bear arms.
Western news sources confirming these assassinations report that Noveske was killed after a mysterious single car accident and that Ratliff was killed by a mysterious single gunshot to his head.
Noveske, this report continues, was the owner of Noveske Rifleworks, one the premier makers of what are called assault-style weapons and equipment in the US and which have been specifically targeted by the Obama regime for confiscation.

Ratliff, this report says, was a business partner at FPSRussia (FPS-First Person Shooter), YouTube’s ninth most popular channel with more than three million active subscribers and a combined half billion views, and sole owner of FPS Industries, which works in customized weaponry and world leader in military technology.
The Obama regimes reason(s) for assassinating two such high profile weapons manufacturers and gun rights activists, this report notes, is based upon the United States successful reign of terror against top scientists, which between the dates of 2004-2012 have seen 119 of some of the worlds leading researchers mysteriously murdered over US government fears of their reporting the truths of what they’ve discovered.
By assassinating Noveske and Ratliff, FSB intelligence analysts in this report say, the Obama regime is sending a “chilling message” to all who oppose their plan to totally disarm the American people that they “will stop at nothing” to see their master plan implemented.
Even worse, this report warns, is “new evidence” coming from the United States that the Obama regime is planning another “mass carnage” type event to occur within the next few weeks to bolster their spurious claim that Americans need to be disarmed.
Following in the wake of the 14 December 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre, top FSB intelligence social psychologists state in this report, the Obama regime will undoubtedly be able to achieve a critical mass of public opinion advocating for new draconian gun laws that will, in essence, make criminals out of millions of otherwise law abiding American citizens.
Unfortunately for the Obama regime, this report says, and the reason for another “tragic event” needing to happen, is that the “official story” about the Sandy Hook Massacre, like nearly all such events before it, is beginning to break down in the light of critical scrutiny and analysis.

One such analysis that has spread widely among American dissident factions was done by Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy, who in two reports, The Sandy Hook Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information and Sandy Hook School Massacre Part II: Continued Ambiguity and Augmented Realities clearly shows this tragic event more resembling an intelligence agency/military psychological operation than a lone gunman massacre it is be purported to be.
To the American people being allowed to know the truth of these events it appears unlikely as the Obama regime has secured for itself the lapdog services of the powerful American mainstream propaganda media establishment which, to date, continues to spread its venomous lies to an unsuspecting public not really knowing, or even caring, about the abyss they are being led to.
One such example of this was last month when the CIA-backed social media site FACEBOOK suspended an account because they dared to post a quote by the father of Indian independence Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) that said: “Among the many misdeeds of British rule in India, history will look upon the Act depriving a whole nation of arms as the blackest.”

FPSRussia Manager Keith Ratliff Found Dead In Suspected Murder [UPDATE]

Keith Ratliff, who served as the manager of the popular FPSRussia YouTube channel, has died. The 32 year-old Ratliff was found dead of a single gunshot wound to the head, and police are investigating the death as a murder.


Ratliff, who was found on Thursday in Carnesville, Georgia, helped run FPSRussia alongside Kyle Myers, who plays the Dmitri Potapoff character on the firearms channel. FPSRussia is the 10th most subscribed channel on YouTube with more than 3.4 million fans. In addition, its 535 million views make it the 151st most viewed channel on YouTube and far and away the most popular gun channel on the site.
In addition to his work on FPSRussia, Ratliff was also involved in The Controller on Machinima Prime, which featured Myers in a starring role. Ratliff also operated his own channel, which accumulated a shade under a million views thanks to a host of gun demos.

To add a chilling turn to the already chilling story, Ratliff had recently taken to Twitter in support of gun rights, and his general love of firearms adds a grim irony to the story.
FPS Russia team member Kitty Wandel has released a short statement on the tragedy:
It saddens me to confirm that [Ratliff] was indeed found having passed away here in Georgia on Thursday. I do ask for some privacy right now as you can imagine it has shocked us all and our main thoughts and concerns lay with his family right now. Thank you for understanding.
FPSRussia’s Myers has not yet issued a comment on the matter, and the impact of Ratliff’s death on the FPSRussia channel is unknown.
The world just lost a brilliant internet revolutionary: Aaron Swartz was found dead yesterday. He's the guy who masterminded the defeat of SOPA and PIPA. The official explanation is that he killed himself, but Swartz himself would have wanted us to ask questions about things that don't add up.
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Published on Jan 14, 2013 By:weavingspider
Aaron Swartz was considered by many to be a computer prodigy and online activist who sought to maintain a free and open internet. He was instrumental in launching the initiative to block SOPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act) and he was very outspoken about a number of controversial political issues. In the wake of his untimely death we must remember the example that he set and we must continue what he started by doing everything in our power to maintain a free and open internet.

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