Spirit Science New Years! ~ 2013 ~

Published on Jan 1, 2013 By: TheSpiritScience

This new years, Patchman and Tori come together to wish you a happy new years, set some intentions, and have a dance party! There is also some interesting information revealed regarding something...or someone... which has just emerged on this planet.

We love you!

A Full Moon in Cancer takes place on December 28th, 2012 at 2:23 am PST, 5:23 am EST or 10:23 am GMT.
Cancer: The Moon Deity!
Cancer: The Moon Deity!
Hold on to your emotional hats as the Cardinal regent of the Icosahedron water sign continuum, Cancer, goes head to head with fire of earth contender Capricorn in a battle of the ego versus the ID.
Cancer: The Moon Deity!
Cancer is rules the 4th house of the Zodiac. It is opposite of the 10th house of the Zodiac, Capricorn.
The full moon is a time of fruition that is a culmination of all financial and domestic affairs tempered with the emotional desires and ambitions that fill our thoughts and hearts during the new moon. This full moon in Cancer is no exception. After the expansive, fiery action-filled catalyst of Jupiter ruled Sagittarius, there is a lot of emotional work to be done that was sidelined due to the volume and intensity of action that took place during the Sagittarius sun.
After the intense ingress of the Capricorn sun, on December 21st, the same day as the assumed galactic alignment, the Age of Aquarius is said to have begun. But don’t you worry, no one steals Capricorn’s thunder without some “Saturnian grief.”
This Full Moon in Cancer arrives 7º degrees into Capricorn, indicating the outward need for emotional control in order to balance out the inward demands of the intuitive psychic spirit of Cancer. So in essence be prepared to dive deep into the waters of your past with the sea-goat and the crab to confront and cleanse your emotional pains. However be prepared to balance that out with the ambitious high expectations of the ruler of the 10th house, under the Capricorn sun.
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