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Heather Tucci-Jarraf talks to Freedom Central 
about The One Peoples' Public Trust

The One Peoples Public Trust - A Roundtable Discussion - 1/5

Published on Feb 15, 2013 By: AOD ScaReCRoW
Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - February 15th, 2013


About The One People’s Public Trust

The OPPT documents that were disclosed on December 25th have swept across the land like wildfire. It has become a grassroots movement taken on by hundreds of thousands of people across the world (soon to be millions) who all want the same thing; They want freedom from the old enslavement system and a choice to live their lives according to their own free will and to exercise their own free will choices.  Read more…

What is the One People’s Public Trust?

The One People’s Public Trust itself consists of every person on the planet, the planet itself and the Creator. The One People’s Trust trustees are a group of very skilled individuals including legal professionals who, in conjunction  with a positive group inside the financial system, carried out extensive investigations into the massive fraud and theft taking place at the time.  Read more…

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