Buddy Talks With Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song about the Pearcy Arkansas Event

This event was in Pearcy Arkansas 20 minutes from downtown Hot Springs. Thank you for spreading the word to your friends in the area!  Thanks, healing space for Saturday's Satsang and; Kirtan.

About Shanti

PEACE MOTHER GEETA SACRED SONG,  is an internationally recognized Peace Shaman, Enlightened Shaktipat Master and founder of the non-profit organization Sacred Peace.

Peace Mother's mission is to spark ENLIGHTENMENT in all beings and She has created ample sacred tools to help humanity travel the fast track to LIBERATION.

The Holy Mother promotes Peace through Peace Concerts, Peace Ceremonies, Shamanic Training, Mayan Soul Retrieval work and Shaktipat (infusions of Light).

Trained in MAYAN SOUL RETRIEVAL work by Don Jacinto Tzab, one of Mexico's greatest Mayan Shamans, the Holy Mother carries on the work of the Mayan Lineage, healing individuals, the Land and Sacred Waters of the world.

Immersed in the Sacred Mantras of India as well as the Shamanic prayer songs, the Healing Power of the Universe flows through Peace Mother in a thunderous way! Her luminous presence amplifies the Light, Prosperity and Harmony in all beings and places, creating a constant flow of miracles.

Peace Mother has recorded mantras and prayer songs which increase Peace, Spiritual Protection, Prosperity, Harmony, Balance, Devotion and Soul Power instantly.

She has also authored the soul-strengthening books:

SHAMAN'S ART JOURNAL...Self Healing and Enlightenment, Part 1

THE IMPECCABLE WARRIOR OF LIGHT: Mantras and Rituals for Spiritual Protection


Peace Mother's bliss-full Devotion to Divine Mother is contagious, infusing everyone and every place with a zest-full devotion to the Light! It is Peace Mother's mission to awaken within every one of us an unwavering adoration for the Light. To help us experience our inherent Divine Nature, She has created Enlightenment Training tools such as the Shamanic Training Intensives, Spiritual Protection Intensives, Shamanic Healing Circle, Sacred Ceremonies, Light Activations, books and chanting CDs.


Through Mayan Soul Retrieval Limpia sessions, workshops and Peace programs, She radiates Divine Mother's blessings upon us. With Her compassionate gaze and Light-bestowing healing Work, the Holy Mother bestows Divine Mother Grace upon all. Through Mayan Soul Retrieval Prayers, boundless miracles occur and people experience freedom from addictions, negative karmic patterns and illness.

What Is A Limpia?

Healing or improvement of physical conditions such as:

Cancer, addictions, weight issues, muscle pain, joint problems, lack of mobility, migraines, insomnia, obesity, heart problems, tumors, arthritis, dysfunctional organs, fibromyalgia syndrome, fatigue syndromes, sexual dysfunction, diabetes, immune system defiency, Allergies and many other physical health problems.

Removal of negative emotions such as:

Mental health problems, emotional addictions, relationship issues, children's behavioral problems, loss, grief, hurt, anger, resentment, bitterness, jealousy, obsession, depression, painful memories, emotional/physical abuse, insecurity, lack of self-esteem, phobias, neurosis, overt perfectionism, anxiety, fears, struggle, confusion, guilt, anguish, withholding Love, frustration, resistance, victimization, blame, fear of intimacy, negative beliefs and patterns, etc.

Assisting with Spiritual healing, evolution and expansion in areas such as:

Release of negative karmas, removal of generational curses, opening your Third Eye, dissolving meditation obstacles, increasing Prosperity and Spiritual Protective Shield, balance of Chakras, Kundalini activation, strengthening your connection with Spirit Guides, Angels and Divine Protectors.

Need to know more?

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/sacredpeacecenter
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PeaceMotherGeetaSacredSong?ref=tn_tnmn
Bandcamp: http://peacemothergeetasacredsong.bandcamp.com/

Thank you for supporting Peace.


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