Cop Sexually Assaults Woman Then Arrests Her For Protesting

Court Marshal Allegedly Sexually Assaulted A Woman In Family Court, Then Arrested Her (Video)

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Employees and managers at a Las Vegas family court were investigated for an alleged cover up after a court marshal reportedly sexually assaulted Monica Contreras when she appeared before them in 2011. A video uncovered by the I-Team at CBS 8 News Now shows Contreras accuse the man of sexual assault in court and then that same marshal arrests her, claiming she broke a law that does not even exist.
Contreras appeared in Clark County Family Court in August 2011 with her 2-year-old daughter because her husband filed a temporary restraining order against her during their divorce. Her husband never showed up in court and the order was therefore denied.
But Contreras said before she could leave, a male court marshal, Ron Fox, ordered her to go into a waiting room alone with him for an unexplained drug search.
An internal investigation by Clark County Courts validated her claims that Fox touched her breast and buttocks and also ordered her to lift up her shirt.
After it happened, she told Court Master Patricia Donninger what occurred, as you can see in the video. She said she asked for a female marshal to perform the search, but Fox just ignored her.
While she speaks, Donninger appears to be more interested in what the 2-year-old girl is telling her.
After Contreras finishes explaining that she was offended by what just happened to her, the marshal turns to her and says, “OK, so story stands? Handcuff her.” Marshal James Kenyon then prepared to arrest Contreras.
Shocked, Contreras asked, "For what, sir? Why would I be arrested? Can you please tell me?"
Fox then shouts at Contreras that she is being arrested for “false allegations made against a police officer.”
CBS 8 could not find a law that supported the arrest. Furthermore, there is no law allowing a sexual assault victim be arrested by the accused assaulter.
Donninger does nothing to intervene. On video, Contreras kisses her little girl goodbye before being taken to jail.
On April 5, Contreras filed a federal lawsuit against Fox, Doninger and Kenyon.
“The wrongful conduct of defendant Fox was intentional and evilly motivated, and the wrongful conduct of defendants Kenyon and Doninger involved reckless, callous and deliberate indifference to plaintiff’s federally protected rights,” the complaint said.
After CBS 8 exposed the crime, a subsequent internal affairs investigation more claims of sexual assault and even choking a citizen in family court.
Crystal Williams told CBS 8 that a marshal choked her when she resisted arrest in court. The 110-pound Williams, 25, was detained on a traffic warrant for driving without a license. She said she was not resisting officers when she was handcuffed and put into a restraint chair with a spit-guard over her face. At that point she was immobilized, but she claims a marshal began choking her. Another marshal admitted to the I-Team that he witnessed the choking incident.
The family court marshal supervisor Lt. Steve Rushfield stepped down from his post on April 8, after the CBS 8 report.
Fox was later fired and is now suing Clark County for wrongful termination maintaining he did not grope Contreras.

Court Marshal Allegedly Sexually Assaults Woman, Then Arrests Her For Protesting

This video is extremely disturbing. It’s a KLAS-TV Las Vegas news clip featuring a woman named Monica Contreras, who was allegedly sexually assaulted by a court marshal and then arrested on false premises when she complained about it to judge (hearing master) Patricia Donninger.
Here’s what happened: Contreras was in Clark County family court in August 2011, with her two-year-old daughter, finalizing a divorce case. Then she was suddenly taken, by herself, into a room with court marshal Ron Fox to be searched for drugs. (There is no explanation given for why the search was needed.) During the search, the 28-year-old alleged the marshal touched her breasts, her butt and asked her to pull up her shirt. Then, Contreras walked back into the courtroom where Donniger sat, politely said she felt uncomfortable and “offended” by Fox’s requests to lift up her shirt, and that if she needed to be body-searched, could it be done by a woman. Patricia Donninger ignored her. Then Fox suddenly instructed another cop on duty to arrest her for “making false allegations against a police officer.”
But, as KLAS explains, there is no law about making false allegations against a police officer. It’s a bullshit charge he just made up because she was accusing him of sexual assault. And there is also no law that allows a police officer accused of sexual assault to arrest the accuser.
What happened next on the KLAS-TV video is most disturbing to me: confronted with the two officers threatening to cuff her, Contreras broke down crying and then announced it was “all lies.” Watching to see how the duress has been escalating, it’s easy to see why she would suddenly recant everything. “Let me go please, let me go, it was all lies,” she pleaded, crying.  The cops then told her she had to walk up to the microphone and recant into the microphone. Instead, Contreras pleaded to Donninger, again, that Fox asked her to lift up her shirt, that she wasn’t comfortable with that, and asked why she should be arrested for this. AND THE JUDGE IGNORED HER. That’s when the cops put the cuffs on Monica Contreras, while her two-year-old plays walked around confused. Her poor child was sent to some place called Child Haven, while Contreras was sent to jail.
Two months later, Contreras filed a complaint with Clark County Court Marshal Internal Affairs. After a six-month investigation into her complaint, Fox was fired. Other court marshals are supposedly being investigated as well for attempting to cover this incident up.
Ron Fox is now suing Clark County and maintains his innocence (despite the fact he tried to arrest her on a charge that does not exist). The kicker is that he claimed through his lawyer that Contreras’ arrest was justbecause no one in the court room tried to stop him.
What a gross abuse of power.  I hope Monica Contreras sues the pants off of him.
[YouTube via KLAS TV]

Court Hearing Master Patricia Doninger Must Go

Having to be involved in a Family Court case is stressful enough for anyone, but when that stress gets compounded by an immature individual who prefers to be on the side of her employees and subordinates instead of enforcing justice in the courtroom, it gives others the idea that the magistrate, the judge or the Court Hearing Master is either afraid to disappoint their underlings or they just don’t know how to be a person in charge or a person of authority; well then, that person should not be in a position of authority.
That is the case with a particular Court Hearing Master who allowed a woman to be abused by two grown men with a badge and a gun, while her little three- or four-year-old daughter watched her mother being verbally and physically abused with the blessing of that Court Hearing Master, Patricia Doninger.
A Court Hearing Master in that position and with the attitude of Patricia Doninger does not deserve to sit on the bench; she needs to be taken down for many reasons, among which would be her obvious lack of qualifications, and her lack of showing any dignity and respect toward those appearing before her.
Is it possible that Court Hearing Master Patricia Doninger is acting like that because the victim in both of these two court cases has a Hispanic surname? Or is it because she might be envious that that lady looked more like a movie star than just a very well-dressed and presentable woman who dressed up for the important occasion of showing up in court.
We hope that the Eighth Judicial District Court higher-ups show a little compassion and respect for that Hispanic lady and her little daughter – who is already suffering the drama of seeing her parents divided, and then on top of that, seeing her mother abused by two immature older men in uniform – and have the decency of showing Court Hearing Master Patricia Doninger the door before her attorney shows them the amount of money they may have to pay for their stupidity.
It’s a good thing that the incident happened in Las Vegas where everyone is too busy to get involved with anyone else’s problem.
If this would have happened in New York, Los Angeles or Miami, the demonstrations in front of Family Court would be more noticeable than the long lines in the morning to attend court at the Regional Justice Center, and the noise they would make would be heard at the legislature or even at the governor’s mansion.
The legislature is very quick to take out one of their own and put someone in his or her place who can be controlled by that little clique in the black caucus with renegades at their disposal who will follow their orders to a T.
The county commissioner was able to eliminate a rightful office, perhaps to open the doors for them to be able to raise more campaign contributions for their office re-election.
On April 16, the county commissioners will pick the replacement for Steve Brook, and whoever they pick for a replacement will have to be very grateful to all of them.
What? Do you think for one minute that they are going to pick someone who they cannot control to be their puppet? Think again; you may not be used to Nevada politics.
The court executives can pretend that they are for the people, but we, at Las Vegas Tribune, know better. Some of us have been in the area for more than 30 years, and some even 60 years, and we know that everyone who’s in politics has an agenda, and if someone doesn’t allow them to control that agenda, they get them out of their way.
People have to go along with them and play their game, or they have to get out of the way, once and for all – otherwise they will be removed by any means.
We believe that Court Hearing Master Patricia Doninger should be taken out of her job not today or tomorrow, but yesterday, if not sooner. If not, perhaps the governor, the Secretary of State and the Attorney General should be filled in about what is going on.
If Steve Rushfield has to go, Court Hearing Master Patricia Doninger also has to go because it’s the fair thing to do for everyone; otherwise we are going to do what the Las Vegas Tribune does best, fight for those whose hands are tied and cannot throw the first punch, and do what we did with Judge Donald Mosley’s marshal.
We are going to place Court Hearing Master Patricia Doninger on the front page of this newspaper until the big shots at the Regional Justice Center realize that we want what is best for our community; and we are going to show them that what is best for our community is NOT Court Hearing Master Patricia Doninger.
LAS VEGAS, NV -- A coverup is being investigated relating to a incident which occurred in Las Vegas Family Court in 2011. The incident was recently brought to light by an uncovered video of the arrest.

Monica Contreras appeared in court with her 2-year-old daughter in August 2011 for a divorce case. The appearance was brief since her husband did not show up.

As she was leaving, marshal Ron Fox ordered her into a waiting room for an unexplained drug search. Her request to have a female officer in the room was denied. Contreras said marshal Ron Fox touched her buttocks, breast, and ordered her to lift up her shirt. A humiliating sexual assault.

She went back into the same courtroom and told hearing master Patricia Donninger about the incident. As she spoke, the hearing master ignored her and instead played with the victim's 2-year-old daughter.

At this point a marshal prepares to arrest her. "For what, sir? Why would I be arrested? Can you please tell me?"

"Because of false allegations made against a police officer," said marshal Ron Fox, the molester.

After repeated attempts by the marshals to get Contreras to recant her story, she breaks down. "Let me go. It was all lies. I don't want to deal with anything. It was all lies. All lies. All lies. All lies. Please stop," she said.

Fox tells Contreras the only way she can avoid jail is to step up to the microphone and recant. Contreras agrees, but does the opposite. "You put me in a room. You asked me to lift up my shirt without a witness," Contreras said into the microphone.

At that point, Fox replied, "OK, take her to jail."

The court hearing master watched it all happen. There was no law to justify her arrest. The "false allegation against a police officer" charge did not exist.

She kissed her daughter before being taken to jail. Her daughter was taken into state custody.






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