Hawthorne Police kill dog while arresting dog's owner for video recording them, Hawthorne Police Department: (310) 349-2700

Published on Jun 30, 2013 By:gabriel martinez
The original of this particular video (posted by a guy named Gabriel Martinez) can be viewed as YouTube video ID WDBZr4ie2AE

The dog owner, Leon Rosby, was taking video of police officers in Hawthorne, Calif. as they barricaded a house, CBS reports.
Another bystander behind Rosby was recording him, and can be heard saying that Rosby asked the police why there weren't any black cops present. This drew the attention of two Hawthorne police officers, who started to approach Rosby.
Rosby can then be seen putting his dog, which looks like a Rottweiler, into his car and voluntarily put his hands behind his back to be arrested. As he was being handcuffed by the officers, the dog started barking and soon jumped out of the car.
As the dog approached the officers, barking, the police shot the dog several times. The bystander uploaded the video of Rosby's arrest and the dog's death, undated, toYouTube on June 30.
Rosby's attorney, Michael Gulden, told CBS that he plans to file a lawsuit against the Hawthorne Police Department. He said the incident took place at 137th Street and Jefferson.
Two hours after it was posted to Reddit, the video had 32,000 upvotes, but the comments were disabled because of Reddit's rule against, "witch-hunting or or incitement to witch hunt. This means no demanding 'Reddit justice' in any way in post titles or comments."

In one of the most shocking videos I’ve seen since launching this blog six years, ago, Hawthorne police shot and killed a dog while arresting the dog’s owner for video recording them from a half-block away on a public sidewalk.
Several cops were standing in front of a house halfway down the block, apparently to make an arrest over the weekend, while a man walking his dog was video recording them from the corner.
A group of other citizens were recording from across the street and captured the entire exchange, including the arrest of the man and killing of his dog.
At 2:09 in the video, the man starts walking to his car when he realizes the cop are going to walk towards him because he was standing there recording.
After he puts his dog in the car, he walks back towards the cops, turns around and allows himself to be handcuffed, even though he had not broken any law at any time during the video.
Makes one wonder what would have happened had he just gotten into his car and driven away.
As he is being handcuffed by two cops, the dog begins barking and eventually jumps out the window.
At 3:09, the dog is out of the car and running towards the cop.
At 3:23, a cop shoots the dog four times. The dog wither and dies.
Call the Hawthorne Police Department: Call   (310) 349-2700.
City of Hawthorn, CA Police:
Press Information Officer: Lieutenant Scott Swain (310) 349-2835 email:kswain@cityofhawthorne.o...
Hawthorne Cops Shoot Dog

The original of this particular video (posted by a guy named Gabriel Martinez) can be viewed as YouTube video ID WDBZr4ie2AE

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  1. The demeanor of the guy recording was looking less like a bystander who's curious and more of someone harassing the cops for doing their jobs. Harassing police cannot be tolerated or respect for the law they uphold is lost. To me it looked to much as if the guy was intimidtaing the police. Then offered himself up for arrest rather then maybe the police who simply tell him to move on.

    Anyways dog gets free and attacks the cop. The cop as a person defended himself and nothing more. It wasn't vengeance or for fun. One has a right to defend himself with any force needed. But of course people would rather save the dog and let the dog kill the officer.