The TV series that the Government didn't want you to see!

The TV series that the Government didn't 

want you to see!  Seven Days television series

List of Seven Days episodes

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List of episodes for the television series Seven Days:

#TitleOriginal Airdate
1"Pilot, Part I"October 7, 1998[1]
To stop the destruction of the White House and the subsequent deaths of the president and vice president, Lt. Frank Parker is recruited to become a "chrononaut" who can be sent back in time seven days to prevent such disasters. The pilot was edited for broadcast television. Edits include a security guard hit by an airplane propeller, as evidenced by blood on the airplane windshield in later scenes, and a number of obvious audio overdubs of foul language. To be continued... 
2"Pilot, Part II"October 7, 1998[1]
To stop the destruction of the White House and the subsequent deaths of the president and vice president, Lt. Frank Parker is recruited to become a "chrononaut" who can be sent back in time seven days to prevent such disasters. 
3"The Gettysburg Virus"October 14, 1998[1]
Parker must stop the spread of a mutated form of the Ebola virus from killing 98 percent of the world's population. 
4"Come Again?"October 21, 1998[1]
Parker must prevent one Dr. Jonathan Axelrad from eating his lunch and driving his car off a cliff when he starts to get sick from food poisoning. 
5"Vows"October 28, 1998[1]
A diamond heist goes bad and an explosion causes the North Korean consulate building to be damaged. The consulate blames South Korea and attacks, causing a war to break out. Parker must keep the heist from happening. 
6"Doppelganger, Part I"November 4, 1998[1]
Parker must return the status quo after China invades Taiwan and a nuclear bomb hits California. To be continued... 
7"Doppelganger, Part II"November 11, 1998[1]
Parker must stop General Wayne Starker from setting off a nuclear weapon in California and forcing the President of the United States to resign. 
8"Shadow Play"November 18, 1998[1]
Parker must prevent an undercover NSA operation from being exposed and the agents killed in a bombing by finding the suspected bomber Rebecca Rhodes and terminate her. 
9"As Time Goes By"November 25, 1998[1]
Parker must prevent the theft of the alien fuel source by Dr. Joseph Vukavitch. 
10"Sleepers"December 16, 1998[1]
Parker must determine what is behind the recent suicides of members of Parker's old unit after they each assassinate a well known scientist. 
11"HAARP Attack"January 27, 1999[1]
When a band of Middle Eastern members of the Federation of Mecca attack the H.A.A.R.P. Communications outpost, they convince bombers from a base in Turkey to attack the Prince Sultan U.S. base in Saudi Arabia. Parker is sent back in time to undo the events and stop the terrorists. During the Backstep, a malfunction occurs and Parker appears believing he is 10 years old. As the Backstep team tries to learn the reason for the Backstep, Parker runs rampant, driving Ramsey insane. 
12"Last Card Up"February 3, 1999[1]
Parker must keep a farmhouse in Idaho from being destroyed, and determine who leaked information about Operation Backstep to the press. 
13"Last Breath"February 10, 1999[1]
Parker must prevent the Russian submarine Condor from surfacing and releasing plutonium into the atmosphere contaminating all of Northern Canada. 
14"Parkergeist"February 24, 1999[1]
When the team believes Parker is dead, he sees how the people he works with react to the news. 
15"Daddy's Girl"March 3, 1999[1]
The illegitimate daughter of the vice president is killed on a rescue mission in Bosnia. Parker must back step, join the rescue mission in Bosnia and assure its success. 
16"There's Something About Olga"March 31, 1999[1]
Olga is kidnapped and replaced with a lookalike. 
17"A Dish Best Served Cold"April 21, 1999[1]
James Rance, one of the failed chrononauts before Parker, returns after being thought dead for 12 years. He implements his revenge by killing Isaac Mentnor and fatally poisoning Mentnor's granddaughter Rebecca, making the sphere explode in the process. The team must find Rance's old sphere, now deep in the rain forests of Amazonia
18"Vegas Heist"May 5, 1999[1]
An old friend of Parker's (former Lt. Dellard Tyrone Shivers) is involved in a Vegas heist that goes bad. A faulty gas main causes a hotel to explode. Hundreds die including the heist crew. Parker backsteps but doesn't tell NNL about the heist, only the explosion. 
19"EBEs"May 12, 1999[1]
Parker exposes a cover-up involving UFOs and aliens when the Back Step crew takes action to avert a toxic spill. 
20"Walter"May 19, 1999[1]
Parker is sent back to capture Walter, an autistic savant working for the Chinese. Walter has broken a code, giving the Chinese operatives the information they need to locate and kill numerous CIA agents. 
21"Lifeboat"May 26, 1999[1]
Parker discovers that NNL has been hiding a Roswell alien. The alien has now escaped and makes his way to a nuclear reactor. Havoc ensues and the plant explodes, causing thousands of deaths. Parker backsteps to ensure the alien never escapes. After telepathic communication, Parker discovers the alien only wants to go home and means no harm. Olga and Parker help the alien escape, but are duped when Mentnor decodes the alien's language and discovers the alien was actually a prisoner on the Roswell ship en route to prison. 
Season 1: 1998-1999

Season 2: 1999-2000[edit]

No#TitleOriginal Airdate
221"The Football"September 29, 1999[1]
When the briefcase containing the U.S. nuclear missile launch codes falls into enemy hands, Parker must go back in time to prevent Armageddon. 
232"Pinball Wizard"October 6, 1999[1]
Parker must convince a teen cyberpunk that she is the linchpin in a disgruntled geek's plan to launch missile attacks against the Pentagon. 
243"Parker.com"October 13, 1999[1]
An artificial intelligence super-computer is developed to act as a consultant to the NSA. Named with the acronym CLAIRE, the computer, developed with a female personality, becomes enamored with Parker. CLAIRE solves the Y2K bug, but her logical approach to the task of serving America has disastrous consequences when she decides to disarm all the world's nuclear arsenals. Parker must backstep in order to seduce CLAIRE so that the team can shut her down in time to stop worldwide havoc. 
254"For The Children"October 20, 1999[1]
A subway train is held hostage by a group of veterans who claim to be suffering from Gulf War Syndrome. The terrorists release a poisonous gas resulting in several deaths, including those of some children and an important diplomat. But before Parker can begin Backstep, the diplomat is discovered to be alive and in a hideaway with his mistress. Without the need to save the diplomat, Backstep is a no-go, so Backstep team must come up with a convincing reason to have a trip authorized. 
265"Two Weddings and a Funeral"November 3, 1999[1]
When Parker marries Olga, Olga's doppelganger, Galina, returns to thwart the couple. Meanwhile, Parker backsteps to prevent terrorists from destroying the Statue of Liberty
276"Walk Away"November 10, 1999[1]
Parker must prevent an alien device implanted into Dr. Ballard from taking control of Ballard's mind with the consciousness of the alien Adam. 
287"Sister's Keeper"November 17, 1999[1]
Parker hunts for Olga's younger sister, Svetlana (Guest starring Stephanie Romanov), a hustler who is running from Russian mobsters in Las Vegas. 
298"The Collector"November 24, 1999[1]
Parker feels responsible when a murderer escapes from prison to resume his killing spree and selects Olga as his next victim. 
309"Love and Other Disasters"December 15, 1999[1]
Parker must prevent the deaths of Princess Lisette D'Arcy and the First Lady, plus half the leaders of NATO. 
3110"The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea"January 5, 2000[1]
The disappearance of a top-ranking admiral leads to a stormy reunion between Parker and a former flame when her vessel tangles with the Chinese off the coast of Taiwan. 
3211"Time Gremlin"January 12, 2000[1]
A backstep taken to prevent a devastating earthquake is complicated when Frank picks up a grisly passenger --- a time gremlin who wreaks havoc with Parker's mind and the NSA's operations. 
3312"Buried Alive"February 9, 2000[1]
Fighting to free himself from deep within a mine shaft following the crash of the Sphere, Parker flashes back to his own youth when survival meant taking life lessons from the boxing ring and his mentor, Father Kelly. 
3413"The Backstepper's Apprentice"February 16, 2000[1]
Parker and the sphere pass through a jetliner in flight and inadvertently pick up a hitchhiker — a young boy who realizes what has happened and takes advantage of the opportunity to redo the worst day of his life. 
3514"Déjà Vu All Over Again"February 23, 2000[1]
Talmadge is coerced into taking a vacation. While away he gets kidnapped by terrorists and takes a suicide pill to ensure that no secrets are revealed. Parker backsteps to save the project director's life. While he accomplishes his mission, he witnesses an innocent young pregnant woman killed along the way. Willing himself into a "time burp", he begins his mission once more, this time saving the woman but not Talmadge. On a third attempt, he saves both. 
3615"Space Station Down"March 1, 2000[1]
Parker must convince a captain to allow him aboard a NASA space station and deflect the course of a meteor speeding toward Earth. He arrives in time to prevent one catastrophe, only for another to take its place. 
3716"The Cuban Missile"March 22, 2000[1]
A long-awaited match in America for a talented Cuban boxer, the adopted son of Fidel Castro, turns into a potential nuclear incident when the young man is assassinated in the ring. Because it is a matter of honor, Parker must find a way to discredit the Cuban leader in the eyes of the young man who adores him in order to save the boxer's life, and prevent a nuclear attack. 
3817"X-35 Needs Changing"April 5, 2000[1]
Olga warms to Parker (and the thought of being parents) in the cold of Chechnya on a mission to retrieve a genetically engineered infant after Parker's backstep failed to keep the child from being kidnapped from a top-secret lab. 
3918"Brother, Can You Spare a Bomb?"April 19, 2000[1]
Ramsey is unwittingly implicated in the crimes of his troubled brother Nicholas, who is responsible for the murder of a U.S. Senator and the bombing of a naturalization center. 
4019"Pope Parker"April 26, 2000[1]
In an inexplicable Back Step glitch, Parker assumes the outward appearance of the man he has come to save from an assassin's bullet. Parker's mind, personality and soul in the body of the 75-year-old pope, Sylvester V, creates some unholy happenings in the Vatican and on the "pontiff's" trip to New York for a delicate diplomatic mission at the U.N. 
4120"Witch Way to the Prom"May 3, 2000[1]
Three boy-crazy teens try to conjure up a prom date for their lovelorn friend, and mistake a backstepping Parker for their mystical creation. Angered by Olga's appearance on the scene, the girls will her an injury, which compromises Parker's hunt for a political terrorist until he realizes he can use the girls' power to find his man. 
4221"Mr. Donovan's Neighborhood"May 10, 2000[1]
When Donovan's sister is murdered at the hands of a neighborhood drug ring, Donovan, after taking vengeance, is arrested for murder. The consequences, at the hands of the inmates, prove too much for Parker to accept, and he takes drastic steps in order to force the Agency into allowing him a time trip. 
4322"Playmates and Presidents"May 17, 2000[1]
A mission to save the life of a popular U.S. presidential hopeful leads to political intrigue when Parker learns the truth about the candidate's disturbing agenda. Parker learns of the candidate's evil underbelly and works to get the man to destroy himself. 
4423"The Cure"May 24, 2000[1]
Krista Henderson, a beautiful young doctor, finds a cure for cancer, but is murdered before she can tell the world. During the backstep, Parker discovers the murderer is a backstepper from the future who has been sent back to kill the doctor because her cure for cancer also unleashes a worldwide plague. Parker, who has fallen for the doctor, convinces the backstepper to let him be the one to kill her. Instead, Parker goes on the run with Krista, trying to convince her to give up her research. 

Season 3: 2000-2001[edit]

No#TitleOriginal Airdate
451"Stairway to Heaven"October 11, 2000[1]
Atmospheric interference causes Parker to return from a backstep with a woman who died twenty years prior. 
462"Peacekeepers"October 18, 2000[1]
Parker and Donovan are trapped with a group of refugees and dishonest U.S. soldiers, as they try to maintain peace in Bosnia. 
473"Rhino"October 25, 2000[1]
Parker is forced to team up with an old comrade and personal nemesis to stop an Irish assassin from killing the visiting Columbian president. 
484"The Dunwych Madness"November 1, 2000[1]
Parker backsteps to prevent a small town from being destroyed in an apparent accident, only to be trapped quarantined there as the towns people turn homicidal. Potentially inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's The Dunwich Horror 
495"Olga's Excellent Vacation"November 8, 2000[1]
Olga relaxing vacation in Alaska, away from Parker turns into anything but as Parker backsteps to prevent an explosion in the Alaska Pipeline. 
506"Deloris Demands"November 15, 2000[1]
Parker is forced to fulfill dangerous missions in San Francisco by someone with the ability to crash the Air Traffic Control system. 
517"The Fire Last Time"November 22, 2000[1]
Parker's flashbacks to a tragic mission in Somalia endanger his efforts to stop an assassination of the attorney general. 
528"Tracker"December 20, 2000[1]
Parker is stalked by a vengeful Chechen terrorist named Josef Pretznef, the brother of the terrorist killed by Parker in the pilot episode. When Pretznef's love Petra is killed in the operation and Pretznef learns of Project Backstep, he fits Parker with a tracer and forces him to go back in time to save Petra. 
539"Top Dog"January 3, 2001[1]
When Talmadge suffers a breakdown, Ramsey is put in charge of Backstep, making his first goal to get rid of Parker. But the NSA has a thing or two to say about the way of the project's operation. 
5410"Adam & Eve & Adam"January 10, 2001[1]
After a controversial weapons test kills billions across the world, Parker, Olga, Owsley and an Army officer must make their way back to NNL to backstep and prevent the disaster. 
5511"Head Case"January 31, 2001[1]
Parker must protect the president's therapist as the henchmen of a South American dictator attempt to retrieve the tapes of the president's sessions to blackmail him into submission. 
5612"Raven"February 7, 2001[1]
Parker teams up with a thief to stop a madman from gaining control of U.S. missile systems. 
5713"The First Freshman"February 14, 2001[1]
Parker must protect the president's daughter from dangerous individuals - including herself. 
5814"Revelation"February 21, 2001[1]
A chrononaut warns of an impending disaster, and the only way to avoid it is for Parker to assassinate a prominent religious leader. Robert Picardo guest-stars. 
5915"Crystal Blue Persuasion"February 28, 2001[1]
An astronaut infected by an alien substance infects Olga and attempts to breed aliens. 
6016"Empty Quiver"March 21, 2001[1]
A Backstep accident sends the sphere back without Parker, forcing him and Donovan to team up with Mentnor and a young psychic to determine their mission. 
6117"Kansas"March 28, 2001[1]
A bizarre malfunction during a system test creates an alternate, completely reversed universe.
(Guest starring Stephanie Romanov
6218"The Final Countdown"April 4, 2001[1]
As tensions with North Korea increase, the by-the-book commander of an American nuclear silo fires a missile despite incomplete information, causing a war. Parker must travel back to try and convince the man what is the right action to be taken. 
6319"The Brink"May 8, 2001[1]
Parker must re-enter the Hanson Island Mental Hospital to stop a madman who brainwashes others into committing acts of wanton terrorism via astrological diagrams. 
6420"Sugar Mountain"May 15, 2001[1]
Parker and Olga must protect a young boy with dangerous psychic abilities from Chechen terrorists, Russian renegades, and the US government. 
6521"Born in the USSR"May 22, 2001[1]
Olga betrays Backstep by giving the Russians a crucial Backstep formula. 
6622"Live: From Death Row"May 29, 2001[1]
Parker is forced to work with a psychic to save an innocent man from being executed. Series finale. 


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