A Bridge from Here to There

Published on Jul 13, 2013 By:Just1RaYOfLight

This process of awakening or enlightenment, building a bridge from here, where you are now, to there.

First lets start with some definitions of the word 'here' and the word 'there' in order to get some clarity on the process of awakening or enlightenment.  (see the entire transcript of the video by clicking here)

Where is here?  It is where you, or you, or I are.

Where is there?  Where are we going? What is awakening or enlightenment?  What is it that we seek?

It is that yearning inside for something more than here.

It is the topic of many of my writings, in fact many writings all across time and space.  An attempt to describe 'there', that place of joy, of enlightenment, is perhaps nearly as challenging as trying to describe 'here'... where you currently are.

Sure you can tell them what color the leaves are, describe what it smells like, or feels like, but until you experience it for yourself...  It is only a description of someone else's experience.

These descriptions serve an important purpose, as if they are a recipe of how you might experience your own 'here' in a different way. 

How you might have your 'here' instantly transform into 'there', an awakening or enlightenment of your infinite connection to everything.

In fact, that is the best way I can currently describe 'there' or enlightenment: an awakening, an awareness of your infinite connection to everything.

And so I see these descriptions, these writings, these attempts at explanation; I see their purpose as a way to create a physical, chemical, electrical bridge between the two hemispheres of our brains, our physical bodies, our emotional states, our relationships with each other.

In this bridge becomes the balanced flow of energy in a stable toridial field that is the bridge for our spiritual essence to inhabit the harmony of the two become one. 

The left and the right, the yin and the yang, the Vesica piscis that gives birth, that is the entrance point, the beginning of the next.

The union of the the physical and the spiritual, heaven on earth.

With the love of ALL,



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