Blooper Paddleboarding Yoga in Jamaica with Buddy Huggins

Paddleboarding Yoga at Mutiny Beach Cottage, Jamaica
Mutiny Beach Cottage, Jamaica - Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing / Paddleboarding
Sun Gazing How It Works
To Book Call: Kimberley Jaeger (978) 468-9696

Mutiny Beach Cottage, Jamaica - A New Dream -
Sun Gazing How It Works
To Book Call:  Kimberley Jaeger  (978) 468-9696



A self-catering cottage on a pristine private beach.

Mutiny is a 4 bedroom cottage with it's own kitchen, dining room and living room located on Jamaica's beautiful North Coast. It is about 5 minutes drive from the annual Jazz and Blues Festival held in Trelawny, 10 minutes drive from Falmouth, about 40 minutes drive from Montego Bay, and about 1 hour's drive from Ocho Rios.

The vibe at Mutiny is a very laid back one, we want you to feel like a beach bum. Waste your days sunning yourself, and wash off your worries in the clear Caribbean water. If you feel like some exercise, wake up early and go snorkelling at the reef at the end of the bay, or try out a wind/kite surfing lesson at the property next door. If you can't swim but would still like to see the reef, we can get Alfred to take you out on his fishing errrr "boat" - 6am departure! Don't forget you can also work up a sweat on the tennis court - no need to bring balls or racquets since we have a few spare ones.

General Information
Included: en-suite room which sleeps 2, hot water, AC, fans, pool, TV, washing machine, tennis court, outdoor BBQ, cook.

Optional: maid, internet, local mobile phone.

Airport pick-up can be arranged if requested but will attract a separate cost.

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