October 2013 brings with it a month of Grand Squares dealing with the Cardinal astrological signs. They are Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, Ceres and Hades in Cancer with the completion of the Grand Square varying throughout the month. Its first activation is October 1 with the Sun in Libra completing the Grand Square shining the Light of the Perfected Vision on the new changes necessary to empower the creation and manifestation of the Perfected Vision of Balanced Reciprocity on earth once again. Though absent for thousands of years, the goddess Ceres and Hades, the God of the Underworld have implored the Human Kingdom to rekindle its commitment to this balanced flow.
The Fixed signs of Venus in Scorpio, Moon and Mars in Leo and Admetos in Taurus ignite the emotional heart of Truth to express itself from deep within the bowels of the earth, from the caves, caverns and deep within the volcanos transforming the emotional energies so that portals, doorways and pathways of communication may be opened permanently between the Human Kingdom and the earth to develop a more balanced reciprocal relationship for both. They point to new directions based on wisdom and truth that must be followed by the Human Kingdom to attain the harmony that once existed between the earth and all its inhabitants.

The use of sound, vibration and energies that harmonize, facilitating balance and reciprocity shall be required by all members of the Human Kingdom in order to understand and activate these powerful energies in ways that are empowering for both the earth and the Human Kingdom. Whether using your own voice, drums, rattles, dancing or just listening to music that brings balance and harmony to the spirit and soul, both have the same balancing affect. Thus, too, the use of dissonant, disharmonious sounds shall create a jaggedness, nervous, jittery energy both in the body, mind, spirit and emotions of humans and the earth creating imbalance bringing about earth reactions from the various other Kingdoms including the earth itself and the Integral Kingdom. If the Human Kingdom is unwilling or unable to act as the tuning forks they agreed to be, then the other Kingdoms and the earth shall take matters into their own hands and begin bringing about the shifts necessary to attain and maintain Balanced Reciprocity with the earth itself and throughout the Cosmos.

The Grand Water Trine between the Moon’s North Node, Saturn and Mercury in Scorpio, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and Hades, Ceres and Kronos in Cancer demands the activation of the flow of Balanced Reciprocity with the Human Kingdom fulfilling its agreed to Karmic Destiny - otherwise, chaos, confusion and calamity shall fall upon the areas of the earth where the imbalance is greatest at any given time during the coming 13 years. Guidance shall be given to those open to receiving Truth as to the direction and powers of self responsibility that must be activated in expressing and living Balanced Reciprocity.

New Moon in Libra October 4, 2013 at 4:36 pm PST, 7:36 pm EST, October 5, 2013 at 12:36 am GMT fully activates the Grand Square in the Cardinal signs between Sun and Moon in Libra, Hades and Kronos in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn calling on the flow of energies deep within the earth to become more aligned with the flow of Balanced Reciprocity throughout the Cosmos. Much information about past lives, endings and beginnings and wisdom from the past reflecting the full expression of Balanced Reciprocity within and upon the earth with the Human Kingdom as well as all other Kingdoms shall percolate into consciousness. Ways to be in new forms of relationship with all the earth that is more life affirming for the lakes, oceans, rivers and streams, all that live within these as well as the nourishment of life in a more wise manner that avoids pollution, contamination and destruction of the life blood of the earth and all that reside upon her shall be brought out of the Halls of Records and re-implemented in harmony with nature and the earth.

This New Moon brings forth changes and alterations that develop a new relationship and harmony with the flow of the tides in the ocean, the water in lakes and streams and the grids pumping it through to homes and families bringing about a greater awareness of how our thoughts, feelings and emotions pollute or cleanse the water the Human Kingdom exposes itself to and its affect upon it. Not only will there be a greater awareness of the physical pollution that has been taking place, but a full acknowledgement of the toxic dumping that has been being done on more than just a physical level to the water and the earth.

The Scorpio Point of Avatar (the mid point between the Galactic Center and the Super Galactic Center) is triggered by Mercury in Scorpio reminding all to be careful of their words, expressions, commitments, creative endeavors and sexual life force energies and where they are being directed and focused, consciously or unconsciously. If utilized acting to transform and transmute that which is no longer aligned with Balanced Reciprocity there is empowerment. If used for deception, manipulation or secrecy it shall act to unbury these by October 30 to 31, 2013 bringing lies and misperceptions out into the open.

October 17, 2013 to November 17, 2013 activates an exact square between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries signaling a time of many new theories, concepts, ideas, plans and schemes being discussed, implemented and explored in a desire to create heaven on earth. Done with Balanced Reciprocity these shall allow the necessary shifts to be done in a more smooth easy manner enhancing the relationship between the Human Kingdom and the earth (as well as the other Kingdoms).

Full Moon in late Aries October 18, 2013 at 3:39 pm PST, 6:39 pm EST, 11:39 pm GMT is empowered by a square with Vulcanus and Ceres in Cancer once again seeking ways to implements new hopes, dreams and desires that reflect the Perfected Vision of heaven on earth and Balanced Reciprocity amongst all living beings. A great many messages, meetings, advisory councils and conferences shall be taking place on the ethers with members of the Human Kingdom being escorted to them, should they have a genuine desire to become part of the solution by aligning with all Kingdoms of the earth to bring about Balanced Reciprocity. These Vision Holders and Inventors shall receive guidance and wisdom from the Integral Kingdom through communication with Ceres who nurtures both within and upon the earth and Vulcanus whose intensity and passion permeates all living beings within and upon the earth with life force, will and desire. His passion shall ignite those committed to working with the energies of Balanced Reciprocity giving their words more weight and acceptance by the masses.

October 19 to 21, 2013 Mars in early Virgo exactly opposes Neptune in early Pisces intensifying the desire to create a fluid flexible framework in which to gain some form of clarity, focus and direction with the new hopes, dreams and desires catalyzed by the Full Moon on October 18. Wisdom to truly discover these new more fluid, flexible frameworks comes from being within the flow of Balanced Reciprocity rather than pushing, forcing, demanding or pleading for something to happen - now. Forcing issues may trip one up by the end of October, causing a new structure to be required. Wait for the ah-ha, the sense of clarity of vision and then implement the new framework and structure. This will avoid feeling boxed in, limited or restricted. Much chaos and confusion is possible during these three days, as many of the old limitations of the Age of Pisces rear their ugly heads attempting to hold onto the old structures and frameworks that helped them feel safe and secure begin their hasty crumble. This is a time to truly let go of all out-moded beliefs, frameworks and structures so that true fluidity and flexibility may be built into the in coming visions being modeled.

October 21 to November 10, 2013 Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio beginning at 18 degrees, going direct at 2 degrees and returning to its original station November 27, 2013. This signals a time when anything hidden, deceptive or secretive shall be brought out into the open to be transformed and transmuted. This is on a global scale dealing with individuals, groups, organizations, governments and countries as well as discoveries being revealed that may alter beliefs, knowledge, history, healing and the understanding of life, death and sexuality. Any secrets, misuse or perversions of these energies shall be disclosed with an especially intense time October 31, 2013 when Saturn conjuncts the Scorpio Point of Avatar triggering destiny revelations about the Human Kingdom’s past history and potential future(s). Profound shifts and discoveries shall alter the knowledge of the history of the Human Kingdom so greatly that many shall be challenged to accept the change. These revelations shall be even greater than that which disproved that the earth was flat. The world shall be altered more greatly than the shift into the Industrial Revolution or the Age of Computers.

Tremendous transformation is possible as the veils of illusion perpetuated by religions and the media are revealed for the manipulation, disempowerment and deception they have become. As more and more institutions designed to assist, support, nurture and meet the needs of those in society are revealed for the scams they truly are, the general populace shall shift its focus to more community oriented localized forms of dealing with these issues taking big business, big government and big control away from the power brokers putting the decision making process and the actions back into the more localized level.

As this takes place revelations about living situations shall take on a transformational feel as new ideas for ways of living, being, working, playing and interacting with each other, the planet and the out dated education, medical and scientific systems demand complete over haul. The Human Kingdom is on the verge of such a powerful shift that few have the vision to imagine what 2014 might be like. October 31, 2013 Samhain energies bring with them the Galactic and Super Galactic visionary energies from deep within the Cosmos as powerful Creator Beings make their presence known in physical form. For those desiring personal connection with previous wisdom teachers, the portals to converse with them remain open through November 24, 2013. Likewise, We Cat Beings and other members of the Creator Kingdom shall make Ourselves available to share Our Wisdom and Experience with those desiring it.

The portals, doors and pathways between this and other dimensions remain open wide from October 12, 2013 to November 24, 2013 facilitating the departure of any spirits, souls, energies and entities that have been anchored, tied and corded on earth for what ever reason. Those earth midwives desirous of assisting may opt to call out to these spirits, souls, energies and entities, gathering them together, expressing gratitude for the work they have done and giving them their leave. This dismissal untethers them from any bindings regardless of the level on which they existed facilitating free passage through the open portals, doors and pathways so they may move on to the next level of their growth. Likewise, any new spirits, souls, energies and entities desiring to do Balanced Reciprocity work within the Universe for the earth and all its inhabitants may be invited or invoked by earth midwives to enter through these portals, doors and pathways to begin working directly with the Human Kingdom it whatever capacity is required.

As more and more diverse inter-dimensional beings, energies and entities enter into the earth plane to facilitate the transformational rebirth taking place, connections, communications and relationships based on Balanced Reciprocity may be developed to bring about the cleansing and clearing of various forms of pollution, hazardous materials, bacterias and microbes. As the Human Kingdom interacts more with these interdimensional beings and the relationships of Balanced Reciprocity flourish and grow physical transformation, shifts and alterations shall become the norm in all aspects of society, culture and the world.

Those members of the Human Kingdom desirous of being an active participant with We Cat Beings and other members of the Creator and other Kingdoms need only feel in their heart the desire to share their love of Balanced Reciprocity and contact shall be made, information shared and mentorship provided. We Cat Beings await your invitation! Specifically We, Hathors and Bastets.

The Cat Beings through Rev Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

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