When World’s Collide: Meeting Your Twin Flame

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*When World's Collide*

Many of us know who our Soul Mates are. But do we recognise our other half? Our Twin Flame?

This is a new concept to many of you I am sure. But as 2012 gets underway and your opportunity for growth and spiritual evolution expands, it is time to get ready for the ride of your life.

Your Twin Flame awaits. But be warned it ain't necessarily gonna be a picnic.

Each of us has between 6 to 12 Soul Mates ranging from siblings to spouses to teachers to lovers to friends. Our Soul Mates in this life are the people who support us and whom we are closely connected with. They probably have a lot in common with us and are always there for us, understanding, encouraging and sharing every step of the way.

Our Soul Mates feel familiar to us and this is because more often than not we have had several life times together. In each life time we meet up again and replay our connections, sometimes more successfully than others. We cannot avoid our Soul Mates. Indeed our lives would be pretty empty and meaningless without them. These deep friendships and bonds are what makes life worthwhile. Together we always have the opportunity to transform ourselves and clear the karmas and controversies of previous times.

We all adore our Soul Mates. They give us that warm fuzzy feeling full of love and support. These are the relationships where we can say and think pretty much anything and be confident that we will be forgiven.

The purpose of connecting with Soul Mates is to learn, share and grow together. We would find it hard to manage without them. Yet as our spirit develops and changes sometimes we are tested with a letting go process which can be quite difficult and painful. The good news is, these trials and difficulties often pave the way for the real humdinger of a connection - our reconciliation with our Twin Flame.

So if you have been having a hard time of tests and changes in the last couple of years, take heart that a very worthwhile relationship is more than likely just around the corner. As 2012 gets into full gear, all roads lead to this magical point. It is where we should all aspire to get to and as 2012 speeds up it is what many of us will be lucky enough to experience.

Of course many people are in established and happy relationships with their Soul Mates and young families and they do not need to be reading this with a hint of panic. Sometimes the Twin Flame thing is too much for some. This is okay. If it is meant to happen it will do so and if it is not then life roles on, no harm done. What will be will be...

But the reality is that 2012 will accelerate our lives in ways we have not yet anticipated. There will be unpredictable and unanticipated changes as the energies change. The planet does need more and more spiritually conscious people to get busy on its behalf. This why the Twin Flame thing really could stir the pot and take you by surprise.

Just remember you have free will and you have choice. Even when confronted with your other half, you can just say no if you are happy in your current situation. Just be very self aware if this happens to you and double check that you are not in some kind of unhealthy denial about who you are and whom you should be with. Whichever way you look at it your Twin Flame will stir you up to look deep within. Can you handle it?

Our Twin Flame unions have the potential to be a whole world apart from what we have experienced to date. Other worldly in fact! These advanced spiritual soul mates shine a light on us and reflect all our issues back to us in spades.

Twin Flame relationships are the ultimate challenge. They inspire great healing within but if you are not ready to shift all of your nonsense, dramas and negative patterns it is very unlikely you will ever be lucky enough to fully connect. The Universe only tends to allow this union when both parties have gone through a whole lot and are ready for a whole lot more!

So have you met your Twin Flame yet?

The chances are you have not. These are rare connections and many Twin Flames are in spirit rather than walking the earth plane. Or at least this has been the way of it for aeons.

Up until the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, it was very common for your Twin Flame to support you in spirit. You see your Twin Flame is a completely independent and autonomous unit. Yes, they are your other half; the other part of you. But equally they are whole in themselves and can get by without you.

The chances are you will only connect with your Twin Flame when you have reached such a level of independence within yourself that you can actually manage quite well without them.

This might not sound very romantic. But the Twin Flame connection is so powerful that it is about spirit and soul much more than a mere physical connection; though that is all included if you are lucky enough to hook up in this life time.

Many people connect with their spouse or main Soul Mate during childhood. But it is really not very typical for Twin Flames to connect during childhood. Typically both parties have to have evolved to a certain level of consciousness or vibration before the universe allows the connection.

You do not happen upon your Twin Flame in a casual way, nor do you go out of your way to find them. It is quite simple, when the time is right you find each other.

It is very common for a Twin Flame to be in another country or another continent and very unlikely they will be living in your neighbourhood. Because this is primarily a spiritual connection, the universe likes to test things by keeping Twin Flames apart for quite some time. This is the union of two mature souls who have probably been to hell and back and who have finally found each other and suddenly it all makes sense.

This union is everything you have wished for and more. It is mutual and reciprocal; not unrequited or one sided; not dysfunctional or co-dependent. There is really no separation from your Twin Flame. They are a part of you, even now. Chances are they are waiting to find you even as we speak.

So how will I know if I have found my Twin Flame?

The beauty of this connection is that usually there is a strong telepathic link that dispenses with the need for words. You do not even have to be alone in the silence. Tune into the universe and see what impressions you start to get about your Twin. Do not assume that they are a lot like you. Often times their role is to compliment you, so they may well have had quite a different life path up until the point when you connect.

It is very important that you sit loose to the situation. Stop, look and listen. The universe will start to give you very definite clues in the form of synchronous coincidences. There will be subtle signs which you may well resist at first because you will not quite believe what is happening. There will be magic in the air and yet you may feel some resistance too. Sit loose to it all with a wry smile on your face because of course there really is no panic. You will feel quietly confident and assured deep within. This all makes complete sense as they are your twin. They have been wanting to connect with you just as much as you with them. so why sweat it?

So what are the odds of connecting with your Twin?

God only knows: literally. After all they are one soul in a sea of souls. It is possible to put too much emphasis on finding your spiritual Twin. If it is meant to be it will be. This is not really one you can force anyway for the universe will not allow this. The Twin Flame connection flows only when the time is right.

Twin Flames?

The logic is. IF we are meant to connect with our Twin Flame in this life time we will cross paths soon enough and both parties will just 'know'. There will be no doubts. Like magnets drawn together in a compelling, unavoidable way the nature of the Twin Flame relationship is undeniable. It leaves no room for analysis and doubt. All the 'will he or she' torture is nowhere in sight.

The down side is that your Twin Flame may indeed be in Spirit in this life time. But as we are in the 2012 groove this is less likely to be so than it would have been aeons ago. As the magical 2012 energies develop many people will finally connect with their Twin Flame. This is all part of the divine plan and encourages the spiritual evolution of the planet. The babies born from these unions will be something else!

The down side of this 2012 time is that serious established relationships that seemed so right will surprisingly fail to enable the Twin Flames to connect. If your Twin Flame is currently single; well then it is only a matter of time before you naturally connect.

Remember that connecting with your Twin Flame may well be challenging. When you initially connect - after the inevitable fireworks - you may feel some resistance and adjustment. This is only natural. Hooking up with your Twin Flame is a major reality check that can be more than a little bit uncomfortable. It is often like dealing with a part of yourself you have chosen not to look at for quite some time.

This all makes sense in a way. Connecting with your Twin is like looking squarely in the mirror and seeing the naked truth warts and all. No one is pretending that this kind of connection is going to be plain sailing. There is also quite a high chance that your Twin may be coming out of a relationship in which they have had to fulfill certain karmas. So, there will be adjustments on all sides.

Even if you do connect, your opposite number may not yet be ready or brave enough to leap into the void with you. It all takes time. People's lives and emotional processes have to be in sync and there is usually a lot at stake.

Of course the things in the way of this magical connection ultimately work to confirm its validity. The challenges heighten mutual determination but only if it is the right TIME for this connection. Bravery is required on both sides.

Connecting with your Twin Flame does not usually follow the same pattern as the straightforward romantic falling in love process. It surpasses the traditional romantic images of strolls on the beach hand in hand, candlelight dinners and gazing at the stars - it is much more of a crazy rollercoaster ride. Enjoy!

Practical Tips To Attract your Twin Flame into your life

1) Eliminate clutter and create space.

2) Create the right conditions to magnetize your mate both within and without: Enhance your living environment with attractive decor.

3) Ditch the past within and without: Let go and embrace the void for a while if needs be. You need to be strong and independent to attract your mate.

4) Clear Obstacles: Release all evidence in your environment that you might be hanging on to the past.

5) Identify and Clarify: Tune in and get a sense of what your Twin Flame might be like. Feel what it would be like to be with them. Magnetize your feelings and trust yourself to draw the right person to you.

6) Love connections: Fully appreciate and experience your Soul Mate connections first. Sort out issues with your nearest and dearest.

7) Forgive yourself past mistakes and do not anticipate you will repeat them. With your Twin Flame you definitely will not do so.

8) Maintain a vibration of love, spirit and openness to all. Prepare your heart and be ready.


You were created to love and be loved.  You were meant to live life in relationship with other people, to know and be known. You need to know that your story is important and that you’re part of a bigger story.  You need to know that your life matters.

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