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Astounding Results in Healing and Organ Regeneration
The Russian people are leading the way in the field of consciousness technologies and there are now hundreds of documented cases of healings and organ regenerations verified by independent medical specialists using ultrasound and tomography. It is exciting to get a glimpse of what we humans are capable of achieving simply through the power of consciousness to facilitate unprecedented personal and planetary transformation.
The following are some of the results achieved in Russia by ordinary people using self-help consciousness technologies of Professor Arcady Petrov. In fact Arcady Petrov himself was the first to regenerate his own gall bladder and appendix in 1997.

Professor Arcady Petrov – Remarkable Research

ARCADY Petrov (pictured) graduated from Moscow’s World Information Distributed University as a Full professor, PHd and Grand PhD, fulfilling WIDU’s criteria for outstanding researchers and professors.
As president of the Centre of Bioinformation Technologies, he is dedicated to ongoing research in the area of the “bioinformation matrix of the person”. This research focuses on discovering healing techniques through non-surgical methods and without medications, involving incurable diseases such as congenital or accidental blindness, cardiovascular and pancreases and other organs.
Prof. Petrov has helped facilitate successful treatment of hundreds of people with a variety of medical conditions. Some include full regrowth of previously removed organs and complete recovery from a variety of diseases in their last stages, i.e. regeneration of diseased kidneys, gall bladders, inefficient pancreases, female reproductive organs, debilitated thyroid glands and the regrowing of teeth and hair. Results have been verified by independent medical experts using standard diagnostic equipment such as ultrasound and tomography with no cases involving surgical or medicinal intervention.

Kidney Regeneration – Anatoliy Ostrezov Born 1931 , Artist, Samara – 2008

In 1950 my left kidney was removed after I had been stabbed. I lived with only one kidney for 56 years. In June 2006 I went to the Arcady Petrov Centre to receive training in their healing techniques. During the training Arcady Petrov started the process of regeneration of my missing kidney. Before starting I had an ultrasound scan confirming the absence of my left kidney. I also had medical reports from the hospital explaining the reasons why my kidney was initially removed. During the process of regeneration a video was made showing the regeneration results verified by ultrasound.
The first ultrasound reading proved the absence of my left kidney. On 24th August 2006 the second ultrasound showed the beginning of a new kidney measuring 65mmx26mm. The third ultrasound on 14th February, 2007 showed the fully grown kidney measuring 110mm x 46mm. A medical report was issued by a doctor from the diagnostic department of MMY GP No. 8 of the Leninsky Hospital (a suburb of Samara). He verified through ultrasound that the new kidney was healthy and functioning normally.

Ivan Saharchuk – Doctor Of Medical Science, Member Of New York Science Academy, Head Professor Of The Department Of Therapy Of The National Medical University Of Ukraine – 2007

I was very happy to read the trilogy ‘Tree of Life’ by Arcady Petrov. My wife and I together have 100 years of practical experience in the field of medicine. Although we are both professional doctors due to experiencing chronic bad health for many years, we were forced to seek help from a man who is far from a traditional medical practitioner. We started to gain a great appreciation for Arcady Petrov’s books and began to use the technologies described in the books on ourselves. In a very short time our symptoms started to weaken and disappear. From our experience we have concluded modern medicine has still a long way to go in being able to help the many people suffering such diseases as arteriosclerosis, cancer, virus related diseases and those of old age such as dementia. Attention should be given to these new technologies described in these books and taught at the Arcady Petrov Centre.

Vladamir Tapasevich -Professor Of Science Academy Of Krasnoyarsk

I want to tell about 3 incidents from my own personal experience which I used in our hospital. These were using technologies which I learned from the seminars of Grigori Grabovoi and Arcady Petrov.
First case: This was a girl who had serious symptoms of psychosomatic reaction, weak pulse and heart arrhythmia. The doctors were very concerned about how to treat her. I made the decision to use the mental technologies of Grigori Grabovoi which I learned from Igor Arepjev and Arcady Petrov with the view to normalising the condition of her functional systems. The process took me 3 seconds. I told the doctor to check the girl after 5 minutes but in fact the abrupt changes were visible after two minutes. The witnessing doctors were shocked. They examined the girl and came to the conclusion that she was in good condition and all characteristics were normal. So without medication, in a few seconds we found the solution to this girl’s dysfunction which she had had for a number of years.
Second case: This was a man with dysfunction of the joints between his temple and lower jaw. The parents of this patient were medical professors yet they had lost all hope of fixing this problem through traditional medicine. I again used the technologies of Grigori Grabovoi and Arcady Petrov. As a result after two weeks the specialists were in total confusion because the problem was fixed. I tried to explain to them how this was done but they could not believe in my explanations.
Third case: A boy was dying and the doctors had lost hope in helping him. Seeing as they were unable to help they allowed me to use the technologies. I used the technology of correction of the future of this boy bringing him into the present time. As a result the boy survived and his physical condition improved dramatically straight away. In conclusion it is my opinion that we can’t ignore these technologies and we should give serious evaluation to these new possibilities in health improvement.

Cancer – Laura Kovalenko, PHD In Chemistry, Dresdon, Germany – 2008.

Told by her husband who is a Scientist in Physics specialising in Quantum Mechanics and member of Martin Luther University in Hal in Germany.
My wife who has a PHd in Chemistry graduated from Rega University in Latvia. In Feb/March 2006 she had surgery of her abdomen and unfortunately the operation disturbed a cancer tumour which caused the cancer to grow. Usually with this type of cancer 50% of people die in the first 9 months and the rest within 3months. The German doctors had given up hope and that is why we went to the Arcady Petrov Centre. At first of course we had doubts about these methods but we had no other option.
At the end of Dec. 2006, Laura went to Rega, Latvia to work with Arcady Petrov using his methods. As a result after 4 days she experienced improvement and soon full recovery. This was truly amazing because the doctors gave her only a few months to live. She is now in Dresdon, Germany living a full and healthy life.
I have all the documented reports about the two surgeries on her abdominal area describing how the tumour was found, then removed and how matastasis of cancer growths spread all over her body, each growth about 1 cm each. I am a scientist in physics. Theoretical physics knows about the processes that Arcady Petrov is using and as a scientist I cannot deny the unbelievable results I’ve witnessed. Science and physics are leaving behind the old materialistic points of view and there is a widespread opinion that a person who is observing a situation has the power to change it by his perception. Arcady Petrov’s technologies confirm that the observer is not different from that which is observed. All are one and the same energetic source.

Car Accident – Trauma Of The Brain – Larissa Naumenko Born 1954, Taganrog

I am so grateful to the Creator for being able to meet Arcady Petrov. He instilled the faith in me that all would be alright and that my grandson would survive. My grandson Nikita Naumenko had a car accident in May 2005 and had a serious brain trauma. The diagnosis was very sad. He was taking high doses of many medications such as nopteksin, kapnetin, zerebralezin, aktovegil. etc.
The accident happened in May and in August I called Arcady Petrov and notified him of what had happened. He started to use his technologies and straight away we could see changes with Nikita. Later I went to study at the Arcady Petrov Centre myself and had a huge learning experience. My psychic abilities developed and I knew fully that my grandson was out of harm. He is now a happy and healthy boy.

Broken Spine – Sergei Lirin, City Of Nizniy Novgorod – 2007

My son had a fracture of two spinal discs in his mid region. He was lying in bed for a long time. The doctors were using certain stretching techniques but with very little progress. His immune system was very weak and he developed arthritis. The triple nerve on the side of his face needed correction but the doctors couldn’t correct it. He had a lot of pain and it was constantly twitching. They were using brain stimulators trying to improve his condition and he spent a lot of time in hospitals, and of course his studies were also suffering. So to meet Arcady Petrov was our only chance to save the boy so I could not miss this opportunity.
Before we started using Arcady Petrov’s technologies the boy was checked by a famous professor of Reanimatology, Professor Sirovskiy. His report was dreadful. He said the boy would never return to normal health and would be disabled for the rest of his life. The boy had the eyes of a 90 year old man because he was so upset. The same day after the examination we went to meet Arcady Petrov. During the first week using his bioinformation technologies we could see definite results. The dynamics of the boy’s improved health was verified by medical equipment at the hospital and after 2 1/2 months our boy won a regional competition in extreme cycling. I am so grateful that he has gotten his health and enthusiasm back and is now enjoying life again and the sport he loves.

Teeth Regeneration – Irina Golovanova, Krasnoyarsk – 2007

I am a Doctor of Dentistry. This method regenerates not only missing teeth but teeth that have pathological problems. On 16th February, 2006 I was personally present at the first seminar for teeth regeneration at Krasnoyarsk. At this time I had problems with my 7th top tooth i.e. chronic periodontitis and gingivitis and it was quite painful. When the regeneration process started I experienced a pleasant dull ache around this tooth. It was slightly itchy and I felt stretching inside the tooth. Later this method was also used on the rest of my teeth which needed regeneration.
From the 16th of February until the 10th of May all pains and symptoms of chronic periodontitis left and all other teeth cleared up as well. At the first stage of Arcady Petrov’s course I could witness the process of regeneration and see how the first stem cell was put in the proper position and how the cells were starting to grow. I am certain that these techniques will have great significance in the overall health of the people who use them.

Gamut Of Chronic Diseases – Vera Miroshnikonova Born 1921 – 2007
Written By Son Feodor Miroshnikov, Moscow Region – June 2007

In the beginning of 2006 my mother had a whole gamut of old age and chronic diseases including deep grief due to the family tragedy of son Victor who had a debilitating disease. She wanted to help Victor and could only give him encouraging words over the phone. Then she started to send help mentally through prayer and focussing on the number sequences of Grigori Grabovoi. Despite this the son still died but she had deep faith in Arcady Petrov’s philosophy and methods and decided to work on herself. She periodically got extra information from Petrov and Arepjev through her other son and daughter. During these 1.5 years she has started to walk without a cane, her muscles have gotten stronger, her ability to move her joints on hands, feet, neck and spine have improved greatly and she has much more energy. Previously she couldn’t shower without help but now she can do this herself. She had a lot of problems with her throat and lungs which have disappeared. She has stopped all medication.
She could not see through her right eye for the last 15 years and the left eye had a cataract. 23 years ago she had surgery but this was unsuccessful so she only had partial vision. i.e. could only read with the left eye, with glasses and a magnifying glass. Note: when reading text of Grigori Gravovoi the numbers would somehow get bigger so she could focus. Sometimes she would go into a sleeping condition due to the high concentration of information in the number sequences.
Her hearing was low and has improved as well as her blocked breathing channels. At one point she got black lumps coming out of her nostrils. Her gums have become stronger and teeth have tightened, gotten stronger and surprisingly whiter! The skin on her hands, legs and back became tighter and her heals lost their roughness. The polyps on her lips have gone and large moles and unhealthy skin pigmentation have decreased in size. Scar from cataract injection has decreased in size and her previously fully grey hair has started to turn dark again. Her nails and digestion have also improved.
She had a problem with passing stool and in March/April 2007 4 grey stones came out and also 2 brown polyps. Her emotional condition has changed greatly and her voice has become younger. Her memory has also improved. All this has happened for a woman who is 86 years old.

Diabetes Type 2 – Katiana Osherova Born 1947 – 2007

From 1994 I have had type 2 diabetes. Since 2001 the doctors put me on insulin injections 2 times a day. I had a lot of complications associated with the diabetes. In December 2006 I went to Germany where I studied at the Centre of Indivdual Education of Arcady Petrov and participated in the basic course during which time I experienced great improvement in my condition. I had insomnia and my sleep patterns improved. My anxiety was gone. The pain in my liver, gall bladder, stomach and spleen also disappeared and all my blood tests showed ’7′ normal. (All this without any medication) 21st Dec. 2006.
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