Healing - Recreate Your Cells By Activating Our DNA For Regeneration

by Shivi Verma
In a stupendous breakthrough, three Russian scientists have stumbled upon the secrets of organ regeneration and eternal youth. In an exclusive interview with Shivi Verma, Dr Hazel Wardha, the only person empowered to teach the technique in the English speaking world, throws light on this miraculous possibility.

We’ve all heard of a blind man gaining eyesight, a lame man beginning to walk and a dead person brought back to 
life by Christ. When Krishna touched Kubja, a hunched-backed woman, her spine straightened and she also became younger. 

The Upanishads and Puranas are filled with the miracle performed by Ashwini Kumars, vaidyas of the demi-gods, who restored lost organs as well as the youth of many people in those times. While many would dismiss these as myths, a trio of Russian scientists are creating history by replicating these same feats. 

Dr Hazel Wardha, a PhD in English literature from Monash University, Melbourne, and a certified Senior Pranic healer in Australia, throws light on the work of Dr Grigori Grabovoi, Dr Arcady Petrov and Igor Arepjev. Dr Wardha will hold a workshop on the subject in Mumbai on November, 30, 2012. 

Excerpts from an email interview with Life Positive. 

What is cell regeneration? 

As a physician of energy medicine since 1983 in Australia, I had observed the genetic programme of a diseased organ getting altered to a positive state by transmitting certain energy frequencies with a strong intention. But cell regeneration is something else. Whole organs, that have been surgically removed, can be regenerated and made fully functional. Women can regenerate their uteruses and have babies again! This is new technology from leading Russian scientists and the most exciting aspect of this methodology is that everyone can achieve positive results. Not only internal organs but teeth, hair and other cells anywhere in the body too can be regenerated. Cells have a consciousness, which can be influenced positively or negatively by human thought.
Surgically removed organs can be regenerated and made fully functional. Women can regenerate their uteruses and have babies again!
Thought, when combined with strong intention and specific techniques, can direct powerful energy to alter the programmes and information in the cells and get positive results. According to Dr Arcady Petrov, a leading Russian scientist in the field of cell regeneration, when a cell receives appropriate information, its lifespan can extend to over 1000 years. The implications of this discovery are tremendous and exciting for ensuring human longevity, sustained well-being and enjoying good quality of life at all ages. Many in Australia who are using the techniques are experiencing cell regeneration, increased energy levels, vitality and freedom from viral and bacterial infections. One woman, who attended our cell regeneration course in July 2012, experienced regeneration of a lost tooth within a few weeks! The combination of subtle energy, concentration, intention, inner vision and specific techniques positively affect the consciousness of a person and his/her cells convert the new knowledge into cell regeneration. 

Tell us about Dr. Arcady Petrov, Dr Grigori Grabovoi and Igor Arepjev. 

Dr Arcady Petrov and Dr Grigori Grabovoi are Russian scientists with Ph.D degrees. The fusion ofscience and spirituality has finally occurred through the work of these two scientists. Igor Arepjev is the student of Dr Petrov. Though he is an ex-policeman, he is a gifted seer and healer! They are gifted in the art of natural healing, without using pills, potions or injections. They can, with the help of their consciousness, direct informational energy to restore the human organism and free it from disease. 

Dr Arcady Petrov and Dr Grigori Grabovoi
are credited with the latest breakthrough
in organ regeneration
All three men have developed their clairvoyance to such a degree that they can observe the internal processes occurring in the cells and give an objective record of what is happening inside it. Something which even advanced medical instruments are yet to achieve. Thus, they are able to address and correct the cause of the disease in the body. They aim to teach everybody how to achieve such result themselves. All three men and their students, who have developed this controlled clairvoyance, accurately describe the same cell processes taking place, when tested. Dr Petrov and Dr Grabovoi are the co- founders of the new knowledge from Russia. 

Dr Grabovoi was employed by the Russian government to screen, clairvoyantly, the aircraft of ex-President Breznev to detect any problem. He would be given the serial number of an aircraft, and from a distance Grabovoi could detect where the problem existed in the aircraft. Later, engineers would confirm the accuracy of his findings. With hissuccess in treating life-threatening conditions, he became very popular in Russia. Dr Grabovoi specialises in the structure of consciousness. 

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Dr Arcady Petrov was the head of Khudlit, publishing arm of the Russian government. After he recovered through this new technique, from his various health impairments, including a total kidney failure, he established his foundation and centre in Moscow. Thousands of people have recovered from their ailments at the centre. Dr Petrov specializes in the structure of the soul, which is the highest form of development. Igor Arejpjev also runs a centre for healing in Russia and is an extremely gifted healer and seer. He specialises in the structure of the spirit. The three men are highly regarded in Russia and abroad and have written a number of books. I have published Dr. Petrov’s two books in English, Consciousness triumphs over death, which deals with the management of cancer, spinal problems and drug abuse and Regeneration of Teeth. These books are available online for purchase at www.aiisbooks.com. Many people have reported that just by reading the books or holding them, there is spontaneous recovery. The Light that is entering our planet currently is very powerful and has encoded filaments like DNA. This Light is the informational matrix that we can access through this new technology from Russia. 

How and when did they start the work of organ regeneration? 

In his trilogy, Creation of the Universe, Dr Petrov gives an account of how he experienced organ regeneration. He was 50 years old and was lying in a hospital bed with total kidney failure in 1995. The doctors were debating on his condition. One night, Dr Petrov started having a vision of the life of Christ. He was a scientist and an atheist and was amazed that within three days of this experience, the yellow colour left his body and his kidneys had spontaneously regenerated. He was discharged from hospital. He started his explorations and research into this area of cell and organ regeneration and began getting guidance from the Creator himself! He found this a wholly different experience from the scientific world in which he was immersed. 

As he started applying the protocols for treatment, given to him directly by the Creator, the positive results were validated through medical diagnostic systems such as ultrasound, or MRI. He met Dr Grigori Grabovoi around 1996-97 and compared notes. Both of them realised that they were interacting with the Creator and receiving training directly. Dr Petrov and his student, Igor Arepjev, travel regularly to the inner world with Dr Grabovoi. Their gift of inner vision is highly accurate. They and their students can observe the functioning of cells and organs to a degree not achieved by medical diagnostic systems so far. For example, many years ago, these scientists could observe, through their clear vision, four stripes on the chromosomes indicative of cancer which was confirmed by sophisticated medical gadgets only lately. 

How is it done? What method is applied to regenerate organs and cells? 

The work is done mainly by the application of specific techniques through the use of one’s consciousness. Using specific protocols for regeneration which is fired with sharp intention and deep concentration, desirable results are achieved. The process can be accomplished with amazing rapidity. Dr Petrov describes in his trilogy, Creation of the Universe, that he was able to regenerate his gall bladder, which had been surgically removed many years ago, within two weeks. The whole process was ultra-sound monitored by a radiologist, which took place during three sessions. Dr. Petrov states, in the third volume of his book, that he and his student Igor, can regenerate an organ within one minute and validate the regeneration through the use of ultra sound diagnostics. Everybody can learn to do this as the techniques are easy to learn and use. 

Does this have a scientific basis? 

Scientists, medical doctors and researchers, who have given their statements about this system of treatment, in Dr Petrov’s documentary, Light of the universe, (which can be viewed at www.regenerationcells.com.au) are stupefied by the outcomes of regeneration of organs and cells. They state that they cannot explain the occurrence of such phenomena. They monitored patients with medical diagnostic systems, during the treatment sessions, and on observing the results, were flabbergasted. We have amazing powers of recuperation and rejuvenation within the human body. Ifnature can regenerate itself, why can’t we? Science does not have all the answers and what has medical research achieved after many years to overcome diseases such as cancer and AIDS? Dr. Petrov and associates claim that they can help people overcome cancer and AIDS even in the fourth stages of such diseases. The claims are substantiated by the positive outcomes of their ‘treatments’ all accomplished without drugs, injections or substances. Medical diagnostic systems too have validated such claims. 

Can death finally be defied through this process? 

Death, disease and ageing are ancient thought forms implanted in us and the consciousness can erase such negative information. The planet and its people are sick and need help. We need to tap into the informational matrix and realise that we as children of the Creator are also co-creators. The body is the ‘temple of the soul’ and the powers of the Divine are inherent in us which needs to be developed. If Methuselah lived till he was 969 years old, why can’t we? We have found, through this new knowledge from Russia, the key to triumphing over disease, ageing and death. Even though right now there are no scientific instruments to explain the process of regeneration, we are willing to wait for a few centuries for the development of instrumentation which can validate the existence of a highly accessible informational matrix. Humanity is moving into an age of high spirituality. As we become more aware of our spiritual origins, we move into higher states of consciousness and become capable of performing miraculous actions which ordinarily seemed impossible. And miracles occur when wework in synchrony with nature. 

In which capacity are you associated with Dr Petrov and his team ? 

Dr Petrov has given me a license to teach his work and I am the first person to teach this material in the English-speaking world. I also have a contract with Dr. Petrov to establish and run his first and only centre in the Southern hemisphere and I am authorised to translate and publish his works in English. I invited Dr Petrov to conduct his advanced courses in Melbourne, Australia, in February 2012. This was his first visit to an English speaking country. I have interviewed him and this can be viewed at my blog http://www.drhazelatwork.blogspot.com.au. 

What is the success rate of this therapy? 

In his trilogy, Creation of the universe, Dr Petrov cites many successful case histories. These scientists place a lot of emphasis on validation of the outcomes through medical diagnostic tests such as X-ray, ultrasound, MRI, and blood tests. Testimonies can be read on our website www.regenerationcells.com.au and seen in Dr Petrov’s documentary, Light of the universe. 

One woman who attended our course in August 2012 suffered from stiffness and pain in her knees since her teens and had even undergone surgery. In her 40s now she experienced deterioration in her condition. She found it hard to climb stairs and could barely sit comfortably for more than 15 minutes due to stiffness and pain. After the first day of instruction, her pain and stiffness subsided significantly and she could use stairs quite easily. A large number of mainstream medical practitioners worldwide are enrolling to do the courses with us. Dr Ashish Narayankar is a medical practitioner and the fact that he is organising our first course in India with such enthusiasm says a lot for the dramatically altered perspective of medical scientists,.Everything that has been accomplished through this new knowledge from Russia, has been validated through checking and confirming the positive outcomes, using medical diagnostics. 

"Amazing Transformation by Speaking Life to My Cells Dna and Atoms 
We speak life or death with ever words that preceded out of are mouths is life or death.  
My Amazing Transformation, has been fun to live.
I made a conscious choice to change the only thing that I can change,  that is the way I think.  I don't just believe,  I know with all my bean we Create Our Reality with are thoughts.

I'll keep on speaking life to my body my Cell my Atoms and my DNA.   I'll keep pushing myself to become stronger faster,  to become that I say I am.

I speak with the resurrected power of the I am,  that I am becoming younger,  
I speak that I am,  becoming that of a 21 year old Elite Olympic athlete  specialize in decathlon triathlon."

~ Buddy Huggins

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