The Collective Evolution III: The Shift | Official Release 2014


The Collective Evolution III is a powerful documentary that explores a revolutionary shift affecting every aspect of our planet. As the shift hits the fan, people are becoming more aware of the control structures that prevent us from experiencing our full potential. CE3 uses a different level of consciousness and scientific facts to bring clarity about the shift while dispelling myths about our true nature. It offers practical steps that we can implement right now to transition out of survival mode and into our more natural state of peace and co-operation . CE3 includes fascinating interviews with revolutionary speakers and people who are already opting out of the current socioeconomic system. The film examines hidden technologies and exciting alternatives for a bright limitless future. This is the most exciting time in the history of our world.


(www.collective-evolution.com) CE is a community geared towards thinking about the big questions in life and how we can make BIG change on our planet. Action is everything, both inside and out.


What is Collective Evolution All About?
Collective Evolution creates content that engages people to begin thinking about what it means to be a human on the planet. A grassroots organization created in 2009, Collective Evolution is now a popular alternative media outlet for people to engage in conscious content that expands our everyday way of thinking. Our content ranges in mediums from written to video to live events and all of it has the common goal of expanding our individual and collective view on being “human.”

Who is Collective Evolution?
All CE content is brought into conscious existence by an awesome, (but not too awesome) dynamic (but not too dynamic) community of writers, filmmakers, editors, speakers and other phenomenally creative minds… but not too phenomenal. 


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