STORM Drone 6 GPS Flying Platform V1.2 Storm-Drone-6-GPS-DEVO7

STORM Drone 6 GPS Flying Platform V1.2 - Storm-Drone-6-GPS-DEVO7

Made for Professional Aerial Filming, small enough for carrying around.
Presenting the portable Storm Drone 6TM GPS Heaxcopter in Ready to Fly Package

Love those beautiful aerial footage taken with Multirotors but don't know where to start? Don't worry, Storm Factory has made one for you. This is a great news, the Storm Drone 6 GPS is a hand built Hexacopter, fully tested and assembled by Storm Drone Team (very experienced on drones), portable size which you will love to carry around, and best of all, Storm Drone 6 GPS is very affordable!

Storm Drone 6 GPS Features

After the successful Storm Drone 4, Helipal and Storm Factory want something that can carry extra payload, aim for serious and advanced players, our guys worked together, we want the drone that can carry a GoPro camera with ease, it has to be stable for beginners, it can carry extra payload like Brushless Camera Gimbal and FPV System, better yet it can carry extra battery to prolong the flight time... the result is the Storm Drone 6, a light weight Hexacopter platform with Carbon Fiber Landings Skids, the large ground clearance allows you to mount gimbal underneath, Storm 2212 High Power Brushless Motor and Storm 20A ESC, they are very efficient and reliable, Carbon Fiber Propeller with Two Hole mounting design, this provides the best C.G. so we can reach the ZERO vibration standard, besides Two Holes mount allow players to replace damaged propellers more easily without spending lot of time to re-balance the propeller like old school Spinner mount. DJI NAZA Lite w/ GPS Module Flight Controller provides industrial grade stability, it just stays in one spot when you hands off the controller, very smooth flying experience as you can see how stable it is in the video below.

Difference between Storm Drone 6 GPS V1.0 and V1.2?
In V1.2 version, we upgraded propeller from 8045 Slow-Fly to 9055 Multi-Rotor shape propeller, this gives higer payload. We also increased the torque of the 2212 / 920kv motor, this is a different motor from the V1.0. Because of the larger prop and new motor, the V1.2 can now carry 2 X 11.1V 5500mah battery packs to fly longer, but not recommened because it's still a lot of weight to the drone, it only gives ou few minutes more, from 8 minutes (1 pack) to 13 minutes (2 packs), not that economical. Consider this new drone is a face lift version from the Storm Drone 6 GPS V1.0.

 The amazing Storm Drone 6 GPS with GoPro HERO 3 (with Tarot T-2D Gimbal)

Video Taken by Fusion Media Studio (Aircraft: Storm Drone 6 GPS) 

Back then, if you want to make a video like this you have to spend 10 thousands dollars to rent a real helicopter and high end camera equipment. Now you can make your own Hollywood movie with the Storm Drone 6 and Tarot T-2D Brushless Camera Gimbal. It's amazing!

Someone may not believe that the above video was taken by such a compact size flying platform. OK, we show you another video below. Seeing is believing.

4 tips to hide motors, blade and landing skid in the video.
1) Use our Camera Positioning Kit to move the camera forward
2) select Medium or Narrow mode in GOPRO instead of Wide angle mode.
3) adjust the angle of GOPRO
4) chop the video
5) adjust the position of GOPRO, move it forward (DIY)

 Start up procedures of Storm Drone 6 GPS.

 See? Using Camera Positioning Kit, no props in the video.

About the Storm Drone 6 GPS detailOur team spent a lot of time on balancing each propeller, when you received the drone you may find some black stickers on the back of the propeller, some to have more, some with smaller, they are used to balanced the weight of the propeller, so when it spins both side of the propeller weight the same, this is called Dynamic Balancing. that's how we get ZERO vibration from the drone. This looks like simple but it's not, balancing propellers involves years of experience and huge man hour (we really throttle up each motor to check the balance), this process save your time, and we created a better Drone, that makes both of us happy.

When fully equipped with GoPro 3 Camera, FPV system and Brushless Camera Gimbal (~400g payload), flying with the stock 11.1V 2500mah 28C battery, you should get about 4 minutes of quality flight time, feeling a bit too short? Ok then, put one extra 11.1V 2500mah 28C pack on it, parallel them so you have a 11.1V 5000mah pack and giving you 8 minutes of flight time, this is not bad for a light weight Hexacopter! 

The Storm Drone 6 GPS performs way better than we expected, amazingly stable, like magic, you can actually use it for some serious video shooting, it's a great experience flying this stable hexacopter. We recommend the Brushless Gimbal and GoPro camera, they are the latest and cutting edge technology, with the brushless gimbal, it TOTALLY eliminates any unwanted movement by the drone and giving you perfectly stabilized image, when we first saw of what can it do, we were very impressed, we could not believe such technology is available now with such low price. Get the Storm Drone 6 GPS and Brushless Gimbal now and start shooting Movie Grade Videos!

 Fun to fly around, it can also carry high payload.

 Small size Hexacopter, you can carry it around with ease!

 Black arms are Front, White arms are Rear

 Storm Drone 6 GPS is designed for GoPro HERO 3 Camera, they work best together (Works even better with Brushless Gimbal!)

 Years of development, the Storm Drone family is our baby.

 Unlimited Extendibility!! Storm Drone 6 GPS is a versatile platform

 Fully equip the DEVO 7 Transmitter to look like this

Years of development, we now know everything about Drones
Storm Drone 6 GPS is not just an Aerial Filming device, it is a very well designed flying RC toy! With the help of DJI NAZA Lite w/GPS Flight Controller and those well balanced propellers, the drone handles like a dream, so smooth and elegant motion, we really enjoy flying the Storm Drone 6 GPS in the sky.

Storm Drone 6 GPS is Fully Assembled and Tested
All Storm Drone 6 GPS are well assembled by the experienced Storm Drone Team, don't worry about the quality.

3K Carbon Fiber propellers!! FREE OF CHARGE!
Carbon Fiber Propellers are extremely light weight and super strong, they will not deform in flight, this is the best material in making propellers, the only draw back is the price. Storm Drone came with 6 X 9055 Carbon Fiber Propellers as standard, this is much better than Plastic Propellers. 

It's all about "Balancing"
In here I mean finding the correct combination of Motor and Propeller. We could make a drone to have high payload but less agility, or we could make a fast drone with low payload capability. We found the sweet spot of between this two extreme, the Storm Drone 4 can carry reasonable payload (300g) and still able to fight wind, by using high speed motor and rotor combination, we used 9" x 5.5" carbon propellers, 20A ESC and high torque 2212-930kv motor, this gives longest flight time and the best correction rate for each rotor, that's the secret to fight wind and high speed movement.

Balancing is an ART, a time consuming ART
We literally balanced every rotors for you. As we mentioned on the above, each rotor needs to be trimmed and balanced before putting onto the motor, and not just putting it on, but "Dead Center". There is no trick but good old "Patience", our technicians spin them one by one and do it slowly, this gives the best result. For those who played RC planes before, you will know it is time consuming, Helipal does it for you!

Remember, Storm Drone 6 GPS is not just a equipment, it's made for FUN!!
Without payload, the Storm Drone 6 GPS can fly very fast and agile. Take her high in the air and push hard on the throttle, do some sharp turns and sprinting, it gives you an experience which helicopters can never give you.

Foldable Carbon Fiber Landing Skids
Light weight yet very stronge, made of real carbon fiber and very easy to fold, great for transportation.
More Battery Packs = More Flight Time
It's simple physics, if you want something to work longer, give it more fuel. The Storm Drone 6 allows you to parallel Two 3S Li-Po Packs in One big power pack, we recommend the Storm 11.1V 2500~2700mah battery pack for the job, they are large capacity yet very light weight.

LED makes the Storm Drone 6 looks like a UFO
Four White LED strips and Two Red LED strips, they look awesome reflecting thru the plastic arms.

Feel the Industrial Grade Stability - NAZA will turn your hobby drone into a working equipment!
This little box is called the "Flight Controller", it's the brain of the drone, it is packed with sensors like Altitude Sensor, Gyroscope and Accelerometer, they pick up the slightest movement of the drone, then it sends signal to the corresponding motor to increase or decrease speed, so the drone stays level, it all happen in milliseconds so you won't notice, all you see is a VERY stable drone in mid air, this little box does everything for you, especially of the advanced software inside, that is why this little box cost so much. The white disc thing is the GPS compass, it receives GPS signal and tell the NAZA flight controller to stay in the same spot.

Be careful of the GPS Module Direction!
We have dismounted the GPS Module because of transportation, please put it back on when you receive it, and please put it on correctly like this photo, or something bad will happen...

Came with LED lights, great!
Storm Drone 6 GPS has Four White LED and Two Red strips, White LED is the Front, Red LED is the Rear, the visual effect is really good, especially at night. As you can see there are some space on the left and right side on the upper deck, you can put many small size Flash Lights on it, considering the 500g max payload, the Storm Drone 6 will be super bright flying spot light.

Easy to repair
If you crash to drone, you can purchase a new arms set, put it back on and connect the drone on any Red Plug to draw 11.1V power.
Helipal recommend Storm Drone 6 GPS + GOPRO® Hero 3 Camera
Storm Drone 6 provides a compact and Zero vibration flying platform, GOPRO® Hero 3 camera provides crystal clear 1080p@60fps video, with this combination you can film your own movie. Works great with the original Flat Go Pro Mount with 3M double side tape that came with it.

Put the Tarot T-2D Gimbal onto the Storm Drone 6 GPS



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