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Welcome to TF Forming Systems.

We are more than an Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) company. We are pioneers in resilient building. We offer the most innovative state-of-the-art concrete wall systems in the industry, backed by over 20 years of success.

Everyday we work to forge new relationships because we know that the days of building fast, cheap and "like we always have" must end. We realize it is OUR responsibility to help our clients see the value of dramatically reduced energy usage, smaller landfills, healthy and safe environments.

We are more than an ICF company. We are your total energy efficient and resilient buildingsolution.

For information on the latest insulated concrete form building technology used in ICF concrete homes, insulated concrete commercial buildings and other disaster resistant and highly energy efficient structures, contact us today.


TF System | Insulated Concrete Forms

Are you looking for Design & Building Flexibility?  

Reduced energy consumption? Greater safety?
Then look at TransForm by TF Forming Systems and discover the all-in-one system that is revolutionizing the construction industry. 
TransForm is a revolutionary, new, lightweight, super-insulating concrete forming system that builds highly accurate, straight and true walls. 

Designed with four key features in mind, TransFormmaximizes owner benefits with a safe, practical building process.

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about TransForm and it's 
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 The Original VERTICAL ICF 
 ThermoForm the original vertical ICF. The first TF product, it exemplifies our belief in innovation. The difference between us and our competitors is the vertical nature of our forms. By rotating our system 90º, we realized many other benefits our competitors cannot claim.



VerticalForm is TF Forming Systems' third wall system. Hundreds of successful projects have been completed using the VerticalForm system. 
Features & Benefits
Easy to Use - Installers report that the VerticalFormsystem is easy to learn, resulting in reduced time on the job. 
Energy Efficient - Habitat for Humanity has been employing the VerticalForm system for their homes for years because of its superior energy efficiency for the homeowner. Building owners report energy usage down 40-60% using the VerticalForm system.
Low Maintenance - Little to no maintenance required on the structure due to the fact that the exterior walls are comprised of concrete and rigid foam installation. Concrete and insulation resist moisture, so there is no rotting or decay of the structure over time. A VerticalForm structure is built to last for centuries, not decades. 
Fire Resistant - A TF VerticalForm wall can offer a multi-hour burn rating, giving owners the peace of mind that they are safe in the structure. 
Allergen & Insect Resistant - The tight envelope of the VerticalForm building is mold, allergen and insect-free, offering a cleaner, more healthy environment for homes, commercial and agricultural structures. 
Local Distribution - Our team of highly trained and knowledgeable sales staff can assist you through the entire process before and during construction. 
Why Vertical? 
Customizable on Site - XPS foam and rails can be cut to any size and need on site using simple hand tools - no special tools needed. No heavy equipment used. 
Monolithic Wall Construction - the vertical design of the rails allows for tall, straight walls without floating. 
Structural Strength - The use of XPS foam on both sides of the concrete allow the concrete to cure slower, resulting in a wall that is up to 50% stronger than regular poured walls. Rigid XPS foam used on the VerticalForm is more consistent, offering a stronger wall and greater rigidity during pours. Adding Helix Steel Fibers to the concrete can give your walls wind resistance of over 200 mph. 

Download our brochure below. Click here to view our VerticalForm videos! 

Six Easy Steps to a Stronger Structure 



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