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Immerse yourself in the pleasures and privileges of Royalton's All-In-Luxury concept. Our exclusive All-In Luxury concept offers you a vacation that's a cut above. By masterfully blending the richness of the Jamaican culture with a luxury product, we are able to provide outstanding service, and exceptional attention to detail. Friendly and dedicated staff, first-class dining venues, luxurious room amenities, unlimited food and drink , a splash pool, beautiful destination wedding packages, and fantastic all inclusive services will enhance your luxury vacation experience.




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Windsurfing in Jamaica - Kiteboarding Jamaica

You always see windsurfers in the ads for Jamaica. But if you have ever looked for a windsurfing location in Jamaica that offers you quality equipment and fellow windsurfers, you didn't find one, right? That's because it was not available until ... NOW! Yes, lot's of places have a couple of old long boards available in their all inclusive packages, but they are not set up to be a windsurfing vacation spot. Well, Jamaica Sports Vacations found the perfect spot and we want you to be one of the first to experience first hand a great place to windsurf in Jamaica!

Brian Schurton is managing Brian's Windsurfing, providing high performance equipment and lessons for all levels. He was born and raised in Jamaica; he learned to sail there. He left Jamaica in 1981 to go to the United States and has been racing and teaching windsurfing in Miami, Maui, Cabarette, and Hood River (just to name a few places). For years he wondered why Jamaica was not on the windsurfing circuit. He knew that the wind was there and the beaches were there, but where were the windsurfers? 

Starting NOW ... the word is out ... THERE IS WIND IN JAMAICA! And this winter is your chance to enjoy a beautiful spot with lots of privacy in Jamaica!

The easterly trade winds starts to blow in mid to late November and continue until late spring. The wind is light in the morning (perfect for beginners) and by late morning, early afternoon the wind builds and blows side on shore averaging 15-25 knots into the night. The bay is shallow so the shore break is minimal and the water is flat until you get out to the reef. It is an excellent place to kite surf too! The wind is best in July and August. Check out the wind history for yourself. Wunderground will give you the history for Montego Bay and Brian's Windsurfing is located in Falmouth just 25 miles east of there. Our location is very similar to Cabarette; DR except our location is very private and wide open.

There are a hand full of Jamaicans that windsurf and they too have wondered why no one has set up to accommodate the windsurfing enthusiasts. We met a wonderful Jamaica women who came to windsurf while we were there in February 2000 working on this venture (it blew everyday except for one day for over two weeks straight). She has been to Antique, Barbados, Marguerite and such on windsurfing vacations away from Jamaica. After several of these vacations she decided that she would save her money and stay home (Jamaica) because the conditions were far more consistent and better at home and she wondered why others were not there enjoying the sport as she and her significant other do (by the way, she only owns a short board). She has been helping set up business in Jamaica because she would like to see more windsurfers at the beach. Another story worth telling is about a man who rented Bounty Bay Villa several years ago who was/is an avid windsurfer. He told the villa owner that he had sailed at many, many spots on the island and he thought the beach, bay, and wind were Bounty Bay Villa and Trelawny Beach Resort reside was the best spot on the island!

This is going to be our second season in business in Jamaica. We have no guarantees except that ... you are going to like it in Jamaica! We have no wind gage linked to the weather providers ... but we will! Word will get out and like "Field of Dreams" we are building it and people will come. We hope you are one of the first to take a trip and check out Jamaica for yourself. Book your vacation with Jamaica Sports Vacations for the best personal service and lowest prices!



  1. Bringing my new Kites to the Carabian this year.. LaVentana is out for now... Can't seem to reach my Buddy Brian.. Have you seen him?

  2. He is in Jamaica, Call this # and Kimberley will have a new phone # for him soon. +1876 -594-7562 • Jamaica