OLD MOVIE REVEALS MATRIX - My Dinner With André (1981)

If you understand that the Dark Alliance has to tell us what they're going to do before they do it then you will get this video. But if this clip feels like a movie trailer to a movie that you would never watch. You are not seeing the hidden meaning and hidden messages. That is ok, in time all will get it. This is a universal law. ~ BH


My Dinner With André (1981)

We're just two guys, and we're having a good time.
We’re just two guys, and we’re having a good time.
Ah'mo cut you, Wally.

Never converse with a Sicilian when death is on the line!

Think for yourself, if this does not resonate with you, keep seeking. The ancient text of the past were not myth’s, these ancient civilizations were advanced. They left the truth in stone for us but over time it has been watered down to us.

A dear individual to me by the name of Dolores Cannon recently passed and this is partly dedicated to her. Look into her work and into the past history of this planet. It’s okay to question your reality, it’s ok to think for yourself, and it’s ok to change your mind and your life.

Look into the Yuga Cycle or the Great Year as well as Graham Hancock, Robert Bauvall, John Anthony West, Michael Cremo, Brian Forester, Stephen Mehler, Gerald Massey, and Immanuel Velikovsky, to start with…

“Chapter Z – The Last Day on Earth” by Mynzah

Blessings of Love to You and Everyone that You know… ~ Mynzah



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