300 New Genetically Modified Vaccines by 2023


Published on Jun 25, 2015
I was interviewed by Neil Foster of RealityBitesRadio we talk about the new 300 genetically modified injections called vaccines that will be introduced into the public between the years 2019 and 2023.Some of these vaccines include: Depression,weight loss,anxiety,diabetes,cancer,autism,coca­ine,nicotine all of which are genetically modified vaccines. I hope you enjoy the interview we touch on many subjects that deal with Eugenics and their weapons of control. 

00:00:45 300 New Vaccines by 2023

00:02:00 Genetically Modified Injections 

00:03:50 Big Pharma Advertising to Doctors 

00:05:35 How to get Doctors to listen to your concerns

00:06:35 Flumist Makes you contagious for 42 days

00:09:40 VAPP Vaccine Associated Paralytic Polio

00:10:00 SV40 Cancer virus in vaccines

00:11:30 Childhood Cancers and Formaldehyde 

00:13:00 Kids are not healthy in America

00:15:00 Eugenicists are now Geneticists

00:17:20 Depression Vaccine

00:19:10 Universal Vaccine one shot for everything

00:20:30 Food Based Vaccines

00:25:10 Will vaccines change public behavior

00:26:05 Disneyland and the measles outbreak

00:28:20 how politicians lie to get bills passed into law

00:29:50 Vaccine Media Aborted Fetal cells present yet removed

00:31:00 Collusion Paid off senators SB277

00:33:40 Ebola Scare

00:34:10 Merck Vaccines Profit margins

00:36:00 How to find vaccine statistics calling the Department of health

00:37:25 Omitted sections in vaccine inserts

00:39:00 Pregnant Women and Vaccines how old is the fetus

00:40:10 The immune system and how vaccines confuse it.

00:45:00 Television Conditioning you to become scared of getting old

00:50:27 Vaccines are genetically modified injectable medications

00:54:20 Polio has been renamed GBS CP ADEM 

01:00:00 Nanoparticles in vaccines

01:04:10 there is no money in healthy people

01:07:05 Aborted fetal cell and Satanism

01:10:10 The Elitist power of influence

01:13:35 Texas and a Biological Attack removing your 4th amendment rights

01:16:00 Happiness is a mental illness

01:20:00 Doctor Oz does not vaccinate his kids

01:23:00 How to Question your doctor

01:26:00 New Vaccines are genetically modified Injections

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