Kabbalah Science Islam and Armageddon with Billy Phillips


Welcome to the lecture, KABBALAH, SCIENCE, ISLAM & ARMAGEDDON.

With the world knee-deep in blood, darkness and turmoil, it is time to get to the root cause of all conflict and understand the stunning relationship between Kabbalah, Islam, Christianity, Science and all humankind. Why? Because they are all linked and only by understanding this profound link can we discover the long hidden formula and path to everlasting peace for all humanity.
Not for morals. Not for ethics. Not for any political, religious or philosophical ideal. Rather, we, ourselves, as individuals, as peoples and as the children of this earth, stand to benefit beyond our wildest dreams.
In other words, Kabbalah is based upon enlightened greed as opposed to stupid greed.
What’s the difference?
Stupid greed is when we care only about ourselves and our own ego. It’s stupid for the simple reason that it only delivers short-term, temporary pleasure combined with long-term, permanent chaos and suffering. It comes at a cost. It’s a stupid bet. Doesn’t work, despite what the ego tells you.
Enlightened greed is when we are greedy for our true desires, greedy for our own soul. This form of greed is based upon the concept of thinking about others and caring for others first, because that is how we ALSO receive unending happiness.
When we reach a critical mass of people who have the courage, guts and greedy ambition to truly care about others first and sacrifice self-interest, that’s when new discoveries, new technologies, new ideas, new levels of consciousness will evolve immediately, miraculously, and the world will become a genuine paradise for all humanity. For the last 2000 years, we have evolved gradually, but at what price? Personal and collective pain that is unspeakable and darkness that is beyond measure. And the worst pain of all, death!
How stupid?
Kabbalah promises the end of all death. The end of all darkness. Otherwise, what’s the point in changing ourselves and assisting and caring for others? For ethics? Who cares, if we are going to wind up with less and die. No. When the Muslim and the Israelite realize that they will both live eternally and happy beyond human imagination if they shake hands and become brothers and sisters, different organs of one body of humanity, then they will put down their weapons and let go of hatred. If we really saw the truth beneath the facade of ego, we would run into each other’s arms.
It is the ego that ignites doubt, cynicism and skepticism about biological immortal existence in this world because the ego is part of death reality. And right now, death is immortal, and that is why we are not. Our very doubt is what puts us into the grave and keeps us imprisoned in a  chaotic world of terror, lack and heartache.
When we truly achieve a state of consciousness where we care for our neighbor and our “enemy” unconditionally, then the miracles and discoveries and the global transformation will unfold before our very eyes. Including biological immortal existence.
The Light of the Creator, which includes everything you’ve ever dreamed of receiving from life, is infinite in its capacity to fulfill us. There is enough for everyone forever. The problem is, when we are motivated by self-interest and ego, we are cut off from this infinite source of goodness, pleasure, and all resources both physical and spiritual. And with limited resources, we wind up with wars and endless fights for a piece of the pie.
If, however,  that pie can be infinite in size, if the source of everything that we desire can be endless and ceaseless, then all war will come to an end. And the gates of blessing and miracles will burst open wide.
When the Israelite loves his Muslim and Christian brother with all his heart, putting their interests ahead of his own, then all mankind will follow suit and return the same degree of love and care.
The lecture below goes into more detail.
If selfishness worked, if ego delivered the goods for lasting joy, the Kabbalists would be all for selfishness. But they do not. They only lead to bloodshed and eventual death.
All wars are not based on religious fighting or political warfare, even though it looks that way. Look deeper. All wars are really based on the whims and urges and impulses and ambitions of the human ego. It is the ego that has created religion, distorting the true divine spiritual truths that unite all humanity.
This lecture below reveals the connection between Science, Islam and the final war of Armageddon and Kabbalah. Why? So we can prevent it. And then, the only war that will be fought is the war against my own ugly ego. And that leads to miracles. Otherwise, why do it?
Discover the long hidden formula for bringing about the redemption of humankind and achieving authentic paradise on this planet.
Most important, we will reveal a compelling pathway to peace that ensures that this Final Redemption will happen with great mercy and through wondrous miracles and blessings—not the fire and brimstone and wars and horrors that we now witness in the world and that are associated with Armageddon.
Watch it all the way through. And watch it over and over. Then share it.
The oldest and most profound secrets of life and existence are revealed through the wisdom radiating from the most powerful and secretive book in all of human history: The Zohar!



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