2016 BMW #M4 BMW of Springfield MO Walk Around

BMW of Springfield MO 2016 BMW #M4 Walk Around

Get behind the wheel of the M4 and prepare for explosive performance and the M division’s renowned handling capabilities. Power comes from a 425-hp twin-turbo inline six-cylinder, mated to either a six-speed manual or a paddle-shifted seven-speed automatic and rear- or all-wheel drive. To shave weight, many of the M4’s components are made of carbon fiber—including the driveshaft. Offered as a coupe or convertible, the M4 lives up to the legendary performance of the M cars that came before it.

The high-performance BMW M4 is all-new for 2015, a sleek, powerful coupe that takes its place alongside the venerated M3 sedan in BMW's track-ready M lineup. Based on the 4 Series, the 2015 BMW M4 replaces the last-generation two-door M3, in line with BMW's latest nomenclature that uses odd numbers to denote sedans, and even numbers for coupes.
While the M3 is a great all-around sedan that can go from the track to the grocery store with daily-driver practicality, the M4 looks more like a true sports car. Unlike the M3's more upright stance, the BMW M4 is slightly leaned-back, with a signature BMW twin kidney grille that is ever-so-slightly lower and wider. Large front air intakes are functional and give the M4 an aggressive look. Vertical vents alongside the front fenders channel air down the sides of the car. A rear integrated lip spoiler keeps the car planted, while a smooth underbody and rear diffuser help the M4 to slice through the air with as little resistance as possible. And although the M4 also has a backseat, it's the kind of car you'd prefer to drive alone, or with one great friend. 
Under the hood, the 2015 BMW M4, internally dubbed F82 by BMW, shares the powerplant found in the new M3: a 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-6 that churns out 425 horsepower and 406 pound-feet of torque, the latter on tap from as low as 1850 rpm. With the optional 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, the 2015 BMW M4 can dash from 0-60 mph in an estimated 3.9 seconds, or in 4.1 seconds with the standard 6-speed manual. All M4 coupes are rear-wheel drive. 
Compared with the last-generation M3 coupe, the M4 is substantially lighter, thanks in part to a body that uses a greater percentage of aluminum and carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic. Like the M3, the M4 gets a carbon fiber driveshaft and roof. On M4 coupes, the trunk lid is also made of carbon fiber. 




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