Diverging Diamond Interchange in Ozark

The diverging diamond interchange (DDI) is a new type of interchange traffic solution.  The nation's first diverging diamond interchange was completed in 2009 in Springfield, Missouri. MoDOT has since built a second diverging diamond interchange at National Avenue/James River Freeway (Route 60).

MoDOT's third DDI was completed October 17, 2010 in St. Louis, at the Interstate 270 and Dorsett Road interchange.

The diverging diamond interchange has been used in France. The Federal Highway Administration has been advocating innovative intersection designs as a way to increase capacity, decrease congestion and minimize the cost of new infrastructure.

How does the DDI work?
The diverging diamond interchange allows free left turns for motorists, meaning vehicles don’t cross opposing traffic. Traffic models indicate this type of interchange works well with areas of heavy traffic.

Examples of how the DDI works can be seen in the following animation below. The YouTube video link gives drivers an idea of what it's like to navigate the diverging diamond interchange currently under construction at the Interstate 270 and Dorsett interchange.

I-270 and Dorsett Diverging Diamond Interchange
How is the DDI better than a traditional interchange?
Because the DDI does not have any left turns that must clear opposing traffic, the design can improve traffic movement with more green time. It will move traffic faster, reduce congestion, and increase safety.

With the help of public input by citizens of Maryland Heights, MoDOT has chosen the diverging diamond interchange option for the intersection of Interstate 270 and Dorsett Road. The DDI will help with current heavy traffic volumes. It is also less costly to build than conventional diamond interchanges.

What Does A Diverging Diamond Interchange Look Like?

Battlefield Road & U.S. 65 Timelapse Video

Watch an 18-month construction project take shape in a few minutes!

Diverging Diamond

: I-70 and Stadium Boulevard (Route 740) in Columbia

What is a Diverging Diamond Interchange? Why is it Safer?
This innovative traffic solution is located at I-70 and Stadium Boulevard (Route 740) in the Central District and handles high traffic volumes effeciently, resulting in less congestion and overall improved safety. The configuration accomplishes this by allowing free-flowing left turns for motorists. These free-flowing left turns keep traffic moving and keep vehicles from crossing opposing traffic, thereby reducing the chances of a collision.

What does it look like?

For a detailed look at the diverging diamond interchange, click the map or the information video below.

DDI Columbia 600

Dorsett DDI

Dorsett DDI

Diverging Diamond Interchange Animation



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