The Real Reason For Russia's Withdrawal From Syria

this video Luke Rudkowski goes over all the details of Russian President Vladimir Putin announcing the withdrawal of Russian forces inside of Syria and the real reason why this is happening right now. It looks like tensions in the middle east are dying down with the face off between the U.S and Russia but on the other side of the world they are heating up. We talk about the geopolitical chess moves that are being made and how things will develop.

If the "rebels" did ever manage to displace Assad, Syria would end up like Libya is now. A hot bed of violence between rival Islamic Extremist terrorist groups and a failed State.

The various Islamic Extremist terrorist groups are already murdering each other in Syria as they fight for scraps on what is increasingly the losing side.

So Saudi Arabia wants to give the jihadists some fresh hope by supplying them with new heavy weaponry.
What will these people do with the anti aircraft missiles (MANPADS) that Obama is thinking of giving them?
Apparently some of them have already got US manufactured wire guided (TOW) anti tank missiles.

The chemical weapon attack in Damascus August 2013, which provided the previous excuse for escalating America's involvement in the Syrian civil war, was undoubtedly a false flag attack by the Syrian "rebels" and was not carried out by Assad. This has been confirmed by the report from the UN Weapons Inspection team and the US government's own intel.

Barack Obama pulls a George W. Bush: Lies, misinformation and chemical weapons

Needless to say Saudi Arabian, Qatari and Neocon interests in the Syrian war have nothing whatsoever to do with any humanitarian concerns.
They are about building a gas pipeline from Qatar, through Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey to Europe.
And they are about stopping a gas pipeline being built from Iran to Syria.
Syria is also on the Neocon path to Tehran.
Syria is merely the continuation of PNAC, the Neocon agenda published in 1997, which called for regime change by force in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Iran. (Afghanistan, Sudan & Somalia were also included.)

The Iran Iraq Syria gas pipeline and the Syrian conflict
This pipeline will run from Iran's South Pars gas field which is the largest in the world and exit on the coast of Syria or Lebanon. The deal for this was signed on 25th July 2013 between Iran, Iraq and Syria.

This deal is absolutely against the interests of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel.
It is absolutely in the interests of Europe, Japan, ordinary Americans and the world in general, but not in the interests of those who control the American government.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar are hoping to build their own gas pipeline through Syria and Turkey to Europe. Turkey because of the above plus the existing Ceyhan pipeline from the Caucasus (the Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan pipeline built by BP). Israel because of the large gas field found off shore in 2010, which they are naturally hoping to market to Europe.

Saudi Arabia and Qatar appear to be falling out with each other, as they support rival Islamic Extremist terrorist groups in Egypt and Libya and the prospects for building their proposed joint gas pipeline through Syria fall apart.
Saudi Arabia has recently demanded that Qatar shut down Al-Jazeera in the Gulf.
Several Al-Jazeera journalists are currently being held in detention in Egypt. Just another political pressure point to add to the mix.

This deal between Iran, Iraq and Syria explains much of the Syrian conflict and the signing of the Iranian gas pipeline deal, explains much of the war escalation and urgency in August and September 2013. The American military machine was attempted to be co-opted to ensure that the deal does not go ahead. Either with Assad being toppled and replaced with an Islamic Extremist government that Saudi Arabia thinks it can control or Syria is divided into a number of small less powerful states with on-going sectarian and religious wars.
Read more here :-

The American media, as usual, is silent upon the basic facts of why things are happening.
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"Bandar Bush" buys votes in Congress for war in Syria http://ian56.blogspot.com/2013/09/bandar-bush-buys-votes-in-congress-for.html
The facts behind the conflict in Syria that Obama & John McCain do not want you to see

The attempt to massively escalate the Syrian war in 2013 was thwarted by massive public opinion against going to war in support of a bunch of terrorists. The Neocons don't give up easily however.

Nobody, not even Salon, wants to report the historical context to all this and nobody wants to mention the greatest false flag of all.  

The Timeline of Events leading up to 9/11 and subsequent events

N.B. The CIA and the State Department seem to have fallen out of love with Erdogan in Turkey because of a weapons deal Erdogan recently signed with the Chinese.

Turkey, Erdogan, False Flags, Corruption, The Turkish/Chinese arms deal and Fethullah Gulen

Erdogan is continuing to give significant material support to the Islamic Extremists in Syria. Turkey remains a significant base for smuggling weapons, men and supplies into Northern Syria.

Update 06/15
How the US destabilized Syria
An excellent compendium of links and info

If the NSA is actually fighting terrorism why haven't they stopped Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Kuwait funding Islamic terrorist groups like ISIS and Al-Nusra?

Iraqi PM Maliki says Saudi, Qatar openly funding ISIS/ISIL & violence in Anbarhttp://www.reuters.com/article/2014/03/09/us-iraq-saudi-qatar-idUSBREA2806S20140309

The money funding Islamic Terrorist groups in Syria flows through Kuwaithttp://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/13/world/middleeast/private-donors-funds-add-wild-card-to-war-in-syria.html?_r=1&

Saudi Arabia is funding ISIS and Al-Nusra http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/alqaida-the-second-act-is-saudi-arabia-regretting-its-support-for-terrorism-9198213.html

Iraq crisis: Sunni caliphate has been bankrolled by Saudi Arabia

Syria a 'spontaneous uprising'? Here in 2005 Amanpour tells Assad that US is orchestrating his removal



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