I give my preliminary analysis given the recent mainstream reports of massive Euro terror drills in 2016 which curiously precede all major attacks, often with the same scenarios. Numerology comes into play echoing 7/7 in London and 7/7 last week in Dallas. The events are yet another copy of the fake Bataclan event, Gladio-style publicly staged, entrapped and manufactured 'terror.' I also discuss how France is the home of French Revolutionary 'terror' that overthrew the monarchy for the Jacobin-Illuminists. Now, the same model of Gladio terror cells has transferred into the phony ISIS model. 


Bastille Day Terror In Nice Was An Inside Job

July 2016
Instead of reacting to global serial terror attacks with hatred for Muslims and support for more murderous wars, STOP AND THINK!

Q. With France under high security alert and the promenade in Nice closed to traffic for the Bastille Day fireworks celebrations, how did a man named Mohamad pass through security in a giant rented refrigeration truck the size of a moving van that could have been loaded with explosives?

Q. How did he pass through high alert French security with no authorization papers and only the excuse that he was delivering ice cream.

 Q. Why wasn't the unauthorized vehicle driver asked "where and to whom are you delivering ice cream late at night in a giant truck big enough to hold a kazillion gallons of ice cream?"

Q. Why didn't security take a look inside the unauthorized truck to confirm the ice cream contents?

Q. According to news reports, Mohamad parked the giant truck near the promenade, then came back to the truck on his bike. He put the bike inside the truck along with I.D. papers, a small handgun and a "FAKE" grenade and rifles. Why would a man on a suicide mission bother to pack his bike, fake weapons and I.D.?

Q. Why were people's cell phones shut off? There are no cell phone images of the truck doing anything but cruising down the promenade. No images of the truck with people directly in front of it.

Q. What was the "immigrant" driver's motive? Revenge for discrimination against immigrants? Payback for genocidal wars against Muslim nations? The driver was reportedly from Tunisia and married a French citizen to get his French citizenship. Didn't he know that mowing down over a hundred innocent people would cause more fear and hatred towards Muslim immigrants and more public support for evicting-banning Muslim immigrants and bombing their nations?

Q. Why did the driver stop the truck and start shooting at police - according to reports? Why didn't he keep his foot on the accelerator and keep barreling ahead? What stopped him?

Q. Why are the terror attacks always against innocent people instead of the officials, politicians and leaders responsible for the genocidal wars on Muslim nations and the homelessness of millions of Muslim refugees?

Q. Who profits from these serial terror attacks? The most lucrative of all industries is the weapons industry. Many defense contractors are now looking overseas to make up for recent slowing sales in the U.S. and Europe.


Lockheed Martin (LMT) Arm sales:$36.3 billion, total sales: $46.5 billion
Boeing (BA) Arm sales: $31.8 billion, total sales: $68.7 billion
United Technologies (UTX) Arm sales: $11.6 billion, total sales: $58.2 billion
EADS Arm sales: $16.4 billion, total sales: $68.3 billion
BAE Systems Arm sales: $29.2 billion, total sales: $30.7 billion
Raytheon (RTN) Arm sales: $22.5 billion, total sales: $24.9 billion
General Dynamics (GD) Arm sales: $23.8 billion, total sales: $32.7 billion


In this video, we hear what sounds like fireworks as cops appear to be shooting up the truck and the apparent terrorist (drill actor) who security gave clearance to.
We see footage of people running and we see blankets on the road presumably covering up dead bodies (drill actors).

Since cell phones were shut down, there are no images of the truck doing anything but cruising down the promenade. There are no actual images of the truck hitting anyone. No images of the truck with people in front of it or directly in its path.

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NewsIn this movie, a father and son are given a mission to let go of their earthly roles so that they can experience their true identities as sons of God. The drama in this movie is symbolic of the darkness in the mind that arises as they take the steps given by Spirit to release their worldly father and son roles. As they join in purpose, they are freed from limiting roles set up by the ego so they can recognize themselves as spiritual beings.
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NewsWasn’t that a beautiful symbol of the father saluting Katai at the end of the movie? There wasn’t any more of that arrogant, “I’m the father, you’re the son,” “I’m better than you,” “You’re not a ranger.” All that was gone and there was just equality.  When you know your own fearlessness, you know your own strength and therefore you recognize it in others. How absurd it is to think our reality involves superior and inferior people. We're just here to see the perfect equality of everyone.
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There comes a point on the spiritual journey when you become acutely aware of what you fear. When seen as blocks to experiencing consistent joy, these fearful situations become opportunities to bring the darkness to the light rather than pushing the fear down, distracting away or trying to hide it. If your prayer is for healing, the opportunities to bring the darkness to the light will keep coming. It may feel very intense to go toward situations that were once avoided, but you can trust the Spirit's guidance in what to do when the fear starts to rise up.
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Choose Once Again, Weakness or Strength
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