Law Of Attraction – Our Thoughts Become Our Reality

by Adeana M. Slater,
Guest writer, In5D.com
The Cosmic Law of Attraction states that, “like attracts like.” We are energy-based beings that transmit a certain electromagnetic frequency and energy vibration that attracts those most like us, to us. These bonds will become natural and when you meet those who seem to share in similar frequency and vibration, you hit it off easily and quickly. There will be a sense of knowing them before as you seem to “pick up where you last left off.” This could be in the form of soulmates with whom you have lived a past life with and are already familiar.
Now we are all evolving and changing as we ascend into higher levels of consciousness. I’ve mentioned before that as we grow and change into the higher aspects of ourself, we will also begin to attract those most like us and intermittently fall away from those with whom we no longer resonate with. This is the Law of Attraction in the physical form, but there is also the Law of Attraction “in thought” that is the most powerful of all.



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