Mandela Effect In James Bond Moonraker, Dolly Had Braces In Another Timeline

I watched Moonraker the other day, which was more comedy than anything else.
I thought Jaws' girlfriend wore braces in her teeth, hence the attraction.
But this time, no braces!  Am I misremembering?  ~  BH

It is the small things, the everyday things that alerted people that something is wrong. Geography, history, anatomy, sacred text, are all changing, the list is endless. If you are not experiencing M.E. Then everything seems fine to you.

Interactions with others experiencing the ' Quantum Shift Phenomena determine there are 3-4 maybe more ' realities ' converging here. Some say this is due to a catastrophic event in our former realities. There are many theories why those of us were spared the catastrophe but we can not deny we are here.We do not know why a Matrix like phenomena exist in this reality. We only know that this reality is in constant flux.

Quantum Memories influencing Reality: If we accept merging realities is dynamic.The dominant memory imprint ( consensus memories ) will determine which reality prevails at any particular moment. The memories of those not included within the consensus memory may be numerically higher.This may help explain the residual evidence which is influenced by those not of the consensus memory.

People and things indigenous to this reality are subject to being altered. So with each alteration to reality, in conjunction with the simultaneous butterfly effect, the memories and things indigenous to this reality are updated to match the new reality. Those not experiencing the Quantum Shift seem to remain oblivious.
By ~ sometimes jones

I've found the "smoking gun" for this mystery...!

I will capture all imagery and gifs together and post tomorrow because it deserves it's own post! I say smoking gun... Really I mean "Conclusive, in my mind" that the images on the film have been changed at some point - whether through digital manipulation or some other random means... I don't know.

I edited a small frame selection from Moonraker.
Link to gif

From:  https://www.reddit.com/r/MandelaEffect/comments/4uu0gf/moonraker_dollys_braces_gif/
I do a fair amount of digital graphics work (15 years professionally) as well as Photo Restoration for the past 10 or so years and it looks to me like someone retrospectively removed the braces using some form of image manipulation algorithm.
However, that algorithm didn't work well enough to remove them from behind the champagne glass - you can still sort of see them.
I had to triple check but I'm 99% sure that the rim of the glass hits her bottom lip - it doesn't go under her teeth.
So, the question becomes "why?"

Further analysis of a screencap found on google images: http://i.imgur.com/4oxfGqw.jpg
and the original image: http://i.imgur.com/cZ0Lfuo.jpg



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