Mandela Effect NEW, finally proof old World Globe, Geography, JFK, Sinbad Genie movie Residue

All residue and proof. JFK 4 seater assassination car, pre mandela effect globe, world map, geography. For non believers, you can't get any closer proof than this. Do not try debating this topic if it's not affecting you, just move along. That's the point of the effect. 

Try debunking Sally Fields with IMDB saying her speech was affected by the m.e.http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0087921/t...
Quote from IMDB: "Sally Field's heartfelt Oscar acceptance speech for this film has been affected by the Mandela effect".

She no longer says You like me you really like me! 2016: She says you like me right now. Direct from the Oscars website linking to her speech she is saying you like me, "right now". Not one person so far remembers it this way.

Want to deprogram from the mass delusion aka Mandela effect/mind control? (For people who also don't think they've been affected): https://youtu.be/5PgX8l9AgzE

Sally Fields Oscars website with her official 1985 speech: http://aaspeechesdb.oscars.org/link/0...
For the people who still think there is some advanced editor out there, you would also have to believe the Oscars site is in on this gag.

Producer of I SHOT JFK talks about the Mandela Effect regarding JFK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARYGV...



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