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            My friend sent me this:  He starts by saying this. ~ The first time I heard of the Amish community was in the animated series "The Family Guy." In the episode I watched the daughter of the family falls in love with an Amish boy and a war between the boy's family and the "American" family begins to prevent the union of young people from different worlds. I even asked my American family, "Does it really exist?" And they said yes.

The family guy

            Last night, watching the DIY channel (do it yourself), Vanila Ice, who now works renovating residences, spends time in an Amish community in Ohio. The episode was very interesting and it was the first time I saw the Amish on TV, due to the fact that being filmed or photographed is against the rules of the community.

Vanila Ice with the Amish Family

            The Amish have immigrated from Europe almost 300 years ago. They live simply, totally traditional and reject most modernities like electricity, TV, internet and automobiles. The houses have no electric light, no kind of appliance, can you imagine?They heat the water for the bath, cook fresh food every day. Men work in the fields or in the commerce, and the women take care of the house and raise the children. On Sunday, no work is allowed, only spiritual work, going to church and spending time with family.

            Marriage is only allowed within the community, which explains, in part, the high rate of genetic problems. The fact that the whole community belongs basically to the same origins, created the genetic defects, the biggest one being dwarfism. Today, in the USA, there are around one million Amish.

            Another interesting fact is that, like some believers in Brazil, the Amishs dress in a humble way, using basically some colors like black, gray, blue, green and white. Clothing covers most of the body, even if they are working on the farm or on the beach! Men as soon as they get married are forced to grow a beard and not wear a mustache.

The beard indicates that the man is married

            The typical "car" of an Amish family is the Buggy. A cart / cart pulled by a horse. In the episode of Vanila Ice, he wins a Buggy on a bet and turns the interior of the wagon into a night club theme. Kind of a gangster buggy.

            The secular education of the Amish ends at the age of 13-14 years. They study in Amish schools or even at home with their mother. After that the boys go to work with the father and the girls stay with the mother waiting for the marriage. The mother tongue is German and English is the second language.

            Another interesting fact I discovered about the Amish is that the disease rate (with the exception of genetics) is lower in the community. Alcohol and tobacco is almost nonexistent among them. The cancer rate is also lower, compared to the American average.

            As in every type of community of this type, there are the wholly radical and there are the most liberal. In the video I recommend watching over an Amish family, it shows this well. Although the Amishes do not let themselves be filmed or photographed, this family allowed the filming and, watching the video, you can see that they do not have electricity, but they have some kind of technology. The rebels are excommunicated and are not allowed to live with them, even if they are relatives. Sound familiar?

The community builds its houses and churches. They are considered to

be a very hardworking people

Almost everything they consume is produced by themselves

            I wonder how much of that kind of life is healthy or not. It is obvious that these children will have a larger structure in terms of family than children left in front of the TV or playing with their violent video games, cell phones and the internet. A little like the childhood that I had the privilege of having in the interior of São Paulo. We bumped into the things of nature, we hardly ever watched TV, we invented toys and games and my mother cooked everything fresh, including bread. We had a vegetable garden and our salad and some vegetables came from her. I see a big difference in the way I was raised and in the way my nephews are. Not that I have any criticism about it, but it is a technology-driven generation where interaction with other children and contact with nature is minimal. But how to do different living in São Paulo?

            On the other hand, any radicalism is also harmful, in my humble opinion. If the Amish cherish so much time with family, a washing machine and a dishwasher and vacuum cleaner would make the mother have more time for the children do not agree? In the end, I thank God for diversity and as long as someone is happy in their way of life, that's what matters. Unless you hurt yourself and your neighbor. Why cancel yourself to do the will of others and live in denial gives cancer ...

There is leftover material available for research. Books, films, documentaries, etc.

This video is great. Shows an Amish family in conflict with the strict rules of the church

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