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Posted: Friday, July 28, 2017 5:00 pm |

Ten days before the July 31 trial, the Pensmore $63 million lawsuit was settled.
Steven T. Huff Family LLC attorney Gabriel Berg, of Kennedy Berg LLP, confirmed to the Headliner News in a July 26 email that the case is closed.
“The parties amicably resolved the matter,” Berg said.
Requests for more information to Berg, Pensmore LLC and attorneys representing defendants — Monarch Cement Company and Ozark-based Citywide Construction Products Co. — have not been returned.
According to online federal court documents, a notice of hearing cancellation was filed July 21. Until July 17, parties filed motions in limine — which prevents parties from filing certain evidence — supports of motions and objections.
“Order. This case has reached settlement,” the Pacer docket entry, signed by District Judge Beth Phillips, says. “The trial setting is removed from the docket. The parties are ordered to file either dismissal paperwork or a joint status report by Aug. 4, 2017.”
Steven T. Huff Family LLC, owner of the Pensmore mansion, filed the lawsuit in 2015, asserting claims for fraud, breach of contract, breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, tortuous interference with business expectancy and other related causes of action.
Pensmore planned to ask a jury for exemplary damages in an amount sufficient to punish defendants for misconduct and to “deter defendants from ever defrauding any other person again.” Pensmore also sought damages in an amount no less than $63 million.
The lawsuit alleges that Monarch and City Wide Construction withheld Helix, an ingredient in Huff’s specially-designed concrete recipe in the home’s construction.
In July 2016, Pensmore also claimed to end the game of hide and seek as to where the Helix disappeared to, alleging it was used in the construction of a Shell Knob home belonging to Deborah Roe, chief financial officer of Monarch and a City Wide director and board member, among other “small projects,” according to the complaint.
About Pensmore
Pensmore mansion, located in southern Christian County, is a 72,000-square-foot home — larger than the White House and Pythian Castle. There is also vastness to the mansion not only in mass, but in its theory.
Huff began the construction of Pensmore in 2009 with intentions for the home to be a model of engineering and mechanical innovation, literary inspiration, catalyst for research and discovery and accommodation for collaborating bright minds.
As reported in previous Headliner News articles, Pensmore has hosted guests including Dr. Ben Carson, Retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin and is home to a Liberty Tree seedling. Pensmore LLC partners with universities to allow student tours of the home and the property is also a farm.

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