Eerie Predictions in Vegas... Cui Bono By: Truthstream Media and More

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The Black Child

The Las Vegas Shooting: Shooting, Chaos, Dan Blizerian; "lone wolf" or Programmed Shooter?/FREEMASON GUN CONTROL/What a "gun- less society looks like. Please consider becoming a patreon to my channel, YouTube has demonitized 95% of these vids! https://www.patreon.com/theblackchild

 Truthstream Media


Were you aware the FBI routinely plots mass shooting, bombings and acts of terrorism on U.S. soil? Few Americans are aware that the FBI actively plots a wide assortment of domestic terrorism scenarios in the United States for the purpose of recruiting targeted individuals into taking part in the plot, then arresting them as “terrorists.” Remarkably, this shocking reality was documented by none other than the New York Times in 2012, which detailed the FBI’s terrorism “sting” operations while asking whether it is appropriate for the FBI to be engaged in the plotting, planning and pseudo-execution of such mass terrorism crimes. In 2013, the Kansas City City documented yet another astonishing story about the FBI ginning up its own mass murder terrorism plots, then inserting some hapless (often homeless) person into the driver’s seat just in time to be arrested and charged as a terrorist. That Kansas City Star article, authored by Ian Cummings, is entitled, “FBI undercover stings foil terrorist plots — but often plots of the agency’s own making.” This pattern and history of the FBI dreaming up mass terrorism plots in the United States brings up the obvious question: Was the Mandalay Bay shooting actually schemed up by the FBI in an attempted sting operation gone bad? And is the FBI now attempting to cover its tracks to avoid the massive backlash that would ensue if the truth about such a monumental failure were learned? Stay informed at http://Shootings.news

Psyops False Flag for gaining Public support for Gun Control! Like Hitler said, to take over a Nation, first disarm it's people! Learn the REAL TRUTH about GUN CONtrol! Many more people die from kitchen knives so are we going to now BAN Kitchen Knives? Gun Control = Bullshit! Facts and history proves that when the populace is disarmed, the crime rate goes up! If the Bad Guys KNEW that everyone could be and or is carrying a GUN, they would NOT DO A DAM THING because they KNOW they would get their ass SHOT DEAD!!! Period! Gun Control is NOT the ANSWER, the TRUTH is actually the complete opposite!! I hate guns too, but we must stand our ground and save what little rights we have left, AND THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS IS ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!! Peace, Love & Wisdom CHRISTOPHER LORD A Truthiracy Film Production - Educational Research Truthiracy House of Wisdom All material is the opinion of Christopher Lord of Truthiracy Films (for legal reasons)



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