Vagus Nerve & 3 Brains Part 2

(Forgive the poor lighting) John Lewis teaches on the mystical technique of what happens when you clasp or fold your hands. The ancients understand the scientific and spiritual benefits of stimulating the Vagus nerve. Learn about the 3 Brains in the human body and how the Vagus Nerve plays a part. Use this simply technique to stimulate healing and heighten spiritual awareness. To understand more deeper Psycho-Spiritual metaphysical dynamic of the Brain - Get your copy of "Serpent Brain -Transforming the Carnal Mind" now~~ http://atam.org/project/the-serpent-b... Donate Here~~https://www.paypal.com/webapps/shoppi...

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Age to Age Ministries Int'l shares messages about spiritual science, the prophetic sciences and many other subjects in the Bible that
Mystical understanding of what Jesus meant in Rev. 3:20, in connection with the power of the Salt Covenant. www.atam.org/salt-
John Lewis teaches on the symbolism of the 4- Seasons. What happens in each season, identify the seasons of your life. A season
In the University of the Divine Science of the Heavens John Lewis divides the heavens at the basic level teaching from a Messianic
At the School of Prophets- Prophet John Lewis demystifies the prophetic science of numerology that's laid out in the Bible. Numbers
If I say October 18 - I mean November 18. In this video John Lewis...
John Lewis divides the heavens explaining the Zodiac (Mazzaroth) from a Messianic perspective. This is Part 1 of Book One of Virgo
This is the introduction to a series, called Mazzaroth. We will read the books of the heavens by dividing the heavens into three major

A moment of worship Lafayette, LA. Aug 27.



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