FALLING OFF A 10 STORY BUILDING (*actual footage)

POEM: This world isn’t easy, but at least I have anxiety. A diagnosed reason that makes it ok to be crazy Bullied daily by my catastrophic reflection ‘NO’ doesn’t hurt when you’ve already planned for rejection You are exposed, but you don’t expose yourself Meaningless engagements to gather dust on some digital shelf I have no reason to hide behind a glass wall lit by a thousand pixels My fear extends further than the need to be heard through the sacrifice more brain cells This world can be a dark place, but at least I’m anxious I'm constantly searching for reasons to add color to lifes’ rayless canvas Out of sight out of mind doesn’t exist for me My visions are vivid enough for it all to become a believable reality Isn't that brilliant. A mental condition seen as so negatively resilient. See depression, bpd, ocd, adhd, anxiety could be looked at differently By the ‘sufferers’ that is. You just need to see that your difference is empathy. Being so connected to my feelings is scary as shit but I wear them like scars on my skin so that ill never be considered a counterfeit If you like me, I see you. I feel you. Transparent as glass. Be brave, stand tall and know that the bad times will pass You are unique and remarkable. Harness that shit and you’ll truly become unstoppable.

My Words Back to Dan Mace

"#IAMwithyou I I've been fighting #anxiety #depression and #fear for years. So I feel you bru. I did find a lot of tools tips and and tricks that have helped me through the years overcome this that I am, I AM consciously aware that I am, I've learned to live in only the now I let the future go and I forget the past by forgiving myself and forgiving everything that has ever caused me pain and suffering. and don't even get me started on my #Dyslexia. I love your story and videos! You Rock!" ~ Buddy Huggins


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