Your DNA is on a loop - These are NOT Time Travelers

Time travelling celebs are all the rage right now.  Cute idea, but not very likely.  The "human" body is advanced ancient technology.  The DNA is set to a number of 'variants' or versions.  When the limit is reached, the loop begins again.  Same body.  Same machine.  Different driver/soul... sometimes.  The reproduced DNA is a clone/copy from the list available.  The vessel/body will continue on 'auto pilot' if not piloted by a soul.  If this happens, the robot body is easily more easily programmed than if the vessel is piloted. 
There are many doppelgangers in the world.   This is why you have seen so many people that 'remind' you of others, most notably, celebs, who we usually see more than your average passer-by.  You have a twin, if not, many, out there.  It's not the 'same' soul, but a nearly identical body, with slight variations, of course.
For more information on how the ruling class is trying to now CLONE THE CONSCIOUSNESS, see my other video- 

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