Meet Wes Penre with this video - Video 110: Q&A Session #13

Wes PenreQ&A video #13 now released. We need more questions for future videos, so please feel free to email us at wespenreproductions@gmail.com if you have any.
Here are the questions to this new video:
1. Have you gotten any censor notification from YouTube on the type of information you’re presenting? ... How is your channel still able to continue?
2. Over the last 15 years, I've heard a lot about soul contracts. Apparently, we signed a contract before incarnating. Is that true? Then there are some videos where you can sever your contract with the archons. Is that also true, Wes, and how does one go about it?
3. What are your thoughts on listening to subliminal videos where you can improve on your spirituality, health, finances, and other issues?
4. I almost always have dreams and visions at night and they aren’t nice…I almost always have dreams and visions at night and they aren’t nice…
5. Who really was Galzu, the mysterious white-haired wise messenger, also known as Divine Knower, who transmitted messages or imparted orders through dreams or visions to Enki, Enlil and Ninmah?...
6. ...in my life, I have come to the point where literally 95ish percent of "material items" in my personal environment resonate in a positive frequency and lift my spirit…I have attachments for sentimental reasons…
7. Can a microchip prevent us from dying and / or exiting the matrix?
8. what was the reasons for the Annunaki not to create machines and robots to dig in the gold mines? Do you think that they did not have developed modern mining equipment when they found gold on earth?
9. Do you know if our brains are controlled already? Also, I come to realise the astral realm is a huge zone for manipulation of people by invisibles through thought implantation, where people can be being given wrong advice that gets them into more difficulty and trouble. How can we protect ourselves?
10. Are you aware that we live in a concave earth and that light is playing a major role in this trickery. The sky is a light show, an illusion. I'm wondering why you did not mention this specifically in the WPP?
11. In Video 105 you described two Grids: one internal and one external. For me, it contradicts with the information presented in the video 86 (The Inner Grid) that says external reality is only a projection of internal beliefs. If so, how it is possible for something external (like the External Grid or Enki, Marduk etc.) to exist?
12. It seems to be a well-known fact that the Elite is supposed to announce their plans to the public whether by clues, messages, and symbols hidden in plain sight...How can we tell when the Elite is announcing something to the world? How do we catch their announcements? What do we need to look for?
13. Prana is spoken of; part of our energy comes from the sun. Are we slowly turning our backs away from universal essence, from the KHAA, and being absorbed into the heavy densities that exist within the 3%?
14. … a piece of flint, when it is in the palm of my hand, does the flint feel me, or do I feel the flint? We are one of the same both in the heavy density and in the energy within… Enki and his son know this, they want to control both is this not the case? They pretend to give us choices when there are no choices to be made.

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Wes Penre

Are You Ready to Leave this Matrix? The Wes Penre Papers

"The Wes Penre Papers"
Not until this is done by enough people and help is asked for, can someone intervene and actually assist us to exit Enki’s matrix. No one will come here and save us from the Alien Invader Forces' agenda, unless we make a common statement that we need assistance. If we do, we show the rest of the Universe that we no longer agree to work for the Overlords, and then the Overlords can be judged for the cosmic crimes they have and are committing and be penalized by benevolent interdimensional beings.


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