The Payseur French Royal Family in the United States of the Virginia Company

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I feel like the floor just gave out and dropped me in front of the last mega-boss in a Dark Souls-styled video game, and now I’m face-to-face with some gigantic, unspeakable, antediluvian, undulating evil from the depths of the abyss.
I wish I had more hours in the day to process the information overload we’ve been receiving, but it all started a few weeks ago for me when the CIA decided to host a copy of Fritz Springmeier’s Bloodlines of the Illuminati.

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WARNING: Before you go off reading that…
Just know that I’ve been warned that Springemeier can be very tough to read, not in terms of actual reading level, but in terms of emotional and spiritual strain. It’s one of the reasons I’ve not gone all the way down that road, yet, myself.
In fact, Springmeier has been known to put this warning before some of his writings:
So if this is you, or you suspect it’s you – turn away now. There’s no shame in that.
Still with me? Okay.
Seeing this document reappear on the site was odd at the time because the CIA… well, Gina Haspel has had quite a time trying to get that agency under control, and we’re all very familiar with Clown activities by now, as per #QAnon.
So to suddenly see this document hosted again… it was almost like someone was trying to send a message.
And I had hoped to get a chance to go through it at some point… but it’s a 300 page document, and on top of everything else I do, I just haven’t had a chance yet.
Some #Anons did though, and to them, I think we owe a great debt, because it looks like they just actually figured out who [P] is.
But Neon, didn’t you say P was The Pinay Group many moons ago?
Why yes, astute reader, I did indeed say that, and I said it here:
#Anons Discover the Identity of [P] #QAnon
#Anons Discover the Identity of [P] #QAnon

[P] is the symbol #QAnon has used to talk about the cabal heads who 1) not only put #Soros in power, but 2) allowed him to replace the #Rockefellers and 3) give him marching orders. Anons have coll…
But that was way back in the beginning of March, and as you should be aware by now, we do our best here with the limited information we have. As such, our ideas will naturally change and evolve as we get exposed to new information. So please – consider this the logical, and natural progression in my understanding.
Believe me, there’s nothing more I would love to be able to do for you than present 100% accurate information every single time. But not even MJ made every shot he took. In fact, he missed more than he scored.
But the important thing – as the tired analogy goes – was the shots he did take, and the shots he did make.
And again – major hat-tip to the anons and, in particular, to @intheMatrixxx and @AvonSalez – who compiled some awesome research on this subject.
So with that in mind, let’s… Review Q!
Drop 299 was the first mention of P, and as far as I can tell, and what Q establishes here is a hierarchy – most notably Q’s pyramid.
We all know that a pyramid has three sides, and these three sides were Soros, the House of Saud, and the Rothschilds…
But honestly – what bugged me at the time was that this wasn’t really a complete pyramid.
/_\  – leaves a big gap at the top.
And as someone who has been on the chans for a long time – I had long thought that Q could have easily triforced a top to that pyramid.
For those who don’t know what I mean, the triforce is a reference to the Zelda video game series – and it’s these three triangles arranged in a larger triangle. See below:
That’s a “triforce.” And it became something of a meme that “newfags couldn’t triforce,” meaning, they couldn’t get the pyramid to display correctly in their responses. It would look something like this in their responses:
It was basically a way of making fun of newbies.
But obviously, with his extensive knowledge of the chans, Q could have topped off his pyramid if he wanted to, with something like this:
Maybe not exactly like that, but I think you get my point. Q’s pyramid – while it still had three sides – was (purposefully, I think) lacking a top – because this particular mystery was not ready to be disclosed yet.
Moving on, P makes his next appearance in drop 714:
In this case, Q is saying P is saved for last.
This time, there was much speculation. Pope, Pinary Group, and more all came up.
When asked directly if P = Pope, Q responded by, in my opinion, making sure there was a distinction between the Pope and P:
Note: “Those who backed [the Pope] will be pushed into the LIGHT>”
Again, there’s a hierarchy established; someone or some group backing and controlling the Pope.
In the very next post, Q would go on to call this the Pope’s “Master.”
The next month, Q would send a message directly to P:

So who is this mysterious P that remains hidden in the shadows, across generations? The P whom even the Rothschilds bow to?
Fritz Springmeier may hold the answer for us, but before we dive in, some background on Springmeier:
Springmeier is basically the grand-daddy of the “Conspiracy” world. You want to talk about the Rothschilds, or the Illuminati, or MKUltra? Congratulations; you’re in Springmeier territory. He’s been doing this stuff for a long time, and as such, he’s been marginalized about as much as you’d expect (labeled a “white separatist” and an “ultra right-wing extremist” at various times) for someone spreading the kind of message he’s been spreading, even serving a stint in federal prison for “armed robbery” –  a crime he claimed he was innocent of.




$500 Trillion! And Not On Forbes Richest People List? The Rothschilds.

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The Payseur French Royal Family in the United States of the Virginia Company - MUCH MORE!!!



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